Friday, December 1, 2017

Livy Ekemezie - Friday Night

Year : 2017/1983
Label : Odion Livingstone/Linic Major Production Records
Genre : Disco
Style : Funk/Soul, Boogie

The reissue of nigerian Holy Grail record "Friday Night", entirely arranged, composed and produced by Livy Ekemezie. This "impossible to find" was originally released in 1983 and was never reissued, until the british label "Soundway" decided to bring it up to date, with the song "Holiday Action" (included in the Boogie Disco compilation "Doin' It In Lagos" in 2016). "Friday Night" is the epitome of the original Nigerian disco-funk sound that could be produced in the early '80s, focusing compositions based on powerful bass grooves and heavy keyboards sounds. Titles include the funky diabolic song "Get It Down", the Boogie Woogie anthem "Friday Night" and the brilliant "Delectation" problably inspired by "Superstition" of Stevie Wonder.

Livinus Ekemezie_guitar, bass, lead vocal, percussion
Richard Peather_saxophone
Kenneth Bucknor, Julius Elong _clavinet
Herbert Brown, Julius Elong_keyboards
Frank Izuora, Tony Guitor_guitar
Fred Pants, John Norway & King Gusher_bass
Feddy Ohams, Kif Goods_drums
Smart Lee_percussion, backing vocals
Frank Izuora, Panam, Pater & Tessy Lizzy_backing vocals

01. Get It Down
02. Holiday Action
03. I Wan' My Bab' Back
04. Friday Night
05. Classic Lover
06. Night Party
07. Delectation

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