Friday, April 14, 2017

Osamu Furuya & The Freshmen - Disco Hit Number

Year : Late '70
Label : Homeros Records
Genre : Jazz
Style : Funk/Soul, Disco

Osamu Furuya was a arranger, pianist and former member of the rockabilly group "The Sharp Hawks" from 1963 to 1965. Later called, "The Sharp Five", the group have played an active part in the japanese rock boom during the "Group Sounds" & "Eleki" era. Osamu was also a peerless studio player and composer for various japanese pop artists as the songstress Beverly Maeda & her backing band, the Linders aka "Lind & The Linders". In the late seventies, he was in charge of several pop & disco/funk covers albums series, whose "Disco Hit Number" is coming from.

01. I Can't Give You Anything
02. Disco Baby
03. Viva America
04. That's The Way
05. Love To Love Baby
06. Shanghai Kung Fu

07. El Bimbo
08. Tell Me What You Want
09. Fly, Robin, Fly
10. Theme From S.W.A.T.
11. Gimme the Key
12. The Hustle
13. Chinese Kung Fu
14. High Jack

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