Thursday, April 6, 2017

Trio Mocotó (Self-Titled)


Year : 2016/1973
Label : ViNiLiSSSiMO/RGE
Genre : Latin
Style : Samba, Bossa Nova, MPB, Funk/Soul

Trio Mocotó was formed in 1968, in São Paulo, by three percussionists : Fritz Escovão, Joãozinho Parahyba & Nereu Gargalo. Their music is the result of a Brazilian sounds fusion (samba & bossa) with the American pop, often reduced to the name of "samba rock". But Trio Mocotó is more a synthesis between various musical styles from funk to rock, passing by the jazz, than some samba rock. The trio are mainly known as the Jorge Ben’s backing band, during the zenith of his career (1969-1971), when they took part in his great recordings as the "Força Bruta" & "Negro E Lindo" albums. Titles include the opening track "Desapareça" (a powerful afro-brasileira-samba-funk song), a funny variation of the pop cover "Raindrops Keep Fallin' On My Head" (Gotas De Chuva Na Minha Cuíca), and the Latin Jazz songs "Palomares" & "Eu Tou Por For Da Jogada". 

Joãozinho Parahyba_drums & vocal
Nereu Gargalo_percussioniss & vocals
Fritz Escovão_percussion & vocal

01. Desapareça    
02. Nó Na Garganta    
03. Vem Ça    
04. Recordar (Recordar É Viver)    
05. Não Va Embora    
06. Desculpe    
07. Maior É Deus    
08. Samba Da Preguiça    
09. Palomares    
10. Swinga Sambaby    
11. Eu Tou Por For Da Jogada    
12. Gotas De Chuva Na Minha Cuíca (Raindrops Keep Fallin' On My Head)

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