Wednesday, November 26, 2008

The Helpful Soul - First Album

Year : 1969
Label : Victor
Genre : Rock
Style : Blues Rock, Psychedelic

Helpful Soul is the first album of super rare and phenomenal Japanese psychedelic rock band from Kobe, featuring Charlie Kosei, who was original singer of the opening & ending themes recorded for Lupin III 1st serie (1971-1972). The band started in 1965 under the Young Beats's name and recorded this unique album before split-up during the summer of 1969. Meanwhile two EPs were released before : Aladin's ThemeA Thousand And One Night composed for the original soundtrack of Osamu Tezuka's animated movie. Titles incude original compositions from the band (Blues For My Baby, Peace For Fools) and cover songs from Jimi Hendrix (Fire, You Got Me Floatin') Willie Dixon (Spoonful) & Robert Johnson (Crossroads).

Charlie Kosei_bass
Eiichi Tsukasa_drums
Gene Shoji_lead guitar
Junio Nakahara_lead vocal & guitar

01. Blues For My Baby
02. Fire
03. Peace For Fools
04. You Got Me Floatin'
05. Spoonful
06. Kansas City
07. Crossroads

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