Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Golden Boys (Self-Titled)

Year : 1973
Label : Odeon
Genre : Pop, Rock
Style : Latin Rock, MPB, Samba Rock

Golden Boys is one of the finest vocal groups coming from the Jovem Guarda movement (Young Guard), which bloomed under the spotlight of Brazilian Pop music in the sixties. Originally formed as a quartet in 1958, Golden Boys is a brazilian rock band composed of three brothers : Roberto (former member from 1958 to 1971), Ronaldo, Renato Corrêa José Maria and their cousin, Valdir Anunciação, all from the same family as the Trio Esperanza. In 1973, The quartet have already eight albums to their credit, whose "Fumacê" released in 1970 just before Roberto left the band (included the hit Se Você Quiser Mas Sem Bronquear). The quatuor contributed repeatedly to various productions of others brazilian artists, their most famous includes collaborations for Marcos Valle (Terra De Ninguém in 1968, Dia Da Vitória in 1969, Esperando O Messias in 1970). For most of the songs, we can find the trademark of "Abbey Road", the official last album of The Beatles, more than an evidence that the group was mostly influenced by this other famous quartet from Liverpool, in particular the tracks Deixa Falar (Let Your Yeah Be Yeah) & Estranho (Strange One).

01. Push Together    
02. Por Você    
03. Eu Como    
04. Copo De Leite    
05. Eu Bebo Sim    
06. Music And Me    
07. A Poluição    
08. Skyline Pigeon    
09. Deixa Falar (Let Your Yeah Be Yeah)    
10. Estranho (Strange One)    
11. Sonhos De Cristal (Manda Christmas)    
12. Te Amo Sim

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