Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Various - Brand New Wayo : Funk, Fast Times And Nigerian Boogie Badness

Year : 2011
Label : Comb & Razor Sound
Genre : Soul, Disco
Style : Funk/Soul, Boogie

"A Brand New Wayo" brings togheter fifteen songs recorded during the post-afrobeat era, when the nigerian disco explosion occured from the late seventies to the early eighties. The evolution of nigerian society, the end of dictatorship and the short democratic period that followed, gave birth to a freedom artistic which contributed to the developpement of some creative emulation from nigerian producers & musicians. Selected by Uchenna Ikonne for his label "Comb & Razor Sound", all the songs fit into a own musical genre, called the ''Nigerian Boogie'', based on modern dance groove, served by the bass beat of disco funk and connected to the afro spirit (check below "Boys And Girls" ). Titles include songs from Mixed Grill, Murphy Williams, Joe Moks, Bayo Damazio, Martha Ulaeto...etc.

01. Mixed Grill - A Brand New Wayo
02. Kris Okotie - Show Me Your Backside
03. Murphy Williams - Get On Up
04. Joe Moks - Boys and Girls
05. Amas - Slow Down
06. Oby Onyioha - I Want To Feel Your Love
07. Dizzy K. Falola - Excuse Me Baby
08. Chris Mba - Funky Situation
09. Bayo Damazio - Listen to the Music
10. Martha Ulaeto - Music Alone
11. Segun Robert - Big Race
12. Amel Addmore - Jane
13. Honey Machine - Pleasure
14. The Stormmers - Love or Money
15. Emma Baloka - Let's Love Each Other

Friday, December 1, 2017

Livy Ekemezie - Friday Night

Year : 2017/1983
Label : Odion Livingstone/Linic Major Production Records
Genre : Disco
Style : Funk/Soul, Boogie

The reissue of nigerian Holy Grail record "Friday Night", entirely arranged, composed and produced by Livy Ekemezie. This "impossible to find" was originally released in 1983 and was never reissued, until the british label "Soundway" decided to bring it up to date, with the song "Holiday Action" (included in the Boogie Disco compilation "Doin' It In Lagos" in 2016). "Friday Night" is the epitome of the original Nigerian disco-funk sound that could be produced in the early '80s, focusing compositions based on powerful bass grooves and heavy keyboards sounds. Titles include the funky diabolic song "Get It Down", the Boogie Woogie anthem "Friday Night" and the brilliant "Delectation" problably inspired by "Superstition" of Stevie Wonder.

Livinus Ekemezie_guitar, bass, lead vocal, percussion
Richard Peather_saxophone
Kenneth Bucknor, Julius Elong _clavinet
Herbert Brown, Julius Elong_keyboards
Frank Izuora, Tony Guitor_guitar
Fred Pants, John Norway & King Gusher_bass
Feddy Ohams, Kif Goods_drums
Smart Lee_percussion, backing vocals
Frank Izuora, Panam, Pater & Tessy Lizzy_backing vocals

01. Get It Down
02. Holiday Action
03. I Wan' My Bab' Back
04. Friday Night
05. Classic Lover
06. Night Party
07. Delectation


Thursday, November 16, 2017

The Magic Disco Machine - Disc-O-Tech

Year : 1975
Label : Motown
Genre : Funk/Soul
Style : Disco

The Magic Disco Machine was a collective of Motown's own producers including Jesse Boyce (of The Fame Gang, Dillard & Boyce) and Freddie Perren (the man behind the hit of Gloria Glaynor "I Will Survive"). Disc-O-Tech explores the disco movement nascent and reminds some of the best soundtracks from the Blaxploitation, featuring the Motown's studio musicians and its backing vocals bands : The Devastating Affair and The Sisters Love (formed on the Raelettes' ashes, the vocal group of Ray Charles). The collective produced two albums which seem especially designed for nightclubs & DJs. Some of the tracks were sampled many times, including the popular "Scratchin" by Hip-Hop artists such as RUN DMC in "Jam Master Jay" (1984) & DJ Shadow in "Lesson 4" (1991).

01. Control Tower
02. Window Shopping
03. Jumbo Sam
04. Let's Go Back To Day One
05. Control Tower (Reprise)
06. (I Could Never Make) A Better Man Than You Feat. The Sisters Love
07. Scratchin'
08. Tryin' To Get Over
09. Love Pains
10. You Don't Know (How Hard It Is To Make It) Feat. The Devastating Affair


Friday, November 3, 2017

Various - Black Rio 2 (Original Samba Soul 1968-1981)

Year : 2009
Label : Strut
Genre : Latin, Soul
Style : Funk/Soul, Samba

Compiled by DJ Cliffy and released under the British Afro music Label "STRUT", Black Rio Vol. 2 brings together some of the best Brazilian Soul & Funk songs recorded from the late sixties to the early eighties. Some of which are belong to a new musical genre arising in the mid-seventies, called Black Rio, the meeting between typical Brazilian sound and the music of James Brown. The Black Rio matches to a style mixing Afro-Samba & Funk influenced by the Black Power movement, whose the most representative actors then were Miguel De Deus, Toni Tornado, Tim Maia, Emilio Santiago, Dom Salvador, Banda Black Rio or Bebeto with the song "Princesa Negra De Angola" included in this compilation.

01. Zeca Do Trombone & Roberto Sax - Coluna Do Meio  
02. Renata Lú - Faz Tanto Tempo    
03. Balanca Povo - Novo Dia    
04. Guimaes E O Grupo Som Sagrado - Our Sound  
05. Rubinho E Mauro Assumpção - Ta Tudo Ai    
06. Emilio Santiago - Bananeira    
07. Watusi - Oio Gere    
08. Os Diagonais - Não Vou Chorar    
09. Som Nosso - Pra Swingar    
10. Super Som Lord - BR Samba    
11. Pete Dunaway - Supermarket  
12. Marilene - Sinal Vermelho  
13. Avan Samba - Ibere  
14. Azambuja & CIA - Tema Do Azambuja  
15. Cry Babies - It's My Thing  
16. Edson Frederico E A Transa - Bobeira    
17. Bebeto - Princesa Negra De Angola    
18. Sonia Santos - Poema Ritmico Do Malandro


Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Yasuo Higuchi & Doremi Band - New York Cut

Year : 1979
Label : Warner Pioneer
Genre : Jazz
Style : Jazz Funk

Yasuo Higuchi is a pianist, bandmaster and arranger, best known through his musical works produced for japanese television series & cinema. Yasuo Higuchi was especially in charge of famous compositions for animation music such as Osamu Tezuka's "Phoenix 2772" movie, "Tetsuwa Atom" (Astro Boy) and "Mobile New Century Gundam X" series. "New York Cut" is a condensed of pure jazz groove played by the Doremi Band, formed around guitarist John Scofield, bassist Will Lee, keyboardist Jorge Dalto and percussionist Dwight Gassaway. Titles include "To The New World" (cited by Gilles Peterson as his inspirations), "Uncle From Uncle", "Giraffe (In Memory Of Taki San)" played in a kind of flamenco style, "A Magazine On The Street" to the disco funk accents, all composed by Yasuo Higuchi. Recorded at CBS Studio, New York, on March 9 & 10, 1979.

Yasuo Higuchi_piano, conductor
Jorge Dalto_piano
Will Lee_bass
Chris Parker_drums
John Scofield_guitar
Dwight Gassaway_percussion

01.To The New World
02.The Earth`s Bellybutton
03.Uncle From Uncle
04.The West Wind From The East brass band
05.Giraffe (In Memory Of Taki San)
06.A Magazine On The Street
07.Warm Air In The Ellipsoid Of Revolution
08. On To The New World
09. The Other Side of Life


Monday, September 25, 2017

Various - Saigon Supersound 1965-75 Volume 1


Year : 2017
Label : Saigon Supersound
Genre : Pop, Rock, Latin Jazz, Folk
Style : Latin, Funk/Soul

Saigon Supersound, the compilation which brings together some lost vietanmese pop songs recorded between 1965 and 1975, when US army was stationned in the South Vietnam, a period considered as the golden era of popular vietnamese music. Americans brought with them Rock 'N' Roll and Soul music to Vietnam, which influenced local artists and popular singers such as Carol Kim who integrated it to the standard vietnamese songs repertoire (melancholic and love themes), all developed in opposion of communist revolutionary music. Marked by the american way of life, some young bands were formed like the Dew Drop or The Dreamers. They performed in the G.I. Clubs integrating western rock as well as funk/soul elements to their music, but not only, their songs included also latin rhythms such as Rumba, Tango and Cha Cha Cha.

01. Carol Kim - Tình Ta Như Lửa Đơm Hoa
02. Hùng Cường & Mai Lệ Huyền - Sống Cho Nhau
03. Duy Quang & Thái Hiền - Mộng Về Quê
04. Thanh Vũ - Nếu Mình Còn Yêu Nhau
05. Connie Kim - Lý Luận Tình Yêu
06. Hòa Tấu - Phố Đêm
07. Phượng Mai - Mùa Xuân Gửi Em
08. Khánh Ly - Diễm Xưa
09. Kim Loan - Căn Nhà Ngoại Ô
10. Thanh Thuý, Văn Thanh, Hoàng Liêm & Thanh Mai - Đoàn Người Lữ Thứ
11. Kiều Oanh - Đêm Cuối Cùng
12. Thanh Lan, Châu Hà & Thanh Mai - Hát Mừng Xuân
13. Mai Lệ Huyền - Có Ai Trên Đời Mà Không Yêu (Con Tim Và Nước Mắt)
14. Vân Sơn & Thùy Dung - Chọn Mặt Gửi Vàng
15. Hoàng Oanh - Mùa Gặt Mới
16. Thanh Lan - Tình Đêm Liên Hoan
17. Phương Dung - Vòng Tay Giữ Trọn Ân Tình
18. Ngọc Giàu - Câu Vọng Cổ Chúc Tết 


Thursday, September 7, 2017

Erasmo Carlos - Erasmo Carlos E Os Tremendões

Year : 1970
Label : RGE Discos
Genre : Rock, Latin, Jazz
Style : Latin Rock, MPB, Bossa Nova

Another jewel of Brazilian pop music which made Erasmo, a pop star in Latin America. Recorded in 1969, "Erasmo Carlos E Os Tremendões" is a transition album opening a new era for Erasmo, which embraces definitly the artistic freedom of the US counterculture. The album incorporates various musical genres from Rock ‘N’ Roll by Soul & Bossa Nova (to the Tropicália style), including compositions by the writers duo Erasmo/Roberto, some brazilian cover tunes revisited of Caetano Veloso (Saudosismo), Antônio Adolfo (Teletema) & Ary Barroso (the unofficial Brazilian national anthem "Aquarela Do Brasil"), plus originals songs, such as "Jeep" & "A Bronca Da Galinha" which bring the Funk. Arranged by Chiquinho De Moraes.

01. Estou Dez Anos Atrasado
02. Gloriosa
03. Espuma Congelada
04. Teletema
05. Jeep
06. Sentado À Beira Do Caminho
07. Coqueiro Verde
08. Saudosismo
09. Aquarela Do Brasil
10. A Bronca Da Galinha (Porque Viu O Galo Com Outra)
11. Menina
12. Vou Ficar Nú Para Chamar Sua Atenção

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Spanky Wilson - Doin' It

Year : 2017/1969
Label : Soul Brother Records/Mothers Records
Genre : Jazz, Soul
Style : Soul Jazz, Funk/Soul

The reissue of the "most wanted" album recorded by Spanky Wilson in 1969, which includes Soul Jazz tunes (Don't Mess With Bill), funk classics (You, Then I'll Be Happy) and the DJ favorites "Sunshine Of Your Love" (cover of Cream) and "Light My Fire". Spanky Wilson is an american Soul & Jazz songtress from Pittsburgh who was backing vocalist for some great jazz names among others Duke Ellington, Stanley Turrentine, Jimmy McGriff or Funk/Soul artists as Marvin Gaye and Sammy Davis Jr. After a long absence, she's back under the spotlights with the album "I'm Thankful". Released in 2006,  the album was produced by the famous British DJ, Will Holland, and supported by The Quantic Soul Orchestra

01. Don't Mess With Bill
02. Sunshine Of Your Love
03. That's What A Woman Should Give To A Man
04. Hurtin
05. Loveland
06. Little Things Mean A Lot
07. Light My Fire
08. You
09. If I Could
10. Who's Sorry Now
11. Then I'll Be Happy


Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Azimüth (Self-Titled)

Year : 2015/1975
Label : Far Out Recordings/Som Livre
Genre : Jazz, Latin
Style : MPB, Jazz Funk, Samba, Latin Jazz

One of the best brazilian jazz group whose the name "Azimuth" inspired by a song from Marcos & Paulo Sérgio Valle, a jazz-funk trio formed in 1973 by Jose Roberto Bertrami, Alex Malheiros and Ivan Conti. The group started as "Conjunto Azimuth" on the soundtrack of brazilian movie "O Fabuloso Fittipaldi" alongside Marcos & Paulo Sergio Valle, and the same year, as backing band for Marcos on his "Previsão Do Tempo" album. The group engaged in the post-tropicalia era with their self-titled debut album in 1975, mixing samba funk & disco beats, influencing in the same time, the nascent Black Rio movement. Always actives today, the band has gained an international audience with "Águia Não Come Mosca" album (released on Atlantic, first record of the band released outside Brazil), a noticeable appearance at the Montreux Jazz Festival '77 and by participating to the U.S. tour of Airto Moreira and Flora Purim. Then, they moved to the United States in the early eighties, by signing on Milestone Records in 1979. Titles include their pop hit "Linha Do Horizonte", the songs "Manhã" (remixed by Peanut Butter Wolf in 2007), "Esperando Minha Vez" (sampled by Joey Bada$$ in "Amethyst Rockstar" - 2013) and the killer jazz rock track "Periscópio".

José Roberto Bertrami_piano, organ, synthesizer, bells
José Alexandre Malheiros_bass, guitar, vocals
Ivan C. Miguel Conti_drums, percussions
João Américo_guitar, percussion, vocals
Ariovaldo Contesini_percussions
Marcio Lott_vocals 

01. Linha Do Horizonte
02. Melô Dos Dois Bicudos
03. Brazil
04. Faça De Conta
05. Caça A Raposa
06. Estrada Dos Deuses
07. Esperando Minha Vez
08. Montreal City
09. Manhã
10. Periscópio


Monday, July 3, 2017

Masaru Imada Trio + 2 - Green Caterpillar

Year : 1975
Label : TBM
Genre : Jazz
Style : Modal, Post Bop, Contemporary Jazz

The Masaru Imada's best known record released on the legendary japanese jazz label TBM. "Green Caterpillar" is a jazz masterpiece featuring talented musicians as guitarist Kazumi Watanabe, percussionist Yuji Imamura, bassist Isao Fukui (also called Isoo) & drummer Tetsujiro Obara (both members of Imada's main trio formation during the seventies). The album opens with a top of the groove "A Green Caterpillar", a 11 minute piece played in the jazz funk style including the characteristic guitar play of Kazumi Watanabe, similar as his american peers, Wes Montgomery and George Benson. The other titles include "A Straight Flash", "Blue Impulse" and the flamenco tune "Spanish Flower" rather played in a modal style. All tracks composed by Masaru Imada.

Masaru Imada_piano, Fender Rhodes
Kazumi Watanabe_guitar
Isoo Fukui_bass
Tetsujiro Obara_drums
Yuji Imamura_congas, percussion

01. A Green Caterpillar
02. Straight Flash
03. Blue Impulse
04. Spanish Flower


Thursday, June 29, 2017

Hiromasa Suzuki - High-Flying

Year : 2016/1976
Label : HMV Jazz/Nippon Columbia
Serie : Deep Jazz Reality, Project Re:Vinyl
Genre : Jazz
Style : Jazz Funk

The reissue of crossover jazz masterpiece "High Flying" from the Yusuke Ogawa's Deep Jazz Reality series for HMV Jazz label. Recorded by master Hiromasa "Colgen" Suzuki (one leader of the post-jazz rock era during the seventies in Japan), "High Flying" was produced by Jiro Inagaki, the man who was the footbridge between the Jazz Rock and the Jazz Funk periods, with his group the Soul Media. Suzuki was an active member of the Jiro Inagaki's band, collaborating on several records (whose the classic "Head Rock" in 1970), and in charge of arrangements on the "Funky Stuff" album in 1975. To support Suzuki, the best players of the Jazz Fusion discipline were recruited, as keyboardist Jun Fukamachi, bassist Akira Okazawa, guitarist Kiyoshi Sugimoto, percussionist Larry Sunaga and drummer Shuichi "Ponta" Murakami. Titles include the disco-funk tracks "Scramble" & "Straight Flash", Screwdriver, Between O&M (reminiscence of the Herbie Hancock style), and Out Of Focus featuring scat songtress Kayoko Ishu, selected by Kyoto Jazz Massive for their "Shibuya Jazz Classics - Kyoto Jazz Massive Collection" compilation. All tracks composed and arranged by Hiromasa Suzuki.

Hiromasa Suzuki, Jun Fukamachi_keyboards, synthesizer, piano
Jiro Inagaki_saxophones, flute
Akira Okazawa, Kenji Takamizu_electric bass
Fujimaru Yoshino, Kiyoshi Sugimoto, Masayoshi Takanaka_electric guitar
Shuichi Murakami_drums
Larry Sunaga_percussion
Kayoko Ishu_vocals

01. High Flying feat. Kayoko Ishu
02. Screwdriver
03. Scramble
04. Between O&M
05. Smash
06. Straight Flash
07. Out Of Focus feat. Kayoko Ishu


Saturday, June 10, 2017

Erasmo Carlos ‎- Carlos, Erasmo...

Year : 1971
Label : Philips
Genre : Rock, Latin
Style : MPB, Funk/Soul, Samba Rock

Brazilian rock masterpiece by the samba rock pioneer and eminent actor of the "Jovem Guarda", the scene wich popularized western pop & psychedelic music in Brazil, during the late sixties. Influenced by the tropicália movement & the hippie counterculture, Erasmo Carlos has enlisted former members of psycheldic group "Os Mutantes" featuring lead guitarist Sergio Dias, drummer Dinho Leme and bassist Liminha. The recording sessions benefited of the arrangements from the brazilian masters Chiquinho de Moraes, Arthur Verocai & Rogério Duprat. The album opens with "Noite Na Cama", a controversial ode to Marijuana, written by Caetano Veloso for him. Other titles include cover songs of Jorge Ben (Agora Ninguém Chora Mais), Marcos Valle (26 Anos De Vida Normal) and orignal songs co-writted with his longtime partner, Roberto Carlos (Mundo Deserto, Ciça Cecilia...). Produced by the tropicália producer, Manoel Barenbein.

Sergio Fayne_accoustic guitar
Antônio P. Filho_agogô
Dirceu Medeiros_berimbau
Oswaldo Barro_cuica
Flávio De Barros, Ronaldo P. Leme_drums
Antônio Guize, Sergio Sznelwar_bass
Aristeu, Lanny Gordin, Sergio Dias_guitar
Arnolpho Lima Filho_guitar, bass
Regis Moreira_piano

01. De Noite Na Cama (Caetano Veloso)
02. Masculino Feminino (Homero Coutinho Filho)
03. É Preciso Dar Um Jeito Meu Amigo
04. Dois Animais Na Selva Suja Da Rua (Taiguara)
05. Gente Aberta
06. Agora Ninguém Chora Mais (Jorge Ben)
07. Sodoma E Gomorra
08. Mundo Deserto
09. Não Te Quero Santa (Vitor Martins/Saulo Nunes)
10. Ciça Cecilia
11. Em Busca Das Canções Perdidas Nº2 (Fabio/Paulo Imperial)
12. 26 Anos De Vida Normal (Paulo Sergio Valle/Marcos Valle)
13. Maria Joana

Monday, May 8, 2017

Marcos Valle - Viola Enluarada

Year : 1968
Label : Odeon
Genre : Jazz, Latin
Style : Bossa Nova, MPB

"Viola Enluarada" is the second album from the Marcos Valle's pop era. Marked by his melancholic voice & the baroque pop style, "Viola Enluarada" includes bossa nova materials and jazz expressions, guided by the experienced hands of Dori Caymmi, Antônio Adolfo, Oscar Castro-Neves & Eumir Deodato, all in charge of arrangements. Marcos Valle has invited some guests to lend their voice, such as the young Milton Nascimento on "Viola Enluarada" & "Requiem", the jovem guarda group, the magic quartet "Golden Boys" on "Terra De Ninguém", and his wife Anamaria on the catchy song "Próton Elétron Neutron". Always written and composed with the collaboration of his brother Paulo Sérgio and produced by Milton Miranda.

Marcos Valle_vocals and acoustic guitar 
Eumir Deodato_piano, organ
Sérgio Barroso_bass
Ugo Marotta_vibraphone
Roberto Menescal & Geraldo Miranda_acoustic guitar
Maurílio Santos & Edson Maciel_trombone
Jorginho_alto sax
J.T. Meirelles and Cipó_tenor sax
Alberto Gonçalves_baritone sax

01. Viola Enluarada feat. Milton Nascimento
02. Próton Elétron Neutron feat. Anamaria Valle
03. Maria Da Favela
04. Bloco Do Eu Sòzinho
05. Homem Do Meu Mundo
06. Viagem
07. Terra De Ninguém feat. The Golden Boys
08. Tião Braço Forte
09. O Amor É Chama
10. Requiem feat. Milton Nascimento
11. Pelas Ruas Do Recife
12. Eu


Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Peter Herbolzheimer - Soul Puppets - Unreleased Jazz Funk Library

Year : 2011
Label : Sonorama
Genre : Jazz
Style : Big Band, Jazz Funk

Peter Herbolzheimer was a german band leader, trombonist and arranger, member of jazz rock group "Free Orbit" and best known as the conductor of the trans-european Big Band, the Rhythm Combination & Brass. Founded in 1969, mainly actives during the seventies, Rhythm Combination & Brass has counted in its  ranks some prestigious musicians such as Art Farmer, dansih trumpeter Palle Mikkelborg or belgian guitarist Philip Catherine. Their music can be defined as straight-ahead-Jazz incorporating funk, soul & latin music elements. The group has regulary performed in various german telivision shows and radio programs, accompanied visiting american musicians in jazz gala such as Ella Fitzgerald, Benny Goodman, Sammy Davis, Jr., Dizzy Gillespie or european jazz artists as Niels-Henning Ørsted Pedersen. In the late seventies the band toured featuring guest stars such as Esther Phillips, Stan Getz, Nat Adderley, Toots Thielemans or Grady Tate. All tracks recorded between 1970-1975.

Peter Herbolzheimer_trombone
Herb Geller_saxophone, flute
Art Farmer_trumpet, flugelhorn
Palle Mikkelborg_trumpet
Philip Catherine_guitar
Dieter Reith_organ, piano
Peter Trunk & Günter Lenz_bass
Tony Inzalaco_drums
Horst Mühlbradt_percussion

And more...

01. Latin Groove
02. Count Down
03. Botafogo
04. Groovy Spider
05. Soul Puppets
06. Knock Rock
07. Why Is The Sun Never Crying
08. Hot Spot
09. Walking Tiger
10. Orange Faces
11. One For Mamy
12. Smiling Lips
13. Honkey Tonk Monkey
14. Windy Corner


Sunday, April 30, 2017

Susumu Arima And New Creators - Eleanor Rigby - Rock & Drums

Year : 1972
Label : JVC
Serie : CD-4
Genre : Jazz
Style : Jazz Rock

Susumu Arima is a japanese arranger and pianist who worked for japanese folk rock band "Garo" and played alongside Kunihiko Sugano on "The More I See You" in 1972. During the 1972 year, he recorded several pop cover albums for the Victor 4 Channel Serie (also called CD-4), whose "Bridge Over Troubled Water", "The Dock Of The Bay" and "Eleanor Rigby" (feat. drummer Sadakazu Tabata) albums. Later, he recorded the contemporary jazz albums "Good Life" in 1976 and his piano solo project "Super Touch" in 1977. Titles include western rock hits such as "Eleanor Rigby", "Hitchin' A Ride", "As The Years Go By" and the Motown's Soul classic "I'm Gonna Make You Love Me".

Susumu Arima_organ, electric piano
Sadakazu Tabata & Chico Kikuchi_drums

01. Eleanor Rigby   
02. 25 Or 6 To 4   
03. She Sold Me Magic   
04. People Got To Be Free   
05. Hitchin' A Ride   
06. Rock Drum No. 1   
07. Spinning Wheel   
08. I'm Gonna Make You Love Me   
09. Puppet Man   
10. As The Years Go By


Friday, April 14, 2017

Osamu Furuya & The Freshmen - Disco Hit Number

Year : Late '70
Label : Homeros Records
Genre : Jazz
Style : Funk/Soul, Disco

Osamu Furuya was a arranger, pianist and former member of the rockabilly group "The Sharp Hawks" from 1963 to 1965. Later called, "The Sharp Five", the group have played an active part in the japanese rock boom during the "Group Sounds" & "Eleki" era. Osamu was also a peerless studio player and composer for various japanese pop artists as the songstress Beverly Maeda & her backing band, the Linders aka "Lind & The Linders". In the late seventies, he was in charge of several pop & disco/funk covers albums series, whose "Disco Hit Number" is coming from.

01. I Can't Give You Anything
02. Disco Baby
03. Viva America
04. That's The Way
05. Love To Love Baby
06. Shanghai Kung Fu

07. El Bimbo
08. Tell Me What You Want
09. Fly, Robin, Fly
10. Theme From S.W.A.T.
11. Gimme the Key
12. The Hustle
13. Chinese Kung Fu
14. High Jack


Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Be Hard Bop - Brazilian Tapestry Vol. 5

The compilation serie dedicated to the essential sound of the Brazil '70, including Latin Grooves, MPB, Jazz Funk & Samba Rock featuring some eminent actors of the Brazilian Soul movement (called "Black Rio"), such as Miguel De Deus, Toni Tornado, Banda Black Rio, Hyldon or Dom Salvador. Recorded between 1967-1977.

Compiled & Mixed by Be Hard Bop

Monday, April 10, 2017

Som Três - Som 3

Year : 1993/1969
Label : EMI/Odeon
Genre : Jazz, Latin Jazz
Style : Bossa Nova, MPB, Funk/Soul, Soul Jazz

Som Três is a bossa jazz trio, actives from 1966 to 1971, who have offered their services as backing band for Wilson Simonal on "Vou Deixar Cair" (1966) and the "Show Em Simonal" (1967) albums. The group is led by the renowned brazilian pianist, arranger & producer, César "Camargo" Mariano, who worked for Elis Regina, Chico Buarque, Maria Bethânia, Jorge Ben and international artists such as French Pop songstress, France Gall. César "Camargo" Mariano was also a eminent member of  the Sambalaça Trio (alongside Airto Moreira), one of the most influential jazz samba formation in Brazil. The two others members who formed the trio are Sebastião "Sabá" Oliveira Da Paz & Antônio "Toninho" Pinheiro, both came from another brazilian jazz samba formation, the Jongo Trio. "Som 3" is a crossover jazz album with latin, pop and funk orientations including also the Soul Jazz style on "Blood-Mary" & "There's Gonna Be A "Showdown". Titles include soul covers of the Motown sound (For Once In My Life, California Soul...), the brazilian classics (Sé Vocé Pensa, Que Pena), and the killer tune "Homenagem A Mongo" composed by Camargo.

César "Camargo" Mariano_piano, organ
Sebastião "Sabá" Oliveira Da Paz_bass
Antônio "Toninho" Pinheiro_drums & percussion

01. For Once In My Life
02. Moça
03. Se Você Pensa
04. Blood-Mary
05. California Soul
06. Homenagem A Mongo
07. Que Pena
08. Tijuana
09. There's Gonna Be A "Showdown"
10. Caruarú


Saturday, April 8, 2017

Tania Maria - Brazil With My Soul

Year : 1978
Label : Barclay
Genre : Latin Jazz
Style : Samba, Bossa Nova

"Brazil With My Soul" is the third Tania Maria's album recorded in France, at studio Hoche, Paris, after "Via Brazil Vol. 1 & 2". The album is a mix of jazz, bossa & up-tempo samba including scat singing in the pure Ella Fitzgerald's style and piano jazz improvisations. Tania is surrounded by some of the best French Jazz players among bassist J.F. Jenny-Clark (sideman for Gato Barbieri, Michel Portal & Masahiko Togashi) and drummer Aldo Romano. Titles include Passarella, , Eu Fui A Europa, Retrato Em Branco E Preto (Jobim/Buarque) & Ideias E Ideais.

Tania Maria_vocals, piano
Zezito & J.F. Jenny-Clark_bass
Hubert Varron_cello
Aldo Romano & Passarinho_drums
L.C. Fuina_drums, percussions
Clovis Lobâo_percussions
Alain Hatot_saxophone, flute
Alfred Housepian_trumpet, flugelhorn

01. Tatiana
02. Passarella
03. Pecados Meus
04. Rua 17B
05. Zé
06. Eu Fui A Europa
07. Retrato Em Branco E Preto
08. Para Chick
09. Ideias Eideais


Thursday, April 6, 2017

Trio Mocotó (Self-Titled)


Year : 2016/1973
Label : ViNiLiSSSiMO/RGE
Genre : Latin
Style : Samba, Bossa Nova, MPB, Funk/Soul

Trio Mocotó was formed in 1968, in São Paulo, by three percussionists : Fritz Escovão, Joãozinho Parahyba & Nereu Gargalo. Their music is the result of a Brazilian sounds fusion (samba & bossa) with the American pop, often reduced to the name of "samba rock". But Trio Mocotó is more a synthesis between various musical styles from funk to rock, passing by the jazz, than some samba rock. The trio are mainly known as the Jorge Ben’s backing band, during the zenith of his career (1969-1971), when they took part in his great recordings as the "Força Bruta" & "Negro E Lindo" albums. Titles include the opening track "Desapareça" (a powerful afro-brasileira-samba-funk song), a funny variation of the pop cover "Raindrops Keep Fallin' On My Head" (Gotas De Chuva Na Minha Cuíca), and the Latin Jazz songs "Palomares" & "Eu Tou Por For Da Jogada". 

Joãozinho Parahyba_drums & vocal
Nereu Gargalo_percussioniss & vocals
Fritz Escovão_percussion & vocal

01. Desapareça    
02. Nó Na Garganta    
03. Vem Ça    
04. Recordar (Recordar É Viver)    
05. Não Va Embora    
06. Desculpe    
07. Maior É Deus    
08. Samba Da Preguiça    
09. Palomares    
10. Swinga Sambaby    
11. Eu Tou Por For Da Jogada    
12. Gotas De Chuva Na Minha Cuíca (Raindrops Keep Fallin' On My Head)


Sunday, April 2, 2017

Edwin Starr - War & Peace

Year : 1970
Label : Gordy
Genre : Soul
Style : Funk/Soul, Psychedelic Soul

The Edwin Starr's masterpiece comprising the american counterculture anthem, the anti-war song about the Vietnam conflict. Released on Motown Records in 1970,  "War & Peace" is a magnum opus of Soul Music, an essential  record, a classic among the classics from the Berry Gordy's productions. From the beginning to the end, "War & Peace" contains no dead time, as evidenced the future standards included in the album, such as "Running Back And Forth" & "Time" (both composed by Edwin Starr), the cover songs "Raindrops Keep Fallin' On My Head", "California Soul" (Ashford & Simpson), and of course, the timeless "War", originally recorded by The Temptations and composed by the hitmakers couple : Norman Whitfield & Barrett Strong.

01. War
02. Running Back And Forth
03. Adios Senorita
04. All Around The World
05. I Can't Escape Your Memory
06. At Last (I Found A Love)
07. I Just Wanted To Cry
08. Raindrops Keep Fallin' On My Head
09. Time
10. California Soul
11. I Can't Replace My Old Love
12. She Should Have Been Home


Saturday, April 1, 2017

Native Son (Self-Titled)

Year : 1979
Label : Infinity records
Genre : Jazz
Style : Jazz Funk, Latin Jazz

"Native Son" is a Japanese fusion band formed in 1978, when the crossover jazz "boom" was at climax in Japan. From  the late seventies to the mid eighties, they had met an international audience, when they were regularly on stage in Europe (Montreux Jazz Festival '83) and in the USA. Led by pianist Takehiro Honda featuring saxophonist Kosuke Mine, drummer Hiroshi Murakami and later joined by trombonist Hiroshi Fukumura, the group released between 1978-1987, seven albums whose the record hit "Savannah Hot-Line" in 1979. Their music includes some Latin melodies (Whispering Eyes feat. Damião Gomes De Souza), caribbean styles (Wind Surfin) & Funk elements (Super Safari). "Heat Zone" is a variation of "Spirits Flow" previously realeased on "Another Departure" in 1977, during the Vanguard studio recording sessions with Tony Williams & Ron Carter.  All tracks composed by Takehiro Honda.

Takehiro Honda_electric piano, clavinet & Synthesizer  
Kohsuke Mine_tenor & soprano saxophones
Tamio Kawabata_bass 
Motonobu Ohde_guitar
Hiroshi Murakami_drums
Damião Gomes De Souza_cuica

01.Bump Crusing
02.Heat Zone
03.Breezin' & Dreamin'
04.Wind Surfing
05.Whispering Eyes
06.Twilight Mist
07.Super Safari
08.Whispering Eyes (Reprise)


Thursday, March 30, 2017

Arthur Verocai (Self-Titled)

Year : 2016/1972
Label : Mr Bongo/Continental
Genre : Jazz, Latin
Style : Jazz Funk, Jazz Rock, MPB

One of the favourites Madilb's albums, the self-titled "Arthur Verocai" album has been sampled many times by various Hip-Hop artists  like MF Doom, Common, Little Brother and more recently Action Bronson. Arthur Verocai is a brilliant brazilian conductor, pianist and guitarist, who has worked for several artists from the Tropicalia movement such as Jorge Ben, Marcos Valle and Gal Costa. Recorded at Studio Somil, Rio de Janeiro in 1972, this album incorporates the Brazilian musical direction taken by the Tropicalia, a skilled fusion of Jazz & Funk including some sound elements from the Blaxploitation music. Arthur Verocai has surrounded himself by prestigious musicians  including Paulo Moura and Oberdan Magalhães from Banda Black Rio, the jazz drummers Robertinho Silva and Pascoal Meirelles, Serginho Do Trombone from Dom Salvador & amp; Grupo Abolição, supported by string orchestra. Titles include the beautiful folk song "Caboclo", the samba jazz "Seriado" featuring Célia, the funky "Presente Grego" and the air of jazz rock "Karina (Domingo No Grajaú)". Produced, arranged, directed by Arthur Verocai.

Arthur Verocai_guitar
Luis Alves_bass
Pascoal Meirelles_drums
Robertinho Silva_drums & percussion
Pedro Sorongo_percussion
Aloisio Milanez Aguilar_piano & electric piano
Oberdan Magalhaes_saxophone & flute
Pedro Santos, Paulo Moura_saxophone
Nivaldo Ornelas_tenor saxophnoe
Serginho Do Trombone_trombone
Paulinho Oliveira_trumpet

01. Caboclo
02. Pelas Sombras
03. Sylvia
04. Presente Grego
05. Dedicada A Ela
06. Seriado
07. Na Boca Do Sol
08. Velho Parente
09. O Mapa
10. Karina (Domingo No Grajaú)

Sunday, March 12, 2017

Miguel De Deus - Black Soul Brothers

Year : 2016/1977
Label : Groovie Records/Underground
Genre : Soul
Style : Funk

Portugese reissue of the "impossible to Find" Black Soul Brothers, the first solo album of brazilian guitarist Miguel De Deus, originally released in 1977 on Underground, subsidiary of Copacabana label. Miguel De Deus was the founding member of the latin rock group "Os Brazões" which accompagnied Gal Costa on stage & Tom Zé on the Grande Liquidação album in 1968. With "Os Mutantes", the band was emblematic of brazilian psychedelic rock scene in the late sixties. In the mid seventies, Miguel De Deus oriented his music to the Funk style, becoming a initiator of the Afro-Funk movement later called "Black Rio", strongly inspired by James Brown & the Black Power spirit. Recorded in São Paulo, at the Reunido Studio, all tracks composed by Miguel De Deus excepted those mentionned.

01. Cinco Anos
02. Pedaços
03. Mister Funk (Miguel de Deus / Nelsão Triunfo)
04. Flaca Louca
05. Black Soul Brothers (P. Rocco / Santiago)
06. Lua Cheia
07. Pode Se Queimar
08. Fábrica de Papéis


Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Banda Black Rio - Maria Fumaça

Year : 1977
Label : Atlantic
Genre : Jazz
Style : Jazz Funk, Disco, Samba

"Maria Fumaça" is probably one of the best Brazilian Jazz Funk album ever recorded, recommended by Gilles Peterson himself ! Banda Black Rio was formed in 1976 by saxophonist Oberdan Magalhães & trumpeter José Carlos Barroso ("Barrosinho"). Both were members of Abolição, a group which accompanied the pianist Dom Salvador from the late 1960s to the early 1970s. The band is also supported by The Percussionists Of Rio De Janeiro featuring Luna, Nenê, Wilson Canegal & Geraldo Bongô. Often compared to Kool & The Gang and Earth Wind & Fire, the band rather plays a sound close to The Headhunters style, the backing band of Herbie Hancock during the seventies, and includes some Brazilian music elements. In 1978, the band was recruited as backing band for Time Maia on "Tim Maia Disco Club" and Caetano Veloso on his "Bicho Bale Show". Titles includes the Samba Funk "Marai Fumaça", the killer song Mr. Funky Samba and the Brazilian classics "Casa Forte" of Edu Lobo and "Na Baixa Do Sapateiro" of Ary Barroso. All tracks Arranged by Cristovao Bastos.

Oberdan Magalhães_saxophones
Lucio Silva_trombone
Cristovao Bastos_keyboard
Claudio Stevenson_guitar
Jamil Joanes_bass
Luis Carlos Santos_drums & percussion
Luna, Nenê, Wilson Canegal & Geraldo Bongô_percussion

01. Maria Fumaça
02. Na Baixa do Sapateiro
03. Mr. Funky Samba
04. Caminho da Roça
05. Metalúrgica
06. Baião
07. Casa Forte
08. Leblon Via Vaz Lôbo
09. Urubu Malandro
10. Junia


Saturday, February 18, 2017

Betty Davis - The Columbia Years 1968-1969

Year : 2016
Label : Light In The Attic
Genre : Jazz, Rock, Soul
Style : Jazz Rock, Funk/Soul

Betty "Davis" Marbry presents her recordings sessions for Columbia, during the 1968-1969 period featuring Miles Davis as arranger and Teo Macero as producer. The first six songs were recorded in 1969 at Columbia Studios, New York with the famous Jimi Hendrix musicians Billy Cox (Band of Gypsys) & Mitch Mitchell (Jimi Hendrix Experience), Harvey Brooks from Super Session and the masters of Jazz : Herbie Hancock, John McLaughlin, Larry Young and Wayne Shorter. The last three tracks were recorded in 1968 at Columbia Studios, Hollywood, along with Hugh Masekela and featuring The Crusaders. Titles include unrealeased tracks & alternate takes, written by Betty Davis except "Born On The Bayou" by John Forgety and  "Politician Man" by Jack Bruce.

Betty Davis_vocal
Billy Cox_drums
Mitch Mitchell & Harvey Brooks_bass
Herbie Hancock_keyboard
Larry Young_organ 
John McLaughlin_guitar
Wayne Shorter & Wilton Felder_saxophone
Joe Sample_piano
Wayne Henderson_trombone

01. Hangin' Out
02. Politician Man
03. Down Home Girl - Take 4
04. Born On The Bayou
05. I'm Ready, Willing & Able - Take 1
06. I'm Ready, Willing & Able - Take 9
07. It's My Life - Take 8
08. Live, Love, Learn - Take 12
09. My Soul Is Tired - Take 9


Friday, February 10, 2017

Lee Moses - Time And Place

Year : 2016/1971
Label : Future Days Recordings/Maple Records
Genre : Soul
Style : Funk, R&B

Lee Moses was a american R&B, Soul singer and guitarist from Atlanta. After a singles serie recorded for Musicor in the late sixties (whose the famous "Bad Girl" in 1967), Lee Moses released this unique album on Maple Record in 1971. This lost "Holy Grail" Soul record was unfortunately  a commercial failure and was only first reissued in 2006. Recorded with his own backing group "The Deciples" featuring some members of The Ohio Players, Time And Place includes some powerful funk songs & beautiful melodies : "Got That Will", "Free At Last", "Hey Joe" and the magnificent version of the Flower Power hit "California Dreaming" from The Mamas & The Papas.

01. Time And Place
02. Got That Will
03. What You Don't Want Me To Be
04. California Dreaming
05. Every Boy And Girl
06. Hey Joe 
07. Free At Last
08. Would You Give Up Everything
09. Adorable One

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Aquarius Y Luiz Antonio - Brasil

Year : 2002/1973
Label : BMG/Ariola
Genre : Latin Jazz
Style : Samba, Bossa Nova, Jazz Funk

Japanese reissue of rare album from the brazilian group Aquarius featuring the brazilian singers Luiz Antonio & Erica Norimar. Originally recorded in Barcelona, it includes Bossa Nova & Samba associated to Funk rhythms, the great classics of Brazilian music from Antonio Carlos Jobim, Baden Powell, Edu Lobo, Milton Nascimento...Aquarius is led by the arranger, producer & drummer, Raymundo Bittencourt, consisting also in Octavio Bonfá Burnier (nephew of Luiz Bonfá), one of the best contemporary brazilian guitarist, member of the group "Burnier & Cartier". Erica Norimar sung for spanish jazz pianist Jordi Sabatés on the Ocells Del Més Enllà album. Produced by Raymundo Bittencourt & Octavio Bonfá Burnier.

Luiz Antonio_lead vocals
Erica Norimar_lead vocal & percussion
Raymundo Bittencourt_drums, vocals & percussion
Ruben Serrano Filho_guitar, vibes, vocals & percussion
Bonfá Burnier_guitar, vocals & percussion
Walmer Sendim_electric bass & percussion
Leonardo Luz_piano & percussion

01. Dia 4 Dezembro
02. Pais Tropical
03. Madalena
04. Marta Sar
05. Se Você Pensa
06. Feitinha Para O Poeta
07. Sonho
08. Que Nem Jilo
09. Nada Sera Como Antes
10. Rosa Morena
11. Agua De Beber 

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