Saturday, July 12, 2014

Masaru Imada Quartet - Now!

Year : 1970
Label : Three Blind Mice
Genre : Jazz
Style : Modal, Post Bop, Free Jazz

Essential Japanese Jazz album recorded for the TBM japanese jazz label, the second as a leader by organist/pianist Masaru Imada featuring Ichiro Mimori, Takashi 'Gon' Mizuhashi & Masahiko Ozu. Masaru Imada is one of these Japanese Jazz masters involved in various "figurehead" groups of the Japanese Jazz, at the dawn of the 70s. Masaru played in particular, in the Takeshi Inomata's West Liners (alongside Ichiro Mimori), the Tadayuki Harada's group, but was best known as a member of Jiro Inagaki & The Soul Media ; later he also evolved in the Bingo Miki & Inner Galaxy Orchestra. Takashi Mizuhashi was sideman for Sadao Watanabe, George Otsuka, Isao Suzuki, Terumasa Hino and also member of the legendaries George Kawaguchi Big 4 & Kosuke Mine Quintet. The tracklist consist on four original compositions arranged by Masaru Imada including Modal Jazz & free improvisations.

Masaru Imada_piano
Ichiro Mimori_tenor & soprano saxophone
Takashi Mizuhashi_bass
Masahiko Ozu_drums

01. Nostalgia
02. Alter
03. Gehi Dorian
04. The Shadow Of The Castle

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