Sunday, January 12, 2020

Be Hard Bop - Bop or Not Session #4 For Radio Rap Tz

Bop or Not Session #4 for Parisian webradio RADiO RAPTZ including Hip-Hop, Breakbeat & Jazz Funk songs dedicated to Japanese soundtracks, TV screen animated series (Cowboy Be Bop, Samurai Champloo...) and iconic movies themes. It features Yuji Ohno, Kentaro Haneda, The Seatbelts, Yoko Kanno, DJ MuroRZA, Luke Vibert and many more...

TRACKLIST : Yuji Ohno - Theme From Golden DogHozan Yamamoto, Yu Imai - Kindaichi Kōsuke Nishi E Iku - The Mystery Kindaichi Band - Eight Village Grave (Yatsuhakamura)Kentaro Haneda - The Heroes Of Wu - Jake H. Concepcion & The Sound Limited - On Any Sunday - Jimmy Takeuchi - Enter The DragonThe Seatbelts Feat. Tulivu-Donna Cumberbatch - Mushroom Hunting - Mountain Mocha Kilimanjaro - Dandy's Fly - Yoko Kanno - High Heel Runaway - Kassin - Corre Michiko, Corre!!!Latin Quarter - Kogarashi - RZA Feat. Black Knights, Dexter Wiggle & Thea Van Seijen - Bloody Samurai - DJ Muro Feat. Big-O, Chief Low & Suiken - V.I.P. -  FORCE OF NATURE Feat. Suiken & S-Word - Hiji Zuru Style - Mocky - Two Of Us - Takeo Yamashita Feat. Kayoku Ishu - Scat ThemeYasuharu Konishi Lupin The Third 1 (Readymade All That Jazz! Remix) - Luke Vibert - Tank! Remix - Soil & Pimp Sessions Paraiso (TV Version)


Monday, December 16, 2019

Be Hard Bop - Bop or Not Session #3 For Radio RapTz

Bop or Not Session #3 for Parisian webradio RADiO RAPTZ including Hip-Hop, Breakbeat, Afro-Disco & Jazz Funk from Japan to America by Europe. It features Marcos Valle, Force Of Nature, Steve Monite, Five Deez, DJ Muro, The Procussions and more...

TRACKLIST : Specifics - Thats Just Gold - Marcos Valle - A Paraíba Não E Chicago - Mighty Salad Syndicate - Funky Horse - Mountain Mocha Kilimanjaro - Word Pack - DJ Mitsu The Beats Feat. Promoe - Material Curse - Force Of Nature - Unstoppable - Steve Monite - Only You - Livy Ekemezie - Get It Down - Chris Joss - A Part In That Show - Eyedea & Abilities - Big Shots - Five Deez - Funky - DJ Muro Feat. De La Soul & Lunch Time Speax - So Cool - Dagha Feat. Al Jabra - Conquerors - The Procussions - All That It Takes


Saturday, November 30, 2019

Hozan Yamamoto With Sharps & Flats - Beautiful Bamboo Flute

Year : 2019/1971
Label : Mr Bongo/Philips
Genre : Jazz
Style : Big Band, Folk, World, Fusion

Recognized as a “living national treasure” by the Japanese government in 2002, Hozan Yamamoto was the best known shakuhachi player outside Japan. "Beautiful Bamboo Flute" is the fourth collaboration between Hozan Yamamoto and saxophonist Nobuo Hara within his famous big band, after two albums as Sharps & Flats ("Sharps & Flats In Newport" in 1967, "New Jazz In Japan" in 1968), and one under his own name ("New Dimension Of Bamboo Flute" in 1968). The album is result of a clever mix between japanese folk music (called "Min'yō") and Jazz including Jazz Rock, Soul Jazz & Big Band styles, featuring arranger Masahiko Sato, guitarist Takao Naoi from Akira Ishikawa's Count Buffalos. Impossible to find original album nowadays, it was finally reissued by Mr Bongo Records.

MUSICIANS : Hozan Yamamoto - bamboo flute - Nobuo Hara - tenor saxophone - Hajime Maekawa, Koji Suzuki - alto saxophone - Nobuyuki Morikawa - baritone saxophone - Masahiro Nakajima, Tadao Taniyama - trombone - Hiroshi Saba, Shuzo Morikawa - trumpet - Sadayasu Fujii - piano - Hiroshi Takeuchi - bass - Takao Naoi - guitar - Yoshio Nakamura - drums

Tuesday, November 12, 2019

Various, Yuji Ohno - The Boss And His Piano Part II by Be Hard Bop

Volume 2 of the compilation series dedicated to the japanese jazz pianist Yuji Ohno including studio and live recordings as sideman, producer & arranger. Yuji Ohno was in charge of numerous background music composed for films, among others "Inugamike No Ichizoku" (The Inugami Family, 1976), "Nigen No Shomei" (Proof Of The Man, 1977) and animation TV series such as "Lupin The 3rd" (since 1977), "Captain Future" (1979). During the seventies, he was a popular arranger for various japanese jazz&pop songstress, including Martha Miyake, Mieko Kaji, Eiko Shuri, Kimiko Kasai, Mieko Hirota or Hatsumi Shibata. From 1975, Yuji turns to the Jazz Funk style and formed his famous "You & The Explosion Band" featuring Jake H. Conception, Takeru Muraoka & Akira Okazawa for the "Lupin III" soundtrack. Compiled & mixed by Be Hard Bop featuring Yuji Ohno, Chu Kosaka & Ultra, Hatsumi Shibata & Hang Over, Kiyoshi Sugimoto, Masa Matsuda, You & The Explosion Band, Electro Keyboard Orchestra.

Tuesday, November 5, 2019

Wilson Simonal - Alegria! Alegria! Vol. 4

Year : 1969
Label : Odeon
Genre : Latin Jazz
Style : MPB, Bossa Nova, Samba Soul

Last act in the popular "Alegria! Alegria!" album series recorded between 1967-1969, by one of the finest Brazilian singer, including his smash hit "Pais Tropical" composed by his friend Jorge Ben. Since "Vou Deixar Cair" in 1966, Wilson Simonal is supported by the top latin jazz trio "Som Três", his regular backing band until 1969, lead by Cesar Camargo Mariano (p) featuring Sabá (b, vo) & Toninho Pinheiro (ds, vo). "Alegria! Alegria! Vol. 4" is a subtle blend of soulful music with jazz, samba, bossa and latin boogaloo sounds including beautiful strings arrangements directed by maestro Antonio Adolfo. Titles include gorgeous songs among the best ever recorded by Wilson Simonal, "Maquilagem", "Porque Hoje É Domingo", "Brasileira", "Canção Da Criança", "Eu Fui No Tororó", "Que Maravilha" (Jorge Ben), "Adios, Muchachos-Adios".

Saturday, October 26, 2019

Be Hard Bop - Bop or Not Session #2 For Radio RapTz

Bop or Not Session #2 for Parisian webradio RADiO RAPTZ including Jazzy Hip-Hop, Jazz Funk, & Latin music from Japan to America by Europe. It features James Brown, Donald Byrd, Tim Maia, Gene Harris, Candido, Talib Kweli, Jurassic 5, Erasmo Carlos and more...

TRACKLIST : James Brown - My Thang - Donald Byrd - Have You Heard the News ? - Hiromasa Suzuki - Between O&M - J.M. Tim & Foty - Funky Bafoussam - Tim Maia - Rhodesia Gene Harris - Koko And Lee Roe - Theory Hazit Feat. Braille - IOU - Funky DL Feat. DJ Stixx & Dukus Alemay - Rhymin' 76 (Remix) - Zerosen - Scramble - Osamu Furuya & The Freshmen - Chinese Kung Fu - Candido - Soulwanco - Talib Kweli - Africa Dream - Chlorine Free Feat. Soweto Kinch - Natural Blend - Pat D Feat. Melodiq & Lady Paradox - In Control - Jurassic 5 - If You Only Knew - Mo' Horizons - Brandnew Shoes - Erasmo Carlos - Coqueiro Verde - Madlib - Alfred Lion Interlude


Saturday, October 5, 2019

Be Hard Bop - BOSSA for Sofa (Bossa Nova, Jazz Samba And Screen Favorites)

Lean back in your sofa and listen these 23 musical pieces of Bossa Nova featuring european, japanese & american jazz musicians (Benny Golson, Cortex, Norio Maeda, Ron Carter, Helen Merrill among others), and compositions for various TV shows, series, advertising or others soundtracks. Titles include background music extracted from famous European music library labels such as KPM (England), Montparnasse 2000 (France) or Selected Sound (Germany). Compiled & mixed by Be Hard Bop.

Monday, September 2, 2019

Be Hard Bop - Bop or Not Session #1 For Radio RapTz

Opening show for Parisian webradio RADiO RAPTZ including Jazzy Hip-Hop, Jazz Funk, Brazilian Funk & Samba from Japan to America by Europe. It features ShinSight TrioIdris MuhammadShigeru SuzukiDJ Mitsu The BeatsAkira Ishikawa & Count Buffalo, Substantial, Di MeloKool & The Gang, Nujabes, Soil & "Pimp" Sessions and more...

TRACKLISTShinSight Trio - I Love Good MusicBanda Uniao Black - A Familia BlackIdris Muhammad - House Of The Rising SunShigeru Suzuki - Suna No On'naRonald Mesquita - Balança PemaEdson Frederico - Tava Mais Não TavaCravo & Canela - Capoeira PoeiraShin-Ski Feat. Louis Logic - Let You SlideDJ Mitsu The Beats Feat. Audessey The Sound Sci - Stolen MomentsAkira Ishikawa & Count Buffalo - TanchameSubstantial - Be PeopleDi Melo - A Vida Em Seus Métodos Diz CalmaBanda Black Rio - Mr. Funky SambaKool & The Gang - Jungle JazzJazz Liberatorz Feat. Declaime - Music Makes The World Go Round (20Syl Remix) - Nujabes Feat. Apani B - Thank YouSoil & "Pimp" Sessions - Funky Goldman


Sunday, August 11, 2019

Piero Piccioni - Musica-Amore

Year : 2016/1972
Label : Cinedelic Records/General Music
Genre : Stage & Screen, Jazz, Soul
Style : Soul Jazz, Easy Listening

Maestro Piero Piccioni was an italian pianist, conductor & composer, in charge of over 300 movie soundtracks, influenced by iconic film directors among Frank Capra, Alfred Hitchcock, Billy Wilder or John Ford. He worked for the masters of italian cinema during the golden years of Cinecittà including Michelangelo Antonioni, Francesco Rosi, Luchino Visconti, Bernardo Bertolucci, Roberto Rossellini, Dino Risi. Piccioni’s first score for a feature film was Gianni Franciolini’s "Il Mondo Le Condanna" in 1952, but his most famous work were for the movies “Swept Away” (1975), “Salvatore Giuliano” by Francesco Rosi (1963) and "Lo Staniero" by Visconti (1967). He worked also on italian variation of "Le Mépris" soundtrack (original music by Georges Delerue) and OSS 117. "Musica-Amore" brings together several movie themes and others jazz soundscapes composed for various italian films recorded between late sixties and early seventies, including two songs "Right Or Wrong" & "Once And Again" featuring his regular vocalist Lyn McDonald aka Shawn Robinson.

TRACKLIST : Right or Wong from Dopo Di Che, Uccide Il Maschio E Lo Divora (1971) - Easy Dreamer from Colpo Rovente (1970) - Ebony Ride from Un Italiano In America (1967) - Musica Amore - TNT Dance War Call Love (Un Italiano In America) - Once And Again from La Volpe Dalla Coda Di Velluto (1972) - Abigaille from Fumo Di Londra (1966) - Play Girl from Play Girl 70 (1968) - Fiero Nero (Colpo Rovente)

Sunday, July 7, 2019

Tadaaki Misago & His Tokyo Cuban Boys - This Is Cuban Rock Sounds

Year : 1974
Label : Nippon Columbia
Serie : Master Sonic Series
Genre : Jazz, Latin
Style : Afro-Cuban Jazz, Jazz Rock

The kings of japanese mambo honored by the Cuba state, explore the world of rock 'n' roll, including psychedelia, mixing it with Latin Jazz. Formed and conducted by Tadaaki Misago, The Tokyo Cuban Boys is the oldest japanese jazz big band actives since 1949, which took advantage of the mambo's whirlwind that swept Japan in the 50s, to become a major big band in Latin Music in which emerged the famous japanese latin percussionnist, Yoshinori Nohmi. Indeed, Tadaaki Misago & His Tokyo Cuban Boys have contributed to the expansion of  latin music in Japan, recording over 200 albums between 1949 and 1980, the year of their dissolution. They have associated acts alongside Sharps & Flats, collaborated with various artists from Jazz such as Norio Maeda, Jiro Inagaki & Minoru Muraoka, to japanese folk and pop music as backing band for Michiya Mihashi, the "King of Enka" or actress Eri Chiemi. Titles include the great standards of Latin Music including Boléro (Bésame Mucho, Historia De Un Amor, Perfidia), Mambo (Siboney, Quién Será) or Bossa Nova styles (La Cancion De Orfe). All tracks arranged by Takeshi Koizumi.

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