Thursday, June 13, 2019

Ronald Mesquita E A Central Do Brasil - Brésil 72

Year : 2019/1972
Label : Mr Bongo/Barclay
Genre : Jazz, Latin
Style : Jazz Samba, Bossa Nova

Brazilian gem recorded in France at studio Barclay in 1972, including killer song "Balanca Pema" sampled by Madlib for "Flight To Brazil" in 2010. Originally released as "Brésil 72", this album was also known as "Bossa Explosiva" and now reissued by Mr Bongo simply titled "Ronald Mesquita". Ronald Mesquita was best-known as the second drummer in Luis Carlos Vinhas's trio Bossa Três ("Os Reis Do Rítmo", "Em Forma", 1966), member of Bossa Rio produced by Sergio Mendes, and also sideman for Bola Sete, Tenório Jr. or Osmar Milito. "Brésil 72" echoes to famous Sergio Mendes & Brasil 66 who contributed to popularize Bossa Nova in US or Aquarius, another brazilian group perfectly cut for the jazz dancefloors. Ronald Mesquita & his Central Do Brazil covers songs from the masters of Bossa Nova featuring Antonio Carlos Jobim (Águas De Marco), Toquinho & Vinicius De Moraes (Tarde Em Itapôa), Edu Lobo (Zanzibar) or from the brazilian new wave of Samba among Gilberto Gil (Fechado Prá Balanço) or Jorge Ben (Balança Pema). The group was supported by french sound engineers duo, Joachim Roy & Charles Rochko, who was actives in Library and French pop music, working for Janko Nilovic, Ben & The Platano Group or Baden Powell.

Marily Tavares_vocals
Ricardo Do Canto_bass
Rolando Faria_percussion, guitar, vocals
Gilson Peranzzetta_keyboards, percussion, guitar
Ricardo Pontes_flute, percussion, saxophone
Ronald Mesquita_drums, percussion

01. Balanca Pema
02. Dabadeia
03. Aguas De Marco
04. Cancao Do Sal-Tema De Tostao
05. Fechado Pra Balanco
06. O Gato
07. Tarde Em Itapoa
08. Casa De Campo
09. Quatro De Dezembro
10. Papagayo
11. Zanzibar

Sunday, May 5, 2019

Be Hard Bop - African Music Machine - DiSCO Hi-LiFE

Get into the west african Funk scene of late seventies from the cameroonian and nigerian highlife's post era. This "new wave" of Funk adds an african touch to the US Disco, Boogie & Jazz-Funk styles, featuring multi-instrumentalists, arrangers and influential producers such as Pasteur Lappé, Emma Baloka, J.M. Tim & Foty, Orlando Julius, Jo Bisso, Eko Roosevelt, Livy Ekemezie, Odion Iruoje and many others. All tracks recorded between 1977-1983.

Compiled & Mixed by Be Hard Bop

Saturday, April 20, 2019

Emma Baloka - Freedom

Year : 2019/1982
Label : Kétu Records/Odec
Genre : Disco, Funk/Soul
Style : Afro Disco, Afro Funk, Boogie

Born in Cameroon, Emma Baloka is a guitarist/singer who started at 21 in the famous nigerian funk band "The Mighty Flames". Subsequently, he was enrolled as studio musician in various groups from Nigeria and Cameroon, in particular during the nigerian highlife era between late seventies and early eighties. Influenced by US music and Makossa from West Africa, Emma Baloka recorded this unique record, finally reissued by french label Kétu Records, an album imbued by Funk, Boogie & Disco accents to the african rhtyhms. Titles include deep grooves supported by powerful slapping bass lines, wah wah effects on guitar and keyboard, serving a music ideally cut for clubs as evidenced the songs "Come To My Sweetie", "Funky Down" & the eponymous track "Freedom". "Let's Love Each Other" was included in compilation "Brand New Wayo" released in 2011 by Comb & Razor Sound label. All tracks arranged and composed by Emma Baloka.

Emma Baloka_vocal, guitar
Basile Barap_bass
Frankie Sonj_keyboards
Paul Sokeng_drums
Kemi Falodun & Tokunbo Falodun_chorus

01. Come To Me Sweetie
02. Funky Down
03. Let's Love Each Other
04. Freedom
05. Sweet Darling
06. Can I Stay With You?

Thursday, March 7, 2019

Kosuke Ichihara & 3 L - Now Sound '75

Year : 2017/1975
Label : Deep Jazz Reality/Victor
Serie : HMV Project Re:Vinyl
Genre : Jazz
Style : Jazz Rock, Fusion, Folk

Last testimony of Love Live Life (also known as 3L), japanese psychedelic jazz rock band born in full expansion of the japanese new rock era initiated by the Flower Travellin' Band (himself influenced by the Woodstock generation). Love Live Life's frontman Kosuke Ichihara is a japanese saxophonist, composer and arranger who evolved in famous Toshiyuki Miyama's New Herd big band, in groups Tokyo Ensemble Academy, Takayuki Inoue Band, Masami Kawahara & The Exotic Sounds, was sideman for japanese jazz songstress Maki AsakawaMari Nakamoto and played alongside pianist Masahiko Satoh or drummer Jimmy Takeuchi. Among  japanese works mixing Jazz, Rock with popular folk songs from different parts of Japan (Okinawa to Hokkaido), "Now Sound '75" is one of the finest production of the genre, including deep grooves, catchy bass line, synthesizer sounds floating, soundscapes with cinematographic atmosphere and oriental melodies, all in a psychedelic mood. 

LOVE LIVE LIFE : Kosuke Ichihara - tenor saxophone, flute - Toshiaki Yokota - flute, saxophone - HiroYanagida - piano, organ - Masaoki Terakawa - bass - Kimio Mizutani, Takao Naoi - guitar - Chito Kawachi - drums - Naomi Kawahara - percussion


TRACKLIST : Sado Okesa (Niigata) - Yasugi Bushi (Shimane) - Kiso Bushi (Nagano) - Esashi Oiwake (Hokkaido) - Yosakoi Bushi (Kochi) - Sansa Shigure (Miyagi) - Hietsuki Bushi (Miyazaki) - Tsugaru Yamauta (Aomori) - Nanbu Ushi Oiuta (Iwate) - Tanchame Bushi (Okinawa) - Kuroda Bushi (Fukuoka) - Shinso Mabuchi (Fukushima)

Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Chlorine Free - Le Fish

Year : 2016
Label : Dunose Production
Genre : Jazz, Broken Beat
Style : Jazz Funk, Jazzy Hip-Hop 

Chlorine Free is a french jazz funk collective based in Paris who explores electronic worlds and programming in Jazz. The music of Chlorine Free can be defined as the meeting between their various influences from A Tribe Called Quest passing by The Headhunters, mixing broken beat, experimental music, funk/soul, conscious hip-hop & electronic avant-garde. From 2011 to 2017, the band collaborated with various talented artists such as MCs Rashaan Ahmad, Mike Ladd from The Infesticons & Racecar or british saxophonist Soweto Kinch. "Le Fish" is their second album after "Star Fresh" released in 2011 and before "Free Speech" in 2017, including instrumental titles and featurings with Soweto Kinch (Natural Blend), Nya (Thankful) & Yan Cléry (One Shot).

Virgile Lorach_bass, drums, percussions, programming, keys
Michael Escande_drums, percussions
David Monet_keys
Yann Cléry_flute,vocals
Romain Clerc-Renaud_keys, piano
Doc Jones_scratch
Benoît Giffard_trombone
Booster_guitar, pecussions
Soweto Kinch_vocals, saxophone

01. Kill The Fly     
02. Black Bass     
03. Natural Blend Feat. Soweto Kinch 
04. Gang Up     
05. Thankful Feat. Nya 
06. John Fish     
07. Kom Jentinson     
08. One Shot Feat. Yann Cléry
09. Cafeine     
10. Purple Gate     


Sunday, February 17, 2019

Célia (Self-Titled)

Year : 2018/1972
Label : Mr Bongo/Continental
Genre : Latin, Funk/Soul
Style : MPB, Soul, Bossa Nova

Fabulous self-titled album from the brazilian princess Célia Regina Cruz, a tropicalism masterpiece with pop arrangements, funk/soul accents & psychedelia, including her best known song, own version of "Na Boca Do Sol" composed by Arthur Verocai. Conducted & arranged by master Verocai, one legendary arranger of the Tropicalia movement, "Célia '72" includes also an all-star composers collective featuring Marcos ValleAntonio Carlos JobimVinicius De MoraesErasmo Carlos & Roberto Carlos. Finally reissued by Mr Bongo in 2018, "Célia '72" is the second of four self-titled albums serie released for the Continental label between 1971 and 1977, the first two with Verocai.

TRACKLIST : Hora É Essa - Toda Quarta~Feira Depois Do Amor - Dominus Tecum - Ay Adelita - Vida De Artista - Mia - Na Boca Do Sol - Em Família - Detalhes - É Preciso Dizer Adeus - Dez Bilhões De Neurônios - Badalação (Bahia, Volume 2)

Saturday, January 5, 2019

Jo Bisso - Dance To It

Year : 2015
Label : Africaseven/Disques Espérance
Genre : Soul, Afrobeat
Style : Funk/Soul, Disco

Debut album of Jo Bisso, a cameroonian singer, producer & arranger influenced by US Soul & Funk music from Otis Reading to James Brown, singing as well his native tongue as french and english. From 1976 to 1979, Jo Bisso released four records to the disco accents and produced albums of his fellow countrymen Sookie and the disco duo, "Venise", led by Linda Henderson & Sharon Criswell. Settled in Paris from 1971, he signed on Decca France his first single "Flying To The Land Of Soul" (1974) as J.B. Afro Soul, produced by Pierre Jaubert, the man behind "The Lafayette Afro Rock Band" name (ex-Ice), before to sign on Disques Espérance, a world & african music label based in Paris. The album opens up with the title track "Dance To It" a catchy disco funk in two parts, the rest of the album is a blend of Jazz, Soul & Funk with afro rhythms and disco beats. All songs composed and arranged by Jo Bisso except "Ramaya" written by A. Simone/St. Regal and "Odwa" by Ossibissa.

Jo Bisso_vocal
Victor Arredondo_bass, vocals
Orlando Vasquez & Peter Meisner_guitar
Ernest Astacio_piano, organ, synthesizer
Peter Affa_synthesizer
Ron Lankone_trumpet
Pat Boland & Michael_saxophone
Carlos Benthein_percussions, vocals
Amore Lopez & Steve_drums

01. Dance To It (Part. 1)
02. Dance To It (Part. 2)
03. Disco Madonna
04. Ramaya
05. Let's Keep It Together
06. Give It Up
07. Don't Fight The Feeling
08. Odwa

Friday, December 7, 2018

Yuji Ohno - Space Kid

Year : 1978
Label : CBS
Serie : Master Sound 76
Genre : Jazz
Style : Jazz Funk, Disco, Smooth Jazz

"Space Kid" is a concept album which prefigures the future sound of You & The Explosion Band, formed for the original soundtrack of "Lupin The 3rd". Indeed, some sounds seem to us familiar, various soundscapes have been used in the serie and in particular the moog synthesizer effects heard in the "Cagliostro No Shiro" movie (1979). The core of You & Explosion Band is based on the rhythm section featuring Akira Okazawa, Tsunehide Matsuki, Yasushi Ichihara, Pepe Anai & Larry Sunaga, supported by horn section feat. Jake H. Conception & the Suzuki Group (strings). Tiltes include the disco funk song "Space Kid", a variation on the "Mayflower" recording taken from Electro Keyboard Orchestra, where accoustic piano replaces moog synthesizer, two featurings with brazilian songtress Sonia Rosa (Never More, Dancing Raccoon) and the latin funk "Solar Samba". All tracks composed, arranged & recorded by Yuji Ohno.

Yuji Ohno_keyboards
Kazushi Sugihara_synthesizer programmer
Akira Okazawa & Kenji Takamizu_bass
Tsunehide Matsuki_guitar
Yasushi Ichihara_drums
Pepe Anai, Larry Sunaga & Fujio Saitoh_percussion
Jake H. Conception_saxophone
Yukio Etoh, Takeshi Shinohara & Minoru Sohma_flute
Takehisa Suzuki & Mitsuru Nakazawa_flugel horn
Keiko Yamakawa_harp
Sonia Rosa_vocal
Suzuki Group_strings
Ishu Kayoko group_chorus

01. Prologue -Crystal Love-
02. Space Kid
03. Interlude
04. Mayflower
05. Never More
06. Melting Spot
07. Solar Samba
08. Dancing Raccoon
09. A Single Trace Of Love
10. Epilogue -Crystal Love-

Tuesday, November 6, 2018

Pasteur Lappé & The Sekele Movement - We, The People

Year : 2018/1979
Label : Africa Seven/Disques Espérance
Genre : Funk/Soul
Style : Disco, Afro Disco, Afro Funk

Debut album of Pasteur Lappé, a Cameroonian singer from Douala who recorded from 1979 to 1981, some amazing funky nuggets such as "Na Real Sekele Fo' Ya" or "Sekelimania (Nku Bilam)". Pasteur Lappé is best-known to have popularized the "Sekele", a typical afro-groove embracing furious dances and the disco style, whole played in the cameroonian way. Settled in Paris from the seventies, he recruited Jacob Desvarieux, future founder member of Zouk band, Kassav, as arranger, and the collective "The Zulu Gang" formed by Christophe Zadire, as backing band to produce his albums. The album opens with "More Sekele Movement" including deep bass groove & syncopated beat, followed by the catchy afro-folk-pop song "Dora". Titles include also two ballads  ("Watcha Get Ma Day Dreams", "As Far I Can Remember") and the single "The Sekele Movement" which was selected by Analog Africa label for the "Pop Makossa" compilation released in 2017. 

Pasteur Lappé_vocal
Jacob Desvarieux_guitar
Christophe Zadire_bass
Philippe Draï_drums, percussion
Douglas Mbida, Robert Benjamin_keyboards
Alain Hatot, Jimmy Mvondo_saxophone 
Alex Perdigon_trombone
Cako, Tony Rousseau_trumpet

01. More Sekele Movement (Papa Ni Mama)
02. Dora
03. Watcha Get Ma Day Dreams
04. Sekelimania (Nku Bilam)
05. The Sekele Movement
06. As Far I Can Remember


Sunday, October 28, 2018

M'Bamina - Expérimental

Year : 2016/1978
Label : Africa Seven/Fiesta Records
Genre : Soul
Style : Afro Funk, Disco

M'Bamina was formed in 1972 by eight african musicians of Bantu ethnic group, coming from Congo, Benin & Cameroon, and settled in Pavia, Italty. Discovered in an italian night club by Ivo Lunardi, they toured on the italian riviera before to spot by french impresario Christian Carbaza. After they moved to France, where they became friends of cameroonian legend Manu Dibango, they recorded in 1975 their first album "African Roll". On their success way, they performed across Europe in 1976, then in Cameroon at Stade Yaounde alongside French Pop star, Claude François, Manu Dibango, and finally played the first part of  the James Brown's concert at Pavillon de Paris in 1977. In the early eighties, they signed on the short-lived Paco Rabanne's label recording two albums before they disbanded. The group is a killer funk machine distilling pure dancing groove, connected to their African Roots with traditional Bantu lyrics, including Boogie Funk with a strong disco baseline (Atide O Sika, Tchiayala), Afro-Cuban rhythms & Folk Soul (Mambu, Zizi Ku Mbele). Produced by Philippe Brejean & arranged by Samba N'Gó.

Samba N'Gó_lead guitar, vocals
Antoine Nkouka Batenda_rhythm guitar, vocals
Bernard Bifuanibo_bass
Jean-Marie Bolangassa_percussion
Anselme Tambakassa_congas
Ligali Ali Amidou_percussion, vocals
Sergio Gabbani_drums

01. Djambo (Salut À L'Afrique)
02. Tchiula (Le Crapaud)
03. Mamy
04. Tchiayala
05. Mosi Zole (Un Et Deux)
06. Mambu (À L'École De La Sagesse Bantu)
07. Atide O Sika (Scène De Village)
08. Zizi Ku Mbele (Étrange Guérisseur)
09. Mbongui


Friday, October 5, 2018

Various - Doing It In Lagos

Year : 2016
Label : Soundway Records
Genre : Funk/Soul, Pop
Style : Disco, Boogie, Afro Funk

Twenty amazing funky songs from the Nigerian pop & club music recorded between late 1970s and early 1980s, compiled by british label Soundway Records. The songs are the reflect of a joyful period, all were recorded during the short democratic interlude in Nigeria from 1979 to 1983, before the military dictatorship back. A new generation of artists featuring Steve Monite, Livy Ekemezie or Willy Roy have been emerge on the Lagos musical scene. Moving away the Afrobeat and nigerian highlife era, they were supported by influential producers like Odion Iruoje, and perfectly suited for dancefloor with the casualness brings by the disco style (Donna Summer or Michael Jackson), but adding their Afro touch. "Doing It In Lagos" has been concieved as the ultimate dance compilation including various styles as Funk (Willy Roy - Don't Give Up), Pop (Burnis Moleme - Where Is The Answer), Boogie (Mike Umoh - Shake Your Body / Godfrey Odili - Let's Do More Music), Jazz Funk (Gboyega Adelaja - Colourful Environment) and Disco (Ofege - Burning Jungle) closed to House music (Steve Monite - Only You).

DISC 1 : Hotline - Fellas Doing It In Lagos / Peter Addul - Don't You Know / Steve Monite - Only You / Oby Onyioha - Enjoy Your Life / Kio Amachree - Ivory / Livy Ekemezie - Holiday Action  

DISC 2 : Willy Roy - Don't Give Up / Danny Offia - Funk With Me / Rick Asikpo - Too Hot Toby Foyeh - Ore Mi / Gboyega Adelaja - Colourful Environment / Mike Umoh - Shake Your Body

DISC 3 : Burnis Moleme - Where Is The Answer / Sony Enang - Don't Stop That Music / Nkono Teles - Be My Lady / Veno - Groove I Like / Godfrey Odili - Let's Do More Music / Terry Mackson - Distant Lover / Ofege - Burning Jungle / Lexy Mella - On The Air

Thursday, October 4, 2018

War Featuring Eric Burdon - Love Is All Around

Year : 1976
Label : ABC Records/Far Out Productions
Genre : Soul
Style : Funk/Soul, Rhythm & Blues

"Love Is all Around" isn't the return of Eric Burdon in WAR band, but a collection of epic b-sides & unrealeased songs recorded from 1969 to 1970, and gathered in a compilation released during a WAR break in 1976, between the "Why Can't We Be Friends" & "Galaxy" albums. Most of the songs were recorded during the year 1970, including "Love Is All Around" & the Beatles reprise "A Day In A Life", both extracted from the Eric Buron Declares War's recordings sessions at the Wally Helder studio, San Fransisco. Other titles include first studio recording by WAR, the original version of "Tobacco Road" from 1969, the "Magic Mountain" b-side of the WAR massive hit, "Spill The Wine", the blues "Home Dream" and "Paint It Black", in a live performance at the Whiskey, Los Angeles in 1969. All tracks produced by Jerry Goldstein.

Eric Burdon_lead vocal, percussion
B.B. Dickerson_bass, vocals
Papa Dee Allen_congas, bongos, vocals
Harold Brown_drums, percussion, vocals
Charles Miller_flute, saxophones, percussion, vocals
Howard Scott_guitar, vocals
Lee Oskar_harmonica, percussion, vocals
Lonnie Jordan_organ, piano, vocals

01. Love Is All Around (Unreleased)
02. Tobacco Road (First Version)
03. Home Dream (Unreleased)
04. Magic Mountain (B-Side)
05. A Day In The Life (Unreleased)
06. Paint It Black (Live)


Tuesday, September 11, 2018

I Marc 4 ‎- Nelson Psychout


Year : 2017
Label : Vampi Soul
Genre : Jazz, Stage&Screen
Style : Jazz Rock, Easy Listening, Psychedelic Rock

The Vampi Soul's compilation of "original library music from the vaults of Nelson Records", an italian music library label actives during the seventies and primarily issuing records from I Marc 4, one of the most famous italian studio session group. I Marc 4 is a jazz quartet formed by Maurizio Majorana, Antonello Vannucci, Roberto Podio and Carlo Pes whose the name comes from the initials of the four members. Maurizio Majorana & Roberto Podio, both from the Modern Jazz Gang, have played with Lionel Hampton, and Carlo Pes with Barney Kessel. I Marc 4 also played for famous Italian international composers such as Ennio Morricone or Piero Umiliani and recorded most of the Armando Travaioli's compositions. All tracks recorded between 1970-1976, extracted from Nelson GLP catalogue including serie 1000 (1001 to 1007 & 1010), compiled by Alessandro Casella.

I MARC 4 : Maurizio Majorana (bass) - Antonello Vannucci (piano, organ) - Roberto Podio (drums, percussion) - Carlo Pes (guitar)

TRACKLIST : Distorsion Mind - The Trip - Compression - Dirottamento - Suoni Distorti - Beat Generation - Beat MorbidoLeslie LoveAttesa Spasmodica - Deep Bass - Filter - Airon - Wonder - Underground - Ray Ban - Berkey 70


Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Jorge Ben (Self-Titled)

Year : 1969
Label : Philips
Genre : Latin, Jazz
Style : Samba, MPB

Since his psychedelic samba pop album "O Bidú: Silêncio No Brooklin", recorded in 1967, which contributed to the Tropicália movement emergence, Jorge Ben released during more than a decade various essential pieces of the Brazilian pop music, including the masterworks from his esoteric trilogy, "A Tabúa De Esmeralda" in 1974 & "Africa-Brasil" at the top of his career in 1976. This self-titled album is likewise a part of these, the first recording of a three album series and one "on stage" including "Força Bruta" & "Negro É Lindo", introcuding the Trio Mocotó as his new backingband until 1972. With only one album, Jorge succeeded to influence the main Tropicália artits, writting & composing among his biggest classics  including "País Tropical", "Que Pena", "Take It Easy My brother Charles" or "Charles Anjo 45", which became instantly standards, covered among others Gal Costa ("Que Pena" with Gil), Astrud Gilberto & Som Três ("Take It Easy...") or  Caetano Veloso ("Charles Anjo 45").  

Jorge Ben_vocal, guitar
Fritz escovao_guitar, percussion, vocals
Nereu Gargalo_percussion, vocals
João Parahyba_drums, percussion, vocals

01. Criola
02. Domingas
03. Cadê Teresa
04. Barbarella
05. País Tropical
06. Take It Easy My Brother Charles
07. Descobri Que Eu Sou Um Anjo
08. Bebete Vãobora
09. Quem Foi Que Roubou A Sopeira De Porcelana Chinesa Que A Vovó Ganhou Da Baronesa
10. Que Pena
11. Charles Anjo 45

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