Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Yuji Ohno & Galaxy - Captain Future (Original Soundtrack)

Year : 1979
Label : Nippon Columbia
Genre : Jazz, Stage & Screen
Style : Jazz Funk, Disco

The legendary japanese soundtrack composed by Yuji Ohno and performed with the Galaxy band featuring Takao Naoi, Eiji Arai, Takeru Muraoka, Jake H Concepcion and Pepe Anai. Produced in the late seventies, the Space Opera 'Captain Future' was one of the first animated serie broadcasted outside Japan and known a great success around the world. This serie is based on stories of Edmond Hamilton which were published in the Pulp Magazine between 1940 & 1951. Space Jazz Funk, Smooth Jazz & deep grooves served by the Korg Synthesizer and its particular sound. Titles include Space Jazz Funk tunes Andromeda No Kanata Ni & Kirameku Inner Space, opening & ending theme (Yume No Funanori, Poplar-Doori No Uchi), the songs Oira Wa Sabishii Spacemen & Ok! Captain with the chorus from Sendai.

If you can't find original LP, a CD reissue is available and abolutely recommended : 39 tracks compilation, an addition of unreleased tracks not contained in the original edition with another great pearls jazz funk tunes as Mishiranu Wakusei or Captain No Gaisen.

Yuji Ohno_electric piano, Korg synthesizer
Minoru Kuribayashi_organ
Takao Naoi & Kiyoshi Hagiya_electric guitar
Michio Nagaoka_electric bass
Yasushi Ichihara_drums
Pepe Anai_percussion
Takeru Muraoka_tenor saxophone
Jake H Concepcion_alto saxophone
Tetsuo Fushimi & Susumu Kazuhara_trumpet
Eiji Arai_trombone
Isao Kaneyama_vibes

And others...

01. Yume No Funanori - Opening
02. Andromeda No Kanata Ni
03. Uzumaku Sargasso
04. Nagareboshi No Dance
05. Toki No Lost World
06. Shinobi Yoru Invader
07. O-Yasumi Future Man
08. Oira Wa Sabishii Spacemen
09. Kirameku Inner Space
10. Toumei Wakusei E Warp
11. Astronaut No Toki
12. OK! Captain
13. Icarus No Hoshi
14. Youki Na Alien
15. Ijigen No Eden
16. Poplar-Doori No Uchi - Ending

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