Saturday, November 8, 2008

Electro Keyboard Orchestra (Self-Titled)

Year : 1975
Label : Nippon Columbia
Genre : Jazz, Electronic
Style : Space Age, Fusion, Jazz Funk, Electronic Moods

A concept album based on KORG SYNTHESIZER 700S & 800DV keyboards, highlighting the electronic overtones, recorded by eight renowned japanese pianists, all surrounded by a rhythm section including Ken Yajima, Akira Okazawa and Shuichi Murakami. There is no doubt that they were influenced by the Jazz Funk period of Herbie Hancock featuring his famous Headhunters band (as evidenced The Heated Point). Appears there : Yuji Ohno, who evolved in the Terumasa Hino Quartet (best known for the Captain Future & Lupin The 3rd OST), the arranger Hiromasa Suzuki (member of Akira Ishikawa's Count Buffalo Rock Band), Kentaro Haneda (Space Adventure Cobra OST), Masahiko Sato (in groups The Soundbreakers, Toshiyuki Miyama' New Herd), Hideo Ichikawa (The Beat Generation, George Kawaguchi's The Big 4, Kosuke Mine Quintet and George Otsuka Trio) but also Masao Yagi, Shigeto O'Hara and Sadayasu Fujii. Titles include variation of Ritual Fire Dance (arr. Masao Yagi) by the spanish composer Manuel De Falla, Quincy Jones' The Iron Side (arranged by Hiromasa Suzuki), Mother of Future (arr. Masahiko Sato) by Carlos Garnett and five original tracks composed specially for this album. Tracks 3 & 6 composed by Yuji Ohno, track 5 by Hiromasa Suzuki and track 7 by Masao Yagi.

The Rhythm Section :

Ken Yajima_guitar   
Akira Okazawa_bass
Shuichi Murakami_drums

01. The Fire Dance
02. Mother of The Future
03. Mayflower
04. The Iron Side
05. The Heated Point
06. The Soaring Seagull
07. Farewell, Onoda
08. The African Dawn

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