Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Teruo Nakamura And The Rising Sun - Song Of The Birds

Year : 1977
Label : Kitty
Genre : Jazz
Style : Jazz Funk, Fusion
Website :  teruonakamura.com

Song Of The Birds is the third solo album by japanese bassist & multi-instrumentalist Teruo Nakamura, also known under Manhattan Special's name, was released first for US market with different cover. Settled in New York since 1964, Teruo has already worked for Stanley Turrentine, George Benson, Roy Haynes, Grover Washington Jr, Helen Merrill, Steve Grossman and many more. Song Of The Birds was recorded at A&R studio in New York, featuring an american line-up, The Rising Sun Band (born on his previous album "Rising Sun" 1976), formed by Teruo & Shiro Mori with some prestigious guest musicians like Herbie Hancock. The renowned of Teruo goes to beyond the borders of jazz, as evidenced several of his songs which have been sampled by US Hip-Hop artists as PM Dawn, The Roots or Jay-Z : Ital (The Universal Side) by The Roots feat. Q-Tip (1996), contains a sample of Cat (1976) or Filthy Rich (I Don't Wanna Be) by P.M. Dawn (1993), which contains a sample of Firefly (1977). Titles include Manhattan Special, the latin wave Rainbow & Sequoia Forest composed by Shiro Mori, Mescalito & the medley Sunrise In Africa by Harry Whitaker, Wiggle Worm by Mark Gray, and two originals songs by Teruo (Firefly & Mr. Cherry And Mr. T). All tracks arranged by Teruo Nakamura.

The Rising Sun Band :

Teruo Nakamura_bass, harmonica, synthesizer & percussion
Shiro Mori_guitar, synthesizer
Mark Gray_piano, electric piano, synthesizer, organ
Harry Whitaker_piano, electric piano
Carter Jefferson_tenor & soprano saxophone
Keiji Kishida_drums
Nobu Urushiyama_percussion

Additionals musicians :

Herbie Hancock_electric piano & synthesizer
Benny Lee_synthesizer
Art Gore, Bruno Carr, James H. Madison, Robert Right_drums
Neil Clarke_congas, bongos
Craig Haynes,Richard Barrata, Tadashi Yasunaga_percussions
Art Webb_flute 
John Mosley_trumpet & flugelhorn
James E. Stowe, Sal Randazzo & William J. Ohashi_trombone
Lani Groves_vocals

01. Manahattan Special
02. Rainbow
03. Mescalito
04. Firefly
05. Wiggle Worm
06. Sequoia Forest
07. Mr. Cherry And Mr. T
08. Love Is A Reflection In The Mirrors~Sunrise In Africa

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