Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Minnie Riperton - Aventures In Paradise

Year : 1975
Label : Epic/Sony
Genre : Soul
Style : Funk/Soul

For this second album recorded for Epic, Minnie is associated to the cream of L.A.'s Jazz Fusion Funk musicians, The Crusaders (former band The Jazz Crusaders) featuring Larry Carlton & Joe Sample but also saxophonist Tom Scott and guest, harpist Dorothy Ashby. Entirely produced and arranged with Larry Carlton, this album is a continuation of his previous LP, Perfect Angel. Inside My Love was selected for the soundtarck of Tarantino movie' Jackie Brown. All tracks conducted by Larry Carlton, written by Minnie Riperton with his writing partner Richard Rudolph except tracks 1 to 2 & 7 with Leon Ware, Love And Its Glory with E.T. Brown & Adventures In Paradise with Joe Sample.

Minnie Riperton_vocal
Ed Brown_bass
Jim Gordon_drums, percussion
Larry Carlton & Dean Parks_guitar
Joe Sample_keyboards
Jim Horn & Tom Scott_saxophone 
The Sid Sharp Strings_strings

01. Baby, This Love I Have
02. Feelin' That Your Feelin's Right
03. When It Comes Down To It
04. Minnie's Lament
05. Love And Its Glory
06. Adventures In Paradise
07. Inside My Love
08. Alone In Brewster Bay
09. Simple Things
10. Don't Let Anyone Bring You Down

Monday, December 29, 2008

Funky DL - Blackcurrent Jazz

Year : 2001
Label : Miclife/Bad News
Genre : Hip-Hop
Style : Jazzy Hip-Hop, Conscious
Website : Washington Classics

Naphta Newman is a british rapper, producer and owner of Whashington Classics label. He released his first album 'Classic was the Day' in 1997. He recorded several songs with Nujabes as Don't Even Try It released for Hyde Out Productions and usually worked with his long time friends, DJ Stixx & DJ Parris. Among his influences include De La Soul, A Tribe Called Quest, Pete Rock & CL Smooth and embraced the style of Jazz and its interpolations with Hip-Hop. This album is the meeting between Hip-Hop & Swing as evidenced samples selected by Newman and the tracks Confused?, Keeping It Classic & Turntables Hate Me are the best testimony. Titles include also featurings with Guile (Wonderful), Sienna (vocals on The Music) and Japan bonus tracks Turntables Hate Me, It Still Rocks, 2Long Remix. Funky DL regularly performs in tour in japan.

01. Talk About
02. 2Long
03. & Ask For DL
04. Confused?
05. Hit Me
06. Roll The Dice
07. Tangible
08. Prediction
09. Wonderful
10. What You Saying Girl
11. Simply 2 Complicated
12. High Endurance
13. Keeping It Classic
14. The Music
15. Turntables Hate Me
16. It Still Rocks
17. 2Long Remix

The Monty Alexander 7 - Jamento

Year : 1978
Label : Pablo Records
Genre : Jazz, Reggae
Style : Fusion, Caribbean

A tribute to the Caribbean music combining Jazz, Reggae & Mento featuring probably the best jamaican guitarist Ernest Ranglin. Monty Alexander is a Jamaican pianist and melodica player influenced by Wynton Kelly, Art Tatum, Gene Harris and Ahmad Jamal. His piano improvisations reflect his admiration for the styles of Nat King Cole and Oscar Peterson. He went to New York in 1962, met and became friends with bassist Ray Brown and vibrationist Milt Jackson. In California, in 1965, he recorded his first album, Alexander the Great, for Pacific Jazz at the age of 21. In order to obtain the perfect fusion of american Jazz & Carribean Sound, Monty recruits several artists of the caribbean musical scene as Larry McDonald from Jamaica & Roger Bethelmy from Trinidad and the use of Steel drums. Titles include Slippery by Ray Brown, George Benson' Weekend in L.A., Sugar Loaf At Twilight  by Richard Evans & three original tracks by Monty. All tracks arranged & produced by Monty Alexander.

Monty Alexander_piano
Andy Simpkins_bass
Ernest Ranglin_guitar
Duffy Jackson & Roger Bethelmy_drums
Larry McDonald_percussion
Vince Charles_steel drums

01. Accompony
02. Slippery
03. Sugar Loaf at Twilight
04. Weekend in L.A.
05. Jamento
06. Mango Rengue

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Minnie Riperton - Perfect Angel

Year : 1974
Label : Epic/Sony
Genre : Soul
Style : Funk/Soul

Her second LP with musical contributions of Stevie Wonder featuring Yvonne Wright & the legendary Sneaky Pete 'the Hendrix of steel guitar' (played for Frank Zappa on Waka/Jawaka '72 and for John Lennon on Mind Games '73). Stevie Wonder is credited under the pseudonym of El Toro Negro and composed two songs for Minnie. Titles include Jazz Funk song Reasons, Take A little Trip & the single Perfect Angel. All tracks written by Minnie Riperton & Richard Rudolph except Take A Little Trip & Perfect Angel by Stevie Wonder. Arranged by Wonderlove (Stevie Wonder's back up band and singing group).

Minnie Riperton_vocal
Stevie Wonder_electric piano, harmonica, drums, cymbals 
Reggie McBride_bass
Marlo Henderson_guitar
Michael Sembello_lead guitar
Ollie E. Brown_drums
Rocki Dzidzornu_congas
01. Reasons
02. It's So Nice To See Old Friends
03. Take A Little Trip
04. Seeing You This Way
05. Edge Of A Dream
06. Perfect Angel
07. Every Time He Comes Around
08. Lovin' You
09. Our Lives

Monday, December 22, 2008

The Fantastic Plastic Machine - Luxury

Year : 1999
Label : Readymade Records/Columbia
Genre : Electronic
Style : Future Jazz, Downtempo, Big Beat, Synth Pop

Tomoyuki Tanaka is a japanese DJ, bassist, composer & producer, better known under the name of Fantastic Plastic Machine. His music incorporates music instruments, sampling with cinematic moods and others soundtracks inspired by the sixties, using all styles of Easy Listening genre as well as Sweet Pop, Bossa Nova, Lounge or Music Library. Luxury is the second album of FPM including several featurings with various euro pop artists such as : Lorraine Bowen, Andreas Dorau, Simon Fisher Turner, Honeymink, Laurie Lemans from The Gentle People or also japanese pop singer Yukari Fresh. Titles include the variation of There Must Be An Angel by Eurythmics, Honolulu, Calcutta, The Girl Next Green Door, Electric Lady LandBossa For Jackie. Honolulu, Calcutta & Bossa For Jackie were mixed by Luke Gordon who worked for Goldfrapp, Coldcut or Roots Manuva. All tracks produced by Tomoyuki Tanaka & Masaki Tsurugi, programmed by Masayuki Kumahara

Additionals Musicians : 

Masaki Tsurugi_synthesizer, vocals
Hitoshi Watanabe_bass
Kinbara Cheiko_strings
Kiyoshi Tsuchiya, Jun Matsue & Titi Matsumura_guitar

01. Theme of Luxury
02. There Must Be an Angel (Playing With My Heart) (Mix for Mirror Ball)
03. Honolulu, Calcutta
04. Electric Lady Lan
05. He Became A Beatnik
06. Bossa For Jackie (Dedicated To Mrs. Kennedy)
07. You Must Learn All Night Long
08. Lotto
09. Satellite Beats
10. I've Forgotten My Fagotto
11. The Girl Next Green Door
12. MPF (Mezzo Pianoforte)
13. Mr. Fantasy's Love


Sunday, December 21, 2008

Fat Jon As Maurice Galactica - Humanoid Erotica

Year : 2001
Label : Counterflow Recordings
Genre : Electronic, Hip Hop
Style : Downtempo, Trip Hop

John Marshall, also known under various pseudonyms as The Ample Soul, is an American Hip-Hop producer & DJ from Cincinnati, also member of the independent Hip-Hop band, Five Deez, formed with MCs Pase Rock, Sonic & Kyle David. Fat Jon is one prominent actor of the Downtempo style like Nujabes, with whom he collaborated to the Samurai Champloo soundtrack in 2003. Humanoid Erotica, which was released under the Maurice Galactica's name, includes the triptych "Triple Gold Daytons", "I. Dee", the remix "Raindance" & the Hip-House track "Pretty Pussy Killy Kat" featuring Five Deez. Produced, composed & mixed by Fat Jon The Ample Soul Physician.

01. At The Bar
02. 14 Years
03. Triple Gold Daytons
04. No
05. Tell Me
06. The Queen And I
07. Backseat Anonymous
08. Change Your Mind
09. Exact Space
10. I. Dee
11. Raindance (Remix Instrumental)
12. Pretty Pussy Killy Kat


Saturday, December 20, 2008

Various - Session : Sounds By Okihiko Sugano

Year : 1972
Label : Yamaha
Genre : Jazz
Style : Contemporary Jazz, Post Bop

First volume of three discs serie dedicated to the Yamaha's keyboards in a project created by Okihiko Sugano (brother of pianist Kunihiko Sugano), a famous japanese sound engineer & arranger. The Yamaha's Session I is conducted by Okihiko Sugano who has recruited for the occasion, some renowned japanese musicians featuring Takeshi Inomata, Eiji Kitamura, Yuzuru Sera, Kazuo Yashiro, Hiroshi Okazaki plus the american drummer Buffalo Bill Robinson. Titles include as well as New Orleans jazz style (St. James Infirmary, Do You Know What It Means To Miss New Orleans), Latin beat (A Dialogue Of Drums And Latin Percussion) & Contemporary Jazz (Stardust, Days Of Wine And Roses). Arranged & conducted by Okihiko Sugano.

Okihiko Sugano_presenter
Yuzuru Sera & Kazuo Yashiro_piano
Harada Masanaga_double bass
Jun Suzuki_electric bass
Hiroshi Okazaki_saxophone
Mitsui Akio_trumpet
Eiji Kitamura_clarinet
Ichiro Masuda_vibes
Buffalo Bill Robinson, Hiroshi Sunaga & Takeshi Inomata_drums

01. Miracle
02. My Ideal
03. Days Of Wine And Roses
04. St. James Infirmary
05. Stardust
06. Do You Know What It Means To Miss New Orleans
07. That Old Feeling
08. A Dialogue Of Drums And Latin Percussion


Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Grand Pianoramax

Year : 2005
Label : ObliqSound
Genre : Electronic, Jazz
Style : Future Jazz, Hip-Hop

Grand Pianoramax is an experimental project merging Jazz & electro (drum'n'bass style), conceived by swiss pianist Léo Tardin associated to Ferenc Nemeth & Jojo Mayer on drums, and based only on the piano/drums couple (bass line being played by keyboards). Léo won the 1999 edition of Montreux Jazz Festival international piano competition award, and later was recruited by some well-known jazzmen such as Roy Ayers, The Last Poets, Erik Truffaz or Toots Thielemans. In 2008, at Montreux Jazz Festival, Grand Pianoramax are opening for Maceo Parker and later participate to his tour across the USA. All tracks composed & arranged by Léo Tardin except Starlite with Michele Locatelli.

Léo Tardin_piano, Fender Rhodes, minimoog
Jojo Mayer_drums
Ferenc Nemeth_drums (The Walk & Space Race)

01. Starlite
02. Feudor
03. Interlude I: Cosmodrome
04. The Walk
05. Freestyle Figures
06. Space Race (East Vs. West)
07. Interlude II: Panorama
08. Tranquille


Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Marlena Shaw - From Dephts Of My Soul

Year : 1973
Label : Blue Note
Genre : Jazz, Soul
Style : Funk/Soul

One of finest american Soul voice in Jazz, Marlena Shaw (real name Marlena Burgess) began to make singing appearances in various Jazz clubs, before be discovered by John Hammond (the talent scout such as Billie Holiday or Aretha Franklin) and to sign on Chess Records in 1966. After two albums recorded for Cadet (subsidiary of Chess), she joined Blue Note and released five records whose From Depths Of My Soul was the second. Recorded with arranger Wade Marcus, it features also renowned musicians such as Ron Carter, Grady Tate, Cornell Dupree & Hugh McCracken. The track list is based on a tasty blend of Soul & Jazz including funky grooves as Hum This Song, the single "Easy Evil" Wildflower and an original written by Marlena "Say A Good Word". Produced by George Butler, arranged by Wade Marcus.

Marlena Shaw_vocals
Ron Carter & Wilbur Bascomb_bass
Carl Lynch, Cornell Dupree, Gene Bertoncini & Hugh McCracken_guitar
Charles Collins, Grady Tate & Herbie Lovelle_drums
Derek Smith_keyboards
Arthur Jenkins_congas
George Devens_percussion
Gene Bianco_harp

01. Prelude / I Know I Love Him
02. Hum This Song
03. But For Now
04. Easy Evil
05. The Laughter And The Tears
06. The Feeling's Good
07. Wildflower
08. Just Don't Want To Be Lonely
09. Waterfall
10. Say A Good Word
11. Time For Me To Go

Think Twice - With A Loop And Some Swing

Year : 2007
Label : P-Vine
Genre : Hip-Hop
Style : Jazzy Hip-Hop, Funk/Soul, Conscious

Debut album as a leader by the DJ producer/composer Phil Kennedy, member of canadian Hip-Hop band, SPECIFICS, best know under the name of Think Twice. He recruited for this project, SPECIFICS's partner, Golden Boy, and various rappers, whose some coming from the Hip-Hop underground scene of Montréal, featuring Manchilde from The Butta Babees, Shogun, Mr. Goodvibes, Loes, Lotus & Karma, Butta Beats from Nomadic Massive, Coates. Titles include Jazz & Soul samples, his single People Wanna Know, It's Too Late & Supafly from the same EP. Produced, mixed & recorded by Phil Kennedy.

01. Intro
02. People Wanna Know
03. Don't Mind At All
04. Stars
05. This Is Us
06. Whadodem
07. Fuck That
08. Watson Interlude
09. Freaky Ways
10. Supafly
11. Time's Passin Me By
12. Esto Es
13. It's Too Late
14. Coates Intro
15. The Accomplice


Monday, December 15, 2008

Archie Bell & The Drells - I Can't Stop Dancing

Year : 1968
Label : Atlantic
Genre : Soul
Style : Funk/Soul

Recorded in the wake of their previous act "Tighten Up", the second album of Archie Bell and his fabulous Drells keeps the same recipe, namely a alternating beautiful soulful songs with powerful Rhythm & Blues tracks produced by the legendary premiere producers/songwriters duo of Soul : Kenneth Gamble & Leon Huff (worked for Dusty Springfield, The O'Jays or Harold Melvin). Titles include a condensed of great cover songs from Curtis Mayfield (Monkey Time, I've Been Trying, Sometimes I Wonder), Otis Redding, the two songs written by Gamble & Huff specially for the band, and four originals written by Archie Bell.

01. I Can't Stop Dancing
02. (Sittin' On) The Dock Of The Bay
03. Do The Choo Choo
04. You're Such A Beautiful Child
05. Monkey Time
06. Do You Feel It
07. I've Been Trying
08. Jammin' In Houston
09. Love Will Rain On You
10. Sometimes I Wonder

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Dreams (Self-Titled)

Year : 1970
Label : CBS
Genre : Jazz, Rock
Style : Jazz Rock, Folk Rock, Funk/Soul, Psychedelic

Dreams is a Jazz Rock group formed by the Brecker Brothers featuring Billy Cobham, Jeff Kent & Doug Lubahn (Barry Rodgers, Edward Vernon and special guest John Abercrombie from Mahavishnu Orchestra are added), who ended the band activities after their second & final album, Imagine My Surprise, released in 1971. Doug Lubahn is best known for his collaboration as studio bass player on Waiting For The Sun, Strange Days & The Soft Parade albums from legendary band The Doors. Miles Davis came listen the band during their live performance and recruited later Billy Cobham for his "Live Evil". Titles include their three singles Devil Lady/The Maryanne, 15 Miles To Provo & The Dream Suite. All tracks arranged by Dreams, produced by Dreams & Fred Weinberg.

Doug Lubahn_bass, vocals
Billy Cobham_drums, percussion
Jeff Kent_keyboards, guitar, vocals
John Abercrombie_lead guitar
Edward Vernon_lead vocal
Michael Brecker_tenor saxophone, flute
Barry Rodgers_trombone, tuba
Randy Brecker_trumpet, flugelhorn

01. Devil Lady
02. 15 Miles To Provo
03. The Maryanne
04. Holli Be Home
05. Try Me

06. Dream Suite
  • Asset Stop
  • Jane
  • Crunchy Grenola
07. New York

Various - Samurai Champloo Music Record : Impression

Year : 2004
Label : Victor
Genre : Electronic, Hip Hop, Stage & Screen
Style : Hip Hop Jazz, Downtempo, Breakbeat, Funk/Soul

The last volume of Samurai Champloo Music Record which brings together all contributors of the original soundtrack except Tsutchie. Titles include the Hip-Hop song, STYLE from episode 18, performed by FORCE OF NATURE featuring rappers Suiken & S-Word from Nitro Microphone Underground, and the ending from episode 12 'Who's Theme', with Nujabes featuring japanese R&B singer Minmi. All tracks produced by FORCE OF NATURE, Nujabes & Fat Jon.

  • Kodama (Interlude) is a sample of Trumpet Flower by french composer Daniel Janin 
  • tracks 1 to 7 recorded, mixed & arranged by FORCE OF NATURE
  • tracks 8 to 16, 23 recorded, mixed & arranged by Nujabes
  • tracks 17 to 22 recorded, mixed & arranged by Fat Jon

    01. Just Forget
    02. Nightshift
    03. STYLE
    04. The Stroll
    05. Death Wish
    06. Set It Off
    07. The Million Way of Drum
    08. A Space in Air In Space in Air (Interlude)
    09. Sanctuary Ship
    10. Haiku (Interlude)
    11. Tsurugi No Mai
    12. Dead Season
    13. Decade (Interlude)
    14. World Without Words
    15. Kodama (Interlude)
    16. Silver Morning
    17. Bracelet
    18. In Position
    19. Night Out
    20. Not Quite Seleah
    21. Labyrinth Statistic
    22. Here and There
    23. Who's Theme

    CYNE (Collection 1999-2003)

    Year : 2003
    Label : P-Vine/Bonatica Del Jibaro
    Genre : Hip-Hop
    Style : Abstract, Conscious

    CYNE, who means "Cultivating Your New Experience", is an american underground, alternative & abstract Hip-Hop band from Gainesville, Florida. The group is characterized by a soulful sound including various styles of music as well as Rock, Trip-Hop & Jazz, but also best known for their politically tinged tracks & meditations' lyrics based on the philosophy of Jean-Jacques Rousseau. The band is formed by two MCs Akin & Cise Star associated to the DJs/producers Enoch & Speck. CYNE & its members have collaborated with several artists, including the japanese producer & beatmaker, Nujabes, whose solo projects have featured Cise Star, Akin & Four Tet. Titles include their unreleased tracks, singles "African Elephants", 400 Years, Midas featuring DJ Infamous & remixes by Seth P. Brundel & Plex, all recorded before their first official album, Time Being (2003).

    01. Inform / Invade (An Introduction)
    02. African Elephants
    03. Steady
    04. Tragic
    05. A Moment With Enoch
    06. 400 Years
    07. 400 Years (Seth P. Brundel Remix)
    08. E-Motion
    09. Paradise
    10. A Moment With Speck
    11. Octagon
    12. Midas with DJ Infamous
    13. Midas (Plex Remix)
    14. Out Of Time
    15. Outro

    Thursday, December 11, 2008

    Jun Fukamachi - Introducing Jun Fukamachi

    Year : 1975
    Label :
    Serie : Pro Use Direct Cutting Series
    Genre :
    Jazz, Electronic, Classical
    Style :
    Jazz Funk, Fusion, Space-Age

    Jun Fukamachi is a japanese Jazz Fusion pianist, composer and a pioneer of the synthesizer play. Indeed, mainly known for his use of various keyboards, Fukamachi produces this particular atmosphere "straight out from the future", a mix of electronic sounds tinted by the jazz funk accents, his major signature during the seventies. In the late seventies, he played alongside the Brecker Brothers and others american Jazz Fusion renowned musicians such as Lee Ritenour, Steve Gadd or Dave Sandborn. Introducing Jun Fukamachi was released under the famous 'Pro-use Series' from the Toshiba Records label, including two variations of classical music themes : Evening Star from the Wagner's Tannhäuser opera and La Fille Aux cheveux De Lin of Claude Debussy. Titles include also the original compositions by Kenji Omura (Bamboo Bong), "Noah's Ark" & "Perfidy" by Fukamachi. All tracks arranged & conducted by Jun Fukamachi.

    Jun Fukamachi_keyboards
    Rei Ohara_bass
    Kenji Omura_guitar
    Ponta Murakami_drums
    Motoya Hamaguchi_percussion

    01. Evening Star : Oh, Star of Eve, Thy Tender Beam
    02. Noah's Ark
    03. Perfidy
    04. Bamboo Bong
    05. La Fille Aux cheveux De Lin


    Ron Carter - Empire Jazz

    Year : 1980
    Label : RSO
    Genre : Jazz
    Style : Contempory Jazz

    Revealed and recruited by Miles Davis for his second great quintet from 1963 to 1968, alongside Wayne Shorter, Herbie Hancock and Tony Williams, Ron Carter has more than 2500 albums to his credit, recorded all over the world. Empire Jazz is the music adaptation of the Original Soundtrack from the Motion Pictures Star Wars & The Empire Strikes Back, composed by John Williams, and also his "most wanted" LP. Ron Carter is surrounded by various renowned CTI musicians among Billy Cobham, Hubert Laws, Bob James or Ralph MacDonald, all supported by the FOX fanfare. Titles include the most popular themes of Star Wars as the Darth Vader's theme or Love Theme, and a Bossa variation of The Asteroid Field with beautiful orchestration & the arrangements of Ron Carter.

    Ron Carter_bass
    Billy Cobham_drums
    Jay Berliner_guitar
    Hubert Laws_flute
    Ralph MacDonald_percussion
    Bob James_piano
    Frank Wess_saxophone
    Eddie Bert_trombone
    Joe Shepley & Jon Faddis_trumpet, flugelhorn

    01. The Imperial March (Darth Vader's Theme)
    02. The Asteroid Field
    03. Han Solo & The Princess (Love Theme)
    04. Lando's Palace
    05. Yoda's Theme


    Wednesday, December 10, 2008

    Nujabes/Fat Jon - Samurai Champloo Music Record : Departure

    Year : 2004
    Label : Victor
    Genre :  Electronic, Hip Hop, Stage & Screen
    Style : Hip-Hop Jazz, Downtempo

    Volume 2 of the Samurai Champloo Music Record series gathering several tracks performed by Nujabes & Fat Jon (Jon Marshall). Fat Jon  is an American Hip-Hop DJ & producer from Cincinnati, Ohio, former member of Five Deez, in charge of several recordings under various names as The Ample Soul Physician or Maurice Galactica. Titles include opening theme ''Battlecry'' recorded by Nujabes featuring Shing02, the ending theme "Shiki No Uta" (Song of Four Seasons) written, performed by japanese R&B songstress Minmi & arranged by Nujabes. All tracks produced & recorded by Nujabes and Fat Jon, from 1 to 6, 17 composed, arranged & mixed by Nujabes, from tracks 7 to 16 composed, arranged & mixed by Fat Jon.

    01. Battlecry Feat. Shing02
    02. The Space Between Two Worlds
    03. Aruarian Dance
    04. Kujaku
    05. Mystline
    06. 1st Samurai
    07. Ole
    08. 624 Part 2
    09. Genome
    10. No Way Back
    11. Funkin
    12. Stay
    13. Chambers
    14. Ask
    15. How You Feel
    16. 624 Part 1
    17. Shiki no Uta by Minmi

    Yuji Ohno Trio - Mr. Happy-Gon

    Year : 1971
    Label : RCA
    Serie : Modern Jazz Series
    Genre : Jazz
    Style : Contempory Jazz, Hard Bop, Post Bop, Cool Jazz

    Amazing recording of the Japanese Jazz Giant, Yuji Ohno, best known in charge of various compositions to original soundtrack for broadcast advertisement, films, TV Show & especially for his contribution to the Lupin The 3rd animated serie (1977-1980). Mainly influenced by Burt Bacharach, Lalo Schifrin or Henri Mancini, he started to play professional at Keio University in the Jazz Club "Light Music Society" where he met pianists Masahiko Satoh & Hiromasa Suzuki. In 1966, the drummer Hideo Shiraki enrolled him in his quintet alonside Terumasa Hino & Kunimistu Inaba for the Hideo Shiraki Meets Yuzo Kayama recording. In 1967, he was incorporated into the Terumasa Hino Quartet and the Masahiko Togashi Quintet (with Hiroshi Suzuki) and evolved in the Ryo Kawasaki Orchestra in 1970. During the seventies his trio consists of Yoshio Ikeda (sideman for Terumasa Hino & Kiyoshi Sugimoto) and Kazuyoshi Okayama, with whom, he recorded several albums including As Well Be Spring. Titles include jazz standards as the wonderful Alone Together and two original compositions by Yuji Ohno (Mr Happy-Gon & My Little Angel).

    Yuji Ohno_piano
    Yoshio Ikeda_bass
    Kazuyoshi Okayama_drums

    01. Mr Happy-Gon
    02. My Foolish Heart
    03. Alone Together
    04. A Boy On A Dolphin
    05. My Little Angel
    06. By The Time I Get To Phoenix
    07. On Green Dolphin Street
    08. My One & Only Love


    Tuesday, December 9, 2008

    Nujabes - Metaphorical Music

    Year : 2003
    Label : Dimid Recordings
    Genre : Electronic, Hip-Hop, Jazz
    Style : Jazzy Hip-Hop, Downtempo
    Website : Hydeout.net

    This debut album of Nujabes is a blend from Hip-Hop by Jazz associated with Downtempo in order to recreate a certain relaxing & cool atmosphere. Metaphorical Music contains various collaborations featuring japanese and american independent Hip-Hop artists such as activist MC, Shing02 (best known for the opening "Battlecry" from the Samurai Champloo original soundtrack, likewise with Nujabes), the multi-instrumentalist, Uyama Hiroto, and some underground US rappers : Substantial, Pase Rock & Five Deez, Cise Starr from CYNE. Titles include instrumentals electro-Jazz tracks (Horn In The Middle, Next View...), pure Hip-Hop Soul (Lady Brown, F.I.L.O....) & Beat Laments The World (original version of the Samurai Champloo ending theme). All tracks produced, mixed & composed by Nujabes.

    01. Blessing It Rremix Feat. Substantial & Pase Rock from Five Deez
    02. Horn In The Middle
    03. Lady Brown Feat. Cise Starr from CYNE
    04. Kumomi
    05. Highs 2 Lows Feat. Cise Starr from CYNE
    06. Beat Laments The World
    07. Letter From Yokosuka
    08. Think Different feat. Substantial
    09. A Day By Atmosphere Supreme
    10. Next View Feat. Uyama Hiroto
    11. Lattitude Remix Feat. Five Deez
    12. F.I.L.O. Feat. Shing02
    13. Summer Gypsy
    14. The Final View
    15. Peaceland

    Friday, December 5, 2008

    TSUTCHIE - Samurai Champloo Music Record : Playlist

    Year : 2004
    Label : Victor
    Genre : Electronic, Stage & Screen
    Style : Downtempo, Breakbeat

    Volume 3 of the Samurai Champloo Music Record series performed by DJ Tsutchie (real name Shinji Tsuchida). Tsutchie is a japapanese beatmaker, longtime friend of the director Shinichirō Watanabe, and member of the Hip-Hop band, Shakkazombie actives since 1993. Titles include only compositions from Tsutchie and the ending theme of episode 23, FLY, featuring Azuma Riki from Small Circle Of Friends. All tracks composed, arranged & produced by Tsutchie.

    01. Thank You
    02. Yet? Why Not ?
    03. Strike Back
    04. Let Me Know What U Think
    05. Mists
    06. Flip
    07. Absolute
    08. Adapt Myself
    09. Tuned
    10. No Icon
    11. Stretch Out
    12. Process
    13. Reflective
    14. Deeper Than Words
    15. 2 Messages
    16. The Updater
    17. Offers
    18. FLY Feat. Azuma Riki


    Thursday, December 4, 2008

    Eyedea & Abilities - First Born

    Year : 2001
    Label : Rhymsayers Entertainment
    Genre : Hip-Hop
    Style : Abstract, Jazzy Hip-Hop, Funk/Soul

    Eyedea & Abilities is an american alternative/abstract Hip-Hop duo based in Minnesota influenced by Jazz & Soul artists. It feature Eyedea (Micheal Larsen), a MC who also performs under the name of Oliver Hart (for battle and freestyle skills) & DJ Abilities, best known for winning three DMC awards for his mixtapes and in group the 1200 Hobos. Titles include singles Blindly Firing, Before And After featuring Blueprint, tracks extracted from their two previous EPs Pushing Buttons, Architect's Theme & A Murder Of Memories. All tracks, productions, beats & cuts by DJ Abilities.

    01. One
    02. Music, Music
    03. Birth of a Fish
    04. ...Powdered Water Too (Part 1)
    05. ...Powdered Water Too (Part 2)
    06. Color My World Mine
    07. Liquid Sovereignty
    08. A Murder Of Memories
    09. Blindly Firing
    10. Big Shots
    11. Void (Internal Theory)
    12. The Dive (Part 1)
    13. The Dive (Part 2)
    14. Well-Being
    15. Read Wiped In Blue
    16. Void (External Theory)
    17. On This I Stand
    18. Before And After


    Bob James - BJ 4

    Year : 1977
    Label : CTI
    Genre : Jazz
    Style : Fusion, Jazz Funk, Smooth Jazz

    The last and final number of the four discs series produced for CTI, by Bob James at the top of his play. The rhythm section is based on Steve Gadd, Eric Gale, Gary King & Ralph MacDonald, plus additional musicians featuring soloists of great worth as Hubert Laws and Art Farmer, all supported by strings ensemble. Titles include Jazz Funk songs with mellow mood to the caribbean accents, only compositions & arrangements by Bob James, produced by Creed Taylor, recorded at studio Rudy Van Gelder.

    Bob James_keyboards
    Gary King_bass
    Steve Gadd_drums
    Eric Gale_guitar
    Ralph MacDonald_percussion
    Romeo Penque_tenor saxophone & bass clarinet

    01. Pure Imagination
    02. Where The Wind Blows Free
    03. Tappan Zee
    04. Nights Are Forever Without You
    05. Treasure Island
    06. El Verano

    Wednesday, November 26, 2008

    Yuji Ohno & Lupintic Five - Elusive Memory At The Kiritappu

    Year : 2007
    Label : VAP
    Genre : Jazz, Stage & Screen
    Style : Jazz Funk, Smooth Jazz
    Website : 大野雄二 Official Website - Vap

    One of the finest Yuji Ohno productions from the last years, celebrating the 30th anniversary of the Lupin III 2nd Serie TV birth in a 19th annual Lupin TV Special broadcast episode. Yuji Ohno & his new band "Lupintic Five" (formed in 2006), perform Straight Ahead, Smooth & Jazz Funk of the same worth as the CTI recordings from the seventies. The group is supported by strings orchestra and surrounded by various guests musicians featuring, in particular, Kiyoshi Yoshida (synthesizer), Masami Nakagawa (flutes), Hajime Ueshiba (whistle), Tatuya Nishiwaki (harmonica) & J-Pop songstress Miki Imai on Love Theme. Masami Nakagawa is an old friend of Yuji who evolved within You & The Explosion Band, and was especially former member of the Masahiko Togashi Quartet & the Gil Evans Orchestra.

    Yuji Ohno_keyboards
    Yoshihito Eto_drums,
    Masayuki Tawarayama_
    wood bass & electric bass,
    Keiji Matsushima_
    Hisatsugu Suzuki
    _soprano & tenor sax
    Satoshi Izumi_guitar

    01. Opus 1 ''Iseka's theme''
    02. Opus 2 ''Theme from Lupin The Third 'Ice blue' version''
    03. Opus 3
    04. Opus 4
    05. Opus 5
    06. Opus 6 "Elusive memory at the Kiritappu"
    07. Opus 7 "La valse froide"
    08. Opus 8
    09. Opus 9 "Theme from Lupin III 'Elusive' version"
    10. Love Theme


    The Helpful Soul - First Album

    Year : 1969
    Label : Victor
    Genre : Rock
    Style : Blues Rock, Psychedelic

    Helpful Soul is the first album of super rare and phenomenal Japanese psychedelic rock band from Kobe, featuring Charlie Kosei, who was original singer of the opening & ending themes recorded for Lupin III 1st serie (1971-1972). The band started in 1965 under the Young Beats's name and recorded this unique album before split-up during the summer of 1969. Meanwhile two EPs were released before : Aladin's ThemeA Thousand And One Night composed for the original soundtrack of Osamu Tezuka's animated movie. Titles incude original compositions from the band (Blues For My Baby, Peace For Fools) and cover songs from Jimi Hendrix (Fire, You Got Me Floatin') Willie Dixon (Spoonful) & Robert Johnson (Crossroads).

    Charlie Kosei_bass
    Eiichi Tsukasa_drums
    Gene Shoji_lead guitar
    Junio Nakahara_lead vocal & guitar

    01. Blues For My Baby
    02. Fire
    03. Peace For Fools
    04. You Got Me Floatin'
    05. Spoonful
    06. Kansas City
    07. Crossroads


    Monday, November 24, 2008

    Earth Wind And Fire (Self-Titled)

    Year : 1970
    Label : Warner
    Genre : Soul, Jazz
    Style : Psychedelic Soul, Funk

    The debut album by one of most great funk band of all the time, released in 1970, contains some of the best compositions from the group. The lineup is quite different from the one that became famous during the mid-1970's, indeed this first formation of the group will be disbanded in 1971, after their third album called "Energy". The leader Maurice White, stay just behind the drums, blending his vocals to the group. The same year, the group recorded also the soundtrack for the best known blaxploitation film  "Sweet Sweetback's Baadasssss Song", starring & directed by Melvin Van Peebles. The music is likewise very different, more Psychedelic Soul, compared to the sound which made them famous in the boogie funk-disco style. All songs arranged by Earth, Wind & Fire, all songs written & composed Maurice White, Wade Flemons, Don Whitehead except C'mon Children & Bad Tune with Michael Beale/Verdine Adams.

    Maurice White_drums, percussion, kalimba, vocals 
    Verdine Adams_bass
    Michael Beale_guitar
    Phillard Williams_percussion, congas
    Don Whitehead_piano, electric piano
    Chester Washington_reeds
    Alex Thomas_trombone
    Leslie Drayton_trumpet
    Sherry Scott_vocals
    Wade Flemons_vocals, electric piano

    01. Help Somebody
    02. Moment of Truth
    03. Love Is Life
    04. Fan the Fire
    05. C'mon Children
    06. This World Today
    07. Bad Tune

    Yusef Lateef's Detroit Latitude 42° 30' Longitude 83°

    Year : 1969
    Label :
    Genre :
    Style :
    Soul Jazz, Funk/Soul, Big Band

    Yusef Lateef is a multi-instrumentalist who plays as well as all saxophones, different types of flute, classic instruments (oboe, bassoon) or clarinet, first best known as member of the Cannonball Adderley Quintet between 1962 to 1964. Supported by a Big Band with brilliant rhythm section featuring Eric Gale, Bernard 'Pretty' Purdie, Hugh Lawson, Chuck Rainey & Cecil McBee, Yusef has recruited also guest musicians as Roy Brooks Jr. who plays drums on That Lucky Old Sun plus strings & horns ensemble including trumpeters Jimmy Owens and Thad Jones. From Hard Bop to Jazz Funk style, titles includes all compositions of Yusef Lateef except That Lucky Old Sun composed and written by Beasley Smith & Haven Gillepsie. Produced by Joel Dorn. 

    Yusef Lateef _flute & tenor saxophone
    Hugh Lawson_piano
    Cecil McBee_bass
    Chuck Rainey_electric bass
    Eric Gale_guitar
    Bernard Purdie_drums
    Albert "Tootie" Heath_percussion
    Norman Pride & Ray Barreto_congas

    01. Bishop School
    02. Livingston Playground
    03. Eastern Market
    04. Belle Isle
    05. Russel & Eliot
    06. Raymond Winchester
    07. Woodward Avenue
    08. That Lucky Old Sun

    Monday, November 17, 2008

    Various - Cowboy Bebop Remixes : Music For Freelance

    Year : 1999
    Label : Victor
    Genre : Electronic
    Style : Trip-Hop, Breakbeat, Downtempo

    The famous Cowboy Bebop Original Soundtrack remixed by popular British DJs from NINJA TUNE & others finest Trip-Hop labels. The concept of the album is that "Music For Freelance" is a kind of recording broadcasted on a fictive pirate radio station, introduced humorously by the mysterious narrator Peter Duimstra. Each song is interspersed by radio jingles called the "Radio Free Mars Talks", and performed by MC Yota from Oxygen Funk. Titles include only remixes of Luke Vibert, DJ Vadim, Mr Scruff, Ian Pooley, Fila Brazilia, DMX Krew & 4 Hero.

    01. Tank! (Luke Vibert Remix)
    02. Forever Broke (Fila Brazilia Remix)
    03. Cats On Mars (DMX Krew Remix)
    04. Piano Black (Ian Obrien Remix)
    05. Cat Blues (Mr Scruff Remix)
    06. Fe (DJ Vadim Remix)
    07. Fantasie Sign (Ian Pooley Remix)
    08. Space Lion (4 Hero Remix)


    Sunday, November 16, 2008

    Nujabes, Various - Hyde Out Productions - First Collection

    Year : 2003
    Label : Hyde Out Recordings
    Genre : Hip-Hop, Electronic
    Style : Jazzy Hip-Hop, Downtempo, Abstract
    Website : Hydeout.net

    Nujabes (real name Jun Seba) is a japanese Hip-Hop producer, beatmaker and DJ, owner of the Shibuya record shops, T Records, Guinness Records and the independant label Hyde-Out Recordings. He was mainly influenced by the Cool Jazz of Miles Davis or various works from Yusef Lateef. His style mixing Jazz, electro, Hip-Hop, Soul and Latin music. He produced several american, japanese and european independant Hip-Hop artists such as Five Deez, Substantial or his countryman, Shing02. In 2002, he was recruited to collaborate in the development of the Samurai Champloo soundscape among others Fat Jon, Tsutchie & FORCE OF NATURE. This compilation showcases the Nujabes' touch, combining the music genres from Hip-Hop & Jazz. Titles brings together instrumentals tracks by Nujabes, several of his productions including remixes by Fat Jon & Monorisik plus collaborations with the rappers L-Universe, Substantial, Apani B, Funky DL, Pase Rock from Five Deez, Cise Star from CYNE & Shing02. All tracks produced & mixed by Nujabes except It's About Time by Fat Jon The Ample Soul Physician.

    01. Moon Strut / Nujabes
    02. Don't Even Try It / Funky DL
    03. Strive / Apani B. Fly
    04. Home Sweet Home / Substantial
    05. Still Talking To You / Nujabes
    06. Luv (Sic) / Shing02
    07. Steadfast / Nujabes
    08. Lyrical Terrorists / Substantial & L-Universe
    09. Lose My Religion (Remix) / L-Universe
    10. It's About Time (Fat Jon Remix) / Pase Rock
    11. Plazma Avenue / Five Deez
    12. D.T.F.N. / Cise Star
    13. People's Don't Stray / Funky DL
    14. Luv (Sic) Pt. 2 / Shing02


    Archie Bell & The Drells - Tighten Up

    Year : 1968
    Label : Atlantic
    Genre : Soul
    Style : Funk/Soul

    Debut album of The Drells, a Funk/Soul band coming from Houston, formed in 1966, led by Archie Bell featuring chorus singers James Wise, Willie Parnell & Billy Butler, supported by studio musicians of the Atlantic label. Titles include their number one hit which reached the top of the charts in 1968, Tighten Up, the two classic cover songs from Stax Records, Knock on Wood (Eddie Floyd) & In the Midnight Hour (Wilson Pickett) and originals compositions written by Archie Bell (When You Left Heartache Began & A Soldier's Prayer, 1967).

    01. Tighten Up (Part One)
    02. Tighten Up (Part Two)
    03. I Don't Wanna Be A Playboy
    04. You're Mine
    05. Knock On Wood
    06. Give Me Time
    07. In The Midnight Hour
    08. When You Left Heartache Began
    09. A Thousand Wonders
    10. A Soldier's Prayer, 1967

    Thursday, November 13, 2008

    Bob James - Three

    Year : 1976
    Label : CTI
    Genre : Jazz
    Style : Fusion, Jazz Funk, Smooth Jazz

    The penultimate Bob James album in the "number" serie, who crosses various musical genres ranging from Jazz Funk, Smooth Jazz to caribbean overtones with the two Reggae tunes Women Of Ireland & Jamaica Farewell. The Bob James's group consists of Gary King, Harvey Mason, Eric Gale, plus additional musicians & guests featuring Grover Washington Jr., drummer Andy Newmark & guitarist Jeff Mironov (added on One Mint Julep), all are supported by horns section & strings ensemble. All tracks arranged & conducted by Bob James, recorded at studio Rudy Van Gelder.

    Bob James_keyboards
    Gary KingWill Lee_bass
    Harvey Mason_drums
    Eric Gale & Hugh McCracken_guitar
    Ralph MacDonald_percussion
    Grover Washington Jr. & Tin Whistle_tenor saxophone
    Hubert Laws & Jerry Dodgion_flute

    01. One Mint Julep 
    02. Women Of Ireland
    03. Westchester Lady
    04. Storm King
    05. Jamaica Farewell

    Airto Moreira - Free

    Year : 1972
    Label : CTI
    Genre : Latin Jazz
    Style : Free Improvisations, Samba Jazz, Contemporary Jazz, Modal

    One of the most famous Latin Jazz album, the best ever recorded by Airto for the famous label CTI records created by Creed Taylor (also in charge of Impulse ! & The Verve catalogues). This legendary Brazilian artist was a prominent international percussionist for the Creed Taylor studio musicians crew, has played with Hermeto Pascoal, Deodato or Freddie Hubbard, and likewise for argentine saxophonist, Gato Barbieri. The entire line-up is based on the Jazz Fusion band 'Return To Forever' featuring Chick Corea, Stanley Clarke, Joe Farrell, Flora Purim including others remarkable soloists (Jay BerlinerGeorge Benson, Ron Carter, Hubert Laws & Keith Jarrett). All are supported by brass band, strings ensemble, both conducted & arranged by Don Sebesky. Titles include the tribute Return To Forever composed by Chick Corea, Flora's "Purim" Song, the percussion suite "Free", Lucky Southern by Keith Jarrett and the samba tune, Creek (Arroio) by Victor Brazil. Recorded at studio Rudy Van Gelder.

    Airto_vocals, percussions
    Flora Purim_vocals
    Chick Corea_piano, electric piano
    Stanley Clarke_electric bass
    Joe Farell_alto saxophone, flute
    Ron Carter_bass
    George Benson & Jay Berliner_guitar
    Keith Jarrett_piano

    And More...

    01. Return To Forever
    02. Flora's Song
    03. Free
    04. Lucky Southern
    05. Creek (Arroio)


    Wednesday, November 12, 2008

    Bob James - Two

    Year : 1975
    Label : CTI
    Genre : Jazz
    Style : Fusion, Jazz Funk, Smooth Jazz

    Volume 2 of the Bob James tetralogy including CTI studio musicians and special guests. As One, the formation is supported by strings ensemble & horns section plus the drummer Steve Gadd, flutist Hubert Laws & trumpeter Randy Brecker. Titles include I Feel A Song featuring singer Patti Austin, Take Me To The Mardi Gras, one of the most widely used tracks in Hip-Hop breakbeat samples, and Farandole (L'Arlesienne Suite #2) by french composer George Bizet. All tracks conducted & arranged by Bob James, recorded at studio Rudy Van Gelder.

    Bob James_keyboards
    Eric Gale_guitar & bass
    Richie Resnicoff_guitar
    Andrew Smith_drums
    Arthur Jenkins & Ralph McDonald_percussions

    01. Take Me To The Mardi Gras
    02. I Feel A Song
    03. The Golden Apple
    04. Farandole (L'Arlesienne Suite #2)
    05. You're Right As Rain
    06. Dream Journey

    Ann Young & Yuji Ohno Trio - As Well Be Spring

    Year : 1975
    Label : Nippon Columbia
    Genre : Jazz
    Style : Vocal, Cool Jazz, Contempory Jazz

    An unknown and beautiful american jazz voice, supported by the Yuji Ohno Trio featuring Yoshio Ikeda & Kazuyoshi Okayama. Her career has mainly developed in Japan, where she was former vocalist for pianist Masao Yagi. As Well Be Spring consists of a selection based on various popular jazz standards & cover songs from the forties and the fifties, including Old Devil Moon (from the 1958 notable version performed by Chet Baker), Speak Low, There Is No Greater Love (sung by Billie Holliday in 1947) or I Only Have Eyes For You (written for the movie "Dames" in 1934, best known version from Peggy Lee). All tracks arranged by Yuji Ohno.

    Ann Young_vocal
    Yuji Ohno_piano, electric piano
    Yoshio Ikeda_bass
    Kazuyoshi Okayama_drums

    01. Old Devil Moon
    02. What Are You Doing The Best Your Life
    03. Speak Low
    04. It Might As Well Be Spring
    05. Autumn In New York
    06. There Is No Greater Love
    07. Don't Explain
    08. I Only Have Eyes For You


    Tuesday, November 11, 2008

    Nitro Microphone Underground (Self-Titled)

    Year : 1999
    Label : Reality Records/Def Jam Japan
    Genre : Hip Hop
    Style : Funk/Soul

    Nitro Microphone Underground is a legendary japanese Hip-Hop band formed in 1997, often compared to the Wu-Tang Clan, the group consists of eight MCs Bigzam, Dabo, Deli, Gore-Tex, Macka-Chin, S-Word, Suiken & XBS. This debut album was reissued in 2000 by Def Jam label, and was the fisrt japanese band to sign on the label. Nitro Microphone Underground is based on studio & live recordings, using various samples from Jazz, Funk/Soul (as James Brown) by Bossa Nova, including the singles Bambu & Live '99. S-Word & Suiken collaborated to Samourai Champloo O.S.T. with the track Style supported by the beats & the cuts of FORCE OF NATURE.

    01. Nitro Microphone Underground
    02. Bambu
    03. Mischief
    04. 3 On Tree
    05. Pyramid
    06. Asama131
    07. S.K.I.T.
    08. Requiem
    09. Tonari no Oneesanga
    10. Just' Playin'
    11. Infinity
    12. Hardcore
    13. Unstoppable (Live At Edojou Hole)
    14. Pico Pico Dan
    15. Kuchi Zu San De Goran Yo
    16. Nice Dream
    17. Boku Mo
    18. SKIT
    19. 45 Fingaz Of Death
    20. Sakiccho Dakedesukeredomo
    21. Live'99
    22. T.B.C. (Bonus Track)


    Sunday, November 9, 2008

    Bob James - One

    Year : 1974
    Label : CTI
    Genre : Jazz
    Style : Fusion, Jazz Funk, Smooth Jazz

    First of four series album recorded for CTI  between 1974-1977, by pianist and arranger Bob James, nicknamed the "Godfather of the Smooth Jazz". Bob James plays with a large ensemble of musicians featuring Gary King, Idris Muhammad & Grover Washington Jr., all surrounded by strings section. After a period as sideman for Sarah Vaughan (1965-1968), he became one of favorites studio musician for the Creed Taylor's new label, during the decade 1970, where he played a major role in turning Fusion Jazz as producer and arranger. Titles include Valley Of The Shadow & Soulero featuring guest saxophonist Grover Washington Jr., the Mussorgsky's Night On Bald Mountain and Nautilus (sampled by Run-D.M.C. for Beats to the Rhyme & Ghostface Killah for Daytona 500). Produced by Creed Taylor, recorded at Rudy Van Gelder studio, arranged & conducted by Bob James.

    Bob James_keyboards
    Gary King_bass
    Richie Resnicoff_guitar
    Idris Muhammad & Steve Gadd_drums
    Ralph McDonald_percussion
    Grover Whashington Jr._soprano saxophone

    And More...

    01. Valley Of The Shadows                        
    02. In The Garden
    03. Soulero
    04. Night On Bald Mountain
    05. Feel Like Making Love
    06. Nautilus


    Saturday, November 8, 2008

    Ben & The Platano Group - Paris Soul

    Year : 1971
    Label : Barclay
    Genre : Jazz, Latin Jazz
    Style : Jazz Funk, Jazz Rock, Afro Cuban Jazz

    Rare French Groove from Barclay productions, consisting in the meeting of various musicians who worked for the parisian Champs-Elysées cabaret ''Le Lido'' during the seventies. Paris Soul is composed, arranged by Roger Lecussant a.k.a. Evaristo Nata associated to Manuel Itturia and Dante Crescini (compositions), conducted by percussionist & leader Ben Ahmed Zouber. This Big Band evolves in a blend Afro Cuban flavors, Brazilian rhythms, Jazz Funk & Latin Rock styles, including titles Salute Tu Santa, Woluwe Strip, Paris Soul & Arte Pino Pasta.

    01. Platano Split
    02. Salute Tu Santa
    03. Black Waders
    04. Woluwe Strip
    05. Cabaret
    06. Paris Soul
    07. Culzean
    08. Castill Battle
    09. Hang Out
    10. Arte Pino Pasta

    TSUTCHIE/FORCE OF NATURE - Samurai Champloo Music Record : Masta

    Year : 2004
    Label :
    Genre :
    Electronic, Hip Hop, Stage & Screen
    Style :
    Downtempo, Breakbeat

    Samurai Champloo is an animated serie directed by Schinichiro Watanabe (also in charge of Cowboy BeBop serie). This volume from original soundtrack four discs series, was produced and recorded by japanese DJ/producers from electro to Hip-Hop featuring the japanese duo FORCE OF NATURE & DJ TSUTCHIE from Japanese Hip-Hop band Shakkazombie. Titles include ending theme of episode 17, YOU, performed by Kazami, Sneak Chamber which contains the bass line of The Weaver (composed by Yusef Lateef) which also sampled by Cypress Hill and taken by The Roots for Popcorn Revisited (1994).

    • tracks 1 to 9 recorded, arranged & composed by FORCE OF NATURE (SAMPLE)
    • tracks 10 to 19 recorded, arranged & composed by TSUTCHIE (SAMPLE)

    01. Vagrancy
    02. Mist
    03. Judgment On
    04. Loading Zone
    05. Paranoid
    06. Silver Children
    07. The Long Way of Drums
    08. Sneak Chamber
    09. New Dimension
    10. Raw Material
    11. Dry
    12. Breeezin'
    13. Tubed [Drum Please!!!]
    14. Pretending to...
    15. Seventythree [I Ask]
    16. I Sighed
    17. Sincerely
    18. Numbernine [Back in TYO]
    19. YOU
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