Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Various - Brand New Wayo : Funk, Fast Times And Nigerian Boogie Badness

Year : 2011
Label : Comb & Razor Sound
Genre : Soul, Disco
Style : Funk/Soul, Boogie

"A Brand New Wayo" brings togheter fifteen songs recorded during the post-afrobeat era, when the nigerian disco explosion occured from the late seventies to the early eighties. The evolution of nigerian society, the end of dictatorship and the short democratic period that followed, gave birth to a freedom artistic which contributed to the developpement of some creative emulation from nigerian producers & musicians. Selected by Uchenna Ikonne for his label "Comb & Razor Sound", all the songs fit into a own musical genre, called the ''Nigerian Boogie'', based on modern dance groove, served by the bass beat of disco funk and connected to the afro spirit (check below "Boys And Girls" ). Titles include songs from Mixed Grill, Murphy Williams, Joe Moks, Bayo Damazio, Martha Ulaeto...etc.

01. Mixed Grill - A Brand New Wayo
02. Kris Okotie - Show Me Your Backside
03. Murphy Williams - Get On Up
04. Joe Moks - Boys and Girls
05. Amas - Slow Down
06. Oby Onyioha - I Want To Feel Your Love
07. Dizzy K. Falola - Excuse Me Baby
08. Chris Mba - Funky Situation
09. Bayo Damazio - Listen to the Music
10. Martha Ulaeto - Music Alone
11. Segun Robert - Big Race
12. Amel Addmore - Jane
13. Honey Machine - Pleasure
14. The Stormmers - Love or Money
15. Emma Baloka - Let's Love Each Other

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