Sunday, December 21, 2008

Fat Jon As Maurice Galactica - Humanoid Erotica

Year : 2001
Label : Counterflow Recordings
Genre : Electronic, Hip Hop
Style : Downtempo, Trip Hop

John Marshall, also known under various pseudonyms as The Ample Soul, is an American Hip-Hop producer & DJ from Cincinnati, also member of the independent Hip-Hop band, Five Deez, formed with MCs Pase Rock, Sonic & Kyle David. Fat Jon is one prominent actor of the Downtempo style like Nujabes, with whom he collaborated to the Samurai Champloo soundtrack in 2003. Humanoid Erotica, which was released under the Maurice Galactica's name, includes the triptych "Triple Gold Daytons", "I. Dee", the remix "Raindance" & the Hip-House track "Pretty Pussy Killy Kat" featuring Five Deez. Produced, composed & mixed by Fat Jon The Ample Soul Physician.

01. At The Bar
02. 14 Years
03. Triple Gold Daytons
04. No
05. Tell Me
06. The Queen And I
07. Backseat Anonymous
08. Change Your Mind
09. Exact Space
10. I. Dee
11. Raindance (Remix Instrumental)
12. Pretty Pussy Killy Kat

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