Thursday, October 16, 2014

Takehiro Honda & His Orchestra - What's Going On

Year : 1971
Label : Trio Records
Genre : Jazz
Style : Soul Jazz, Jazz Funk

The Rare Groove Collector with Soul Jazz expressions, What's Going On, is the sixth Honda's studio album and his first recorded in the US. He recruits here, an american line up formed by the arranger Teddy Adams, guitarist Ken Lawson & drummer James Cheek, surrounded by a horn section featuring Kohsuke Mine & Tetsuo Fushimi. What's Going On includes his R&B influences from the Soul genius Curtis Mayfield (the classic of the Impressions, Check-Out Your Mind), James Brown (the groovy Ain't Funky Now), Marvin Gaye (the title-track) or Otis Redding (Dock Of The Bay). Others titles include also the Eddie Harris' cover Sham Time, Greasy Spoon by The Crusaders and a reprise of his original composition, Ain't Tell You A Good Way But. All tracks arranged by Terry Adams.

Takehiro Honda_organ, piano & electric piano
Ken Lawson_guitar 
Tamio Kawabata_bass
Yuji Imamura_congas
James Cheek, Takuji Kusumoto_drums
Kohsuke Mine_alto saxophone
Kazunori Takeda_tenor saxophone
Teddy Adams_trombone
Tetsuo Fushimi, Shuzo Morikawa_trumpet

01. Ain't Tell You A Good Way But   
02. Check-Out Your Mind   
03. Ain't Funky Now   
04. What's Going On   
05. Sham Time   
06. Greasy Spoon   
07. Dock Of The Bay

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