Monday, September 30, 2013

Nujabes - Jun Seba Is Nujabes by Be Hard Bop

Nujabes (1974-2010), one of Jazzy Hip-Hop representatives, was a japanese beatmaker, producer & owner of independant record label Hyde Out Recordings. Best known for his collaboration to the Samurai Champloo soundscape in 2004 (alongside Fat Jon, FORCE OF NATURE & TSUTCHIE), he frequently worked for various artists from all over the world, as Apani B, Funky DL, CL Smooth, Substantial, Cise Starr from CYNE, Terry Callier or Pase Rock from Five Deez. This compilation brings together some of his finest productions released between 1998-2011, demonstrating his various musical abilities including Jazz & Soul samples, Downtempo, Cool & Future Jazz.

Compiled & Mixed by Be Hard Bop 

Monday, September 2, 2013

Elis Regina In London

Year : 1969
Label : Philips
Genre : Latin Jazz, Jazz
Style : MPB, Bossa Nova, Pop

One of best and most popular brazilian singer between the sixties and the seventies, the legendary Elis Regina recorded his unique album outside Brazil at Philips Studio in Stanhope House, London. It mixing Bossa Nova, Afro Cuban Jazz, Brazilian Pop, Funk/Soul grooves and the typical easy listening of England from the late sixties. She sings in english and portuguese with an orchestra directed by the british arranger & composer, Peter Knight. Titles include orchestral variation of his 1968 hit, Corrida De Jangada, Jorge Ben' Zazueira, Watch What Happens by Michel Legrand and two Jobim' cult songs Wave and How Insentive. All titles arranged by Peter Knight.

01. Corrida De Jangada    
02. A Time For Love    
03. Se Võce Pensa    
04. Giro    
05. A Volta    
06. Zazueira    
07. Upa Negrinho    
08. Watch What Happens    
09. Wave    
10. How Insensitive    
11. You    
12. Barquinho

Clarence Wheeler & The Enforcers - Doin' What We Wanna

Year : 1970
Label : Atlantic
Genre : Jazz
Style : Soul Jazz

Clarence Wheeler is a saxophonist from Chicago in group, The Enforcers, a jazz quartet formed with Sonny Burke, George Hughes and Sonny Covington who released two others album for Atlantic records, The Love I've Been Looking For (1971) & The New Chicago Blues (1973). One rare groove gem of essential Soul Jazz recordings and most famous Wheeler' LP with Funk/Soul flavor and Pop Jazz. Titles including the Beatles cover song Hey Jude, Sham Time by Eddie Harris, Theme From electric Surfboard by Brother Jack McDuff, the classic Right On and two originals songs composed by Clarence Wheeler and Sonny Burke. On Right On, the chorus is formed by Cissy Houston, Jackie Verdell and Judy Clay.

Clarence Wheeler_tenor saxophone
Sonny Burke_organ
George Hughes_drums
Sonny Covington_trumpet, cowbell, tambourine

01. Hey Jude
02. Sham Time
03. Theme From Electric Surfboard 
04. Right On
05. Dream Bossa Nova
06. Doin' What I Wanna 
07. C.W. 


Count Buffalos - Emergency

Year : 1976
Label : Toshiba
Serie : Pro-Use Series/Direct Cutting
Genre : Jazz
Style : Jazz Funk, Fusion

Akira Ishikawa featuring Hiromasa 'Colgen' Suzuki played Fusion Jazz Funk in the continuity of Get Up ! (1975) with the same line up, including the japanese singer Tan Tan on Don't Let Me Be Lonely Tonight & on the Esther Phillips' disco tune I've Never Found a Man. Titles also include Hiromasa Suzuki' Yama-To-Mizu (Mountain & Water), James Taylor cover' Don't Let Me Be Lonely Tonight and Drum Solo by Akira Ishikawa. Arranged by Takao Naoi & Hiromasa Suzuki, performed by Akira Ishikawa & The Count Buffalos.

Akira Ishikawa_drums
Hiromasa Suzuki & Hideo Ichikawa_keyboards
Masaoki Terakawa_bass
Takao Naoi_guitar
Larry Sunaga_percussion
Takeru Muraoka & Masao Suzuki_saxophones
Koji Hatori_trumpet
Eji Arai_trombone

01. Yama-To-Mizu 
02. You're Right As Rain
03. Drum Solo
04. Phases
05. Don't Let Me Be Lonely Tonight
06. I've Never Found A Man

Marcos Valle - Vento Sul

Year : 1972
Label : Odeon
Genre : Pop, Rock, Latin Jazz
Style : MPB, Bossa Nova, Jazz Rock

His most interesting LP, unfairly criticized which includes psychedelic rock, experimental pop and orchestral music, played in collaboration of the progressive brazilian rock band O Terço featuring Vinícius Cantuária, Sérgio Hinds & César de Mercês. He started to compose "Vento Sul" with his brother Paulo Sérgio in a hippie atmosphere in Buzios, a city of Brazilian surf and conterculture. The Spirit of George MartinThe Beatles hover on this major album of brazilian pop music, a kind of brazilian "Sergent Pepper", including the protest song Revolução Orgãnica and the heavy metal song Mi Hermoza. Orchestra is arranged & conducted by Hugo Bellar (on Deixa Mundo E O Sol Entrar) and Ian Guest (on Bodas De Sangue). All tracks written by Marcos & Paulo Sérgio Valle except Vôo Cego by Cláudio Guimarães, Paisagem De Mariana by Frederyko. Recorded at Odeon Studios, Rio De Janeiro.

Marcos Valle_piano, vocals
César de Mercês_bass & chorus
Cláudio Guimarães & Fredera_guitar 
Sérgio Hinds_guitar & chorus
Vinícius Cantuária_drums & backing vocals
Robertinho Silva_drums & percussion
Paulo Guimarães_flute

01. Revolução Orgãnica        
02. Malena        
03. Pista 02        
04. Vôo Cego        
05. Bodas De Sangue        
06. Democústico        
07. Vento Sul        
08. Rosta Barbado        
09. Mi Hermoza        
10. Paisagem De Mariana        
11. Deixa Mundo E O Sol Entrar

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