Saturday, December 13, 2008

CYNE (Collection 1999-2003)

Year : 2003
Label : P-Vine/Bonatica Del Jibaro
Genre : Hip-Hop
Style : Abstract, Conscious

CYNE, who means "Cultivating Your New Experience", is an american underground, alternative & abstract Hip-Hop band from Gainesville, Florida. The group is characterized by a soulful sound including various styles of music as well as Rock, Trip-Hop & Jazz, but also best known for their politically tinged tracks & meditations' lyrics based on the philosophy of Jean-Jacques Rousseau. The band is formed by two MCs Akin & Cise Star associated to the DJs/producers Enoch & Speck. CYNE & its members have collaborated with several artists, including the japanese producer & beatmaker, Nujabes, whose solo projects have featured Cise Star, Akin & Four Tet. Titles include their unreleased tracks, singles "African Elephants", 400 Years, Midas featuring DJ Infamous & remixes by Seth P. Brundel & Plex, all recorded before their first official album, Time Being (2003).

01. Inform / Invade (An Introduction)
02. African Elephants
03. Steady
04. Tragic
05. A Moment With Enoch
06. 400 Years
07. 400 Years (Seth P. Brundel Remix)
08. E-Motion
09. Paradise
10. A Moment With Speck
11. Octagon
12. Midas with DJ Infamous
13. Midas (Plex Remix)
14. Out Of Time
15. Outro
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