Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Bossa Rio - Alegria!

Year : 1970
Label : Blue Thumb Records
Genre : Latin Jazz
Style : Bossa Nova, Smooth Jazz, MPB

Second album produced for the american market of the brazilian group Bossa Rio (not to be confused with the Sergio Mendes's Bossa Rio Sextet), featuring Gracinha Leporace (Sergio Mendes's wife), Pery Ribeiro, Manfredo Fest, Octvio Bailly Jr from Bossa Três, Ronald Mesquita & the US pianist Dwight Dickerson. Discovered and produced by Sergio Mandes, based on the Brasil '66 legacy, Bossa Rio borrows the similar recipe of the famous brazilian band, namely, a mixture of Jazz, Bossa Nova & Western Pop Music. The band performs the classics of Bossa Nova (keeping with their brazilian roots), from Jorge Ben (Que Pena, Zazueira) & Marcos Valle (Mustang Cor De Sangue), Jazz (Girl Talk) & covers of pop songs by The Bealtes including others international hits (Spinning Wheel, The Night Has A Thousand Eyes, Don't Go Breaking My Heart).

Gracinha Leporace_vocal
Pery Ribeiro_vocal
Manfredo Fest_organ
Dwight Dickerson_piano
Octavio Bailly Jr_bass
Ronald Mesquita_drums

01. Spinning Wheel
02. Zazueira
03. Girl Talk 
04. The Night Has A Thousand Eyes 
05. What A Pity (Que Pena)
06. With Your Love Now (Mustang Cor De Sangue)
07. Open Your Arms
08. Eleanor Rigby
09. Don't Go Breaking My Heart  
10. Blackbird


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