Friday, April 26, 2013

Original Motion Picture Soundtrack: Gordon's War

Year : 1973
Label : Buddah Records
Genre : Jazz, Soul, Stage & Screen
Style : Funk/Soul

A hottest blaxploitation soundtrack, one of the best ever recorded with powerful brass section, strong funk & soul performance, produced by Harvey Fuqua, Al Elias & Angelo Badalamenti. Most tracks are recorded and performed by studio band Badder Than Evil (in fact, Al Elias and Angelo Badalamenti) with the voice of 'soul sister' Barbara Mason on Child Of Tomorrow. The others tracks are performed by Detroit Soul band 'New Birth' formerly The Nite-Liters (Come On And Dream Some Paradise) and Sister Goose And The Ducklings (Super Shine #9). All selections written by Al Elias & Andy Badale, arranged and conducted by Horace Ott.

01. Child Of Tomorrow
02. Just Plain Luther
03. He'll Be There
04. Roberta's Theme       
05. Harlem Dreams       
06. Come On And Dream Some Paradise   
07. Tell That Man To Go To Hell       
08. Child Of Tomorrow       
09. Super Shine #9       
10. Hot Wheels (The Chase)
11. Child Of Tomorrow (reprise)

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