Saturday, November 8, 2008

TSUTCHIE/FORCE OF NATURE - Samurai Champloo Music Record : Masta

Year : 2004
Label :
Genre :
Electronic, Hip Hop, Stage & Screen
Style :
Downtempo, Breakbeat

Samurai Champloo is an animated serie directed by Schinichiro Watanabe (also in charge of Cowboy BeBop serie). This volume from original soundtrack four discs series, was produced and recorded by japanese DJ/producers from electro to Hip-Hop featuring the japanese duo FORCE OF NATURE & DJ TSUTCHIE from Japanese Hip-Hop band Shakkazombie. Titles include ending theme of episode 17, YOU, performed by Kazami, Sneak Chamber which contains the bass line of The Weaver (composed by Yusef Lateef) which also sampled by Cypress Hill and taken by The Roots for Popcorn Revisited (1994).

  • tracks 1 to 9 recorded, arranged & composed by FORCE OF NATURE (SAMPLE)
  • tracks 10 to 19 recorded, arranged & composed by TSUTCHIE (SAMPLE)

01. Vagrancy
02. Mist
03. Judgment On
04. Loading Zone
05. Paranoid
06. Silver Children
07. The Long Way of Drums
08. Sneak Chamber
09. New Dimension
10. Raw Material
11. Dry
12. Breeezin'
13. Tubed [Drum Please!!!]
14. Pretending to...
15. Seventythree [I Ask]
16. I Sighed
17. Sincerely
18. Numbernine [Back in TYO]
19. YOU
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