Saturday, March 28, 2009

Pete Rock & CL Smooth - The Main Ingredient

Year : 1994
Label :
Genre :
Style :
Jazzy Hip-Hop, Funk/Soul

Classic from Old School Hip-Hop, one of most renowned & masterpiece in the history of Rap music recorded by the pair DJ/MC Pete Rock & CL Smooth who split before this album. Titles include two featurings with Rob-O on Worldwide & In The Flesh (plus Deda). Each track is introduced by a sample of the original song. Produced by Pete Rock & CL Smooth, mixed by Jamey Staub & Rod Hui.
  • Pete Rock is an American DJ, record producer, and MC. He played from jazz into hip hop music, also known as jazz rap, along with the groups Stetsasonic, A Tribe Called Quest, The Roots or Gang Starr. He played a large role in the fusing of jazz and funk music into Hip-Hop. He used many jazz samples such as Cannonball Adderley's Country Preacher, for the song Return of the Mecca, or Capricorn for the song In the House, Freddie Hubbard, Grant Green, Milt Jackson, George Benson, Deodato, Bob James...And many Funk/Soul artists as James Brown, Kool & The Gang, The Meters...After the pair split in 1995, Pete Rock became one of the finest producers in Hip-Hop. 
  •  C.L. Smooth is an american rapper & poet appeared as a guest on several albums whose Pete Rock' albums. He was invited to many featurings as Only the Strong Survive with DJ Krush (1996), All I Know on the DJ Jazzy Jeff album The Return of the Magnificent (2007) or Sky is Falling with Nujabes (2007). He released his debut solo album, American Me in 2007. 

01. In the House
02. Carmel City
03. I Get Physical
04. Sun Won't Come Out
05. I Got A Love
06. Escape
07. The Main Ingredient
08. Worldwide
09. All The Places
10. Tell Me
11. Take You There
12. Searching
13. Check It Out
14. In The Flesh
15. It's On You
16. Get On The Mic

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Eric Burdon Declares ''War''

Year : 1970
Label : MGM
Genre : Rock, Soul, Jazz
Style : Psychedelic Rock, Funk/Soul, Rhythm & Blues

In 1969, Eric Burdon left The Animals and joined the californian Funk/Blues band War. The band released two albums and published one B-Sides compilation in 1976, before Eric left the group. The album starts with The Vision of Rassan, a tribute to the great multi-saxophonist, the jazzman Rahsaan Roland Kirk followed by Tobacco Road which told us the history of the Afro-American slaves way. Others titles include Spill The Wine which appears on Paul Thomas Anderson's movie Boogie Night and was covered by jazz guitarist, Melvin Sparks, another tribute for Memphis Slim & the short track You're No Stranger. On the back cover is printed : "We the people have declared war against the people for the right to love each other". Artwork concept by Eric Burdon, design by The Visual Thing, produced by Jerry Goldstein.

Eric Burdon_lead vocal
Bee Bee Dickerson_bass, vocals
Dee Allen_congas, percussion
Harold Brown_drums
Charles Miller_flute, tenor saxophone
Howard Scott_guitar, vocals
Lee Oskar_harmonica
Lonnie Jordan_organ & piano

01. The Vision Of Rassan
  • Dedication
  • Roll On Kirk
02. Tobacco Road
  • Tobacco Road
  • I Have A Dream
  • Tobacco Road
03. Spill The Wine

04. Blues For Memphis Slim
  • Birth
  • Mother Earth
  • Mr. Charlie
  • Danish Pastry
  • Mother Earth

05. You're No Stranger

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Yuji Ohno - Inugamike No Ichizoku (Original Soundtrack)

Year : 1976
Label : Victor
Genre : Jazz, Stage & Screen
Style :  Free Jazz, Jazz Rock, Fusion

Another cult OST by Yuji Ohno from the japanese horror movie Inugamike no ichizoku directed by Kon Ichikawa and based on a long tradition of supernatural suspense. Titles include eclectic sound with the prominence of japanese traditional instrument (biwa & dulcimer), Pink Floyd' influence on Grudge & Hatred's Theme, some free jazz tracks and jazz fusion (rock & funk). Performed by You & The Explosion Band featuring the guests Kiyoshi Sugimoto & Takao Naoi from Akira Ishikawa' Count Buffalo band plus strings ensemble, the Minoru Suzuki group. All tracks composed & arranged by Yuji Ohno & conducted by Hiroshi Yoshizawa.

Yuji Ohno & Shigeto Ohara_piano
Minoru Kuribayashi_organ
Tyuei Yoshikawa_accoustic guitar
Akira Okazawa & Kenji Takamizu_bass
Masako Hirayama_biwa
Yasushi Ichihara_drums
Keiji Azami_dulcimer
Masami Nakagawa, Takeshi Shinohara & Yukio Nishizawa_flute
Kiyoshi Sugimoto & Takao Naoi_guitar
Tadaomi 'Pepe' Anai_percussion 
Tetsuo Fushimi_trumpet

And More...

01. Love Ballade
02. Grudge
03. Cursed House
04. Mask
05. Death
06. Prologue To Grief
07. Hatred's Theme
08. Meditation
09. The Mirage
10. Prayer
11. The Blood Of Passion
12. Vision
13. Loneliness


Monday, March 16, 2009

Bingo Miki And Inner Galaxy Orchestra - Back To The Sea

Year : 1978
Label : Three Blind Mice
Genre : Jazz
Style : Jazz Funk, Big Band, Fusion

Back To The Sea is a project to the cinematic concept created by Bingo Miki and recorded on the cult label Three Blind Mice (equivalent of CTI records in Japan). It performed by a large Big Band based on 28 musicians gathered in three sections (brass, reeds & rhythm), including some Japanese Jazz Giants as Hidehiko Matsumoto, Masao Suzuki Kenji Mori, Masaru Imada or Himiko Kikuchi. On Back To The Sea (Epilogue), note the presence of famous pop/jazz vocalist Mari Nakamoto who recorded Unforgetable! (1973) & Little Girl Blue (1974) with the Shoji Yokouchi Trio on the same label. At Montreux Jazz Festival in 1979, The Inner Galaxy Orchestra was surrounded by trumpetist Jon Faddis, trombonist Bob Brookmeyer, guitarist Joe Beck and bassist Richard Davis. The project mix Contempory Jazz tracks & Fusion Jazz Funk all arranged, composed and conducted by Bingo Miki.

Bingo Miki_leader
Hidehiko Matsumoto_flute & tenor saxophone
Masao Suzuki_soprano & alto saxophone, clarinet 
Kenji Mori_alto & tenor saxophone, clarinet
Masaru Imada & Himiko Kikuchi_keyboards
Masatsugu Matsumoto_guitar
Mitsuaki Furuno & Yukinori Narishige_bass
Yoshiyuki Nakamura & Takuji Kusumoto_drums
Tetsuya Furutani_percussion 

And many others...

01. Back To The Sea (Prologue)
02. Swingin' On The Horizon
03. When Waves Sing
04. Natural Flow
05. Merman's Dance
06. Back To The Sea (Epilogue)


Sunday, March 15, 2009

DJ RYOW a.k.a Smooth Current - Optical Axis

Year : 2008
Label :
Genre :
Electronic, Hip-Hop, Jazz
Style :
Jazzy Hip-Hop, Downtempo, Mixtape, Breakbeat, Funk/Soul

Ryo Yoshihara is one of the most famous japanese Hip-Hop DJ, trackmaker, turnabilist & producer from Nagoya. Member & former of the Hip-Hop groups ShinSight Trio & Levitatorz (with Shin-Ski), DJ RYOW has played with many US artists and DJ's such as DJ Green Lantern, DJ Whoo Kid, DJ Enuff or The Alchemist. This mixtape brings together various favorite artists featuring Daily Bread (Aloe Blacc), Quantic, french Drum Brothers & Jazz Liberatorz, DJ Alibi, DJ Cam...Titles composed by DJ RYOW are released as Smooth Current. Compiled & mixed by DJ RYOW.

01. Smooth Current - Introduction
02. Dinner At The Thompson's - Vegas
03. Daily Bread - That's That
04. Y Society - Setting The Example
05. Dadamnphreaknoizphunk - Lunchcorner
06. Andrew J & Kaltenecker - Inch
07. Quantic - We Got Soul
08. Jazz Liberatorz - Music In My Mind Part 2
09. The Dining Rooms - Existentialism (Milano Bossa mix)
10. Thievery Corporation - Supreme Illusion (Nickodemus remix)
11. Zeb - Toe To Toe (original version)
12. Drum Brothers - C2C/Beat Torrent (feat Pfef & Atom - Live & Uncut)
13. Smooth Current - Re: Strain Of Stairs (Unmixed Demo version)
14. Mo' Horizons - Green Day
15. DJ Alibi - One Day
16. DJ Cam Quartet - Rebirth Of Cool
17. E Reece & Core Elements - What U Need (Smooth Current remix)
18. Liquid Spirits - If You Don't Love Me (feat Phonte)
19. Liquid Spirits - Stepney
20. Smooth Current - Outro

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Nujabes - Modal Soul

Year : 2005
Label : Hyde Out Recordings
Genre : Hip Hop, Electronic, Jazz
Style : Jazzy Hip-Hop, Downtempo
Website :

The second solo album from the japanese beatmaker, Nujabes, which as his predecessor (Methaporical Music (2003), maintains the same combination of Hip-Hop, Jazz & Downtempo, featuring his musical partner, Uyama Hiroto on saxophone & keyboards. Titles include several Jazz instrumentals plus featurings, in order of appearance, Cise Starr & Akin from CYNE (Feather), Terry Callier (Ordinary Joe), Shing02 (Luv (Sic.) Pt3), Substantial (Eclipse), Pase Rock from Five Deez (The Sign), Apani B (Thank You). Produced, composed & arranged by Nujabes.

01. Feather
02. Ordinary Joe
03. Reflection Eternal
04. Luv (Sic.) Pt3
05. Music Is Mine
06. Eclipse
07. The Sign
08. Thank You
09. World's end Rhapsody
10. Modal Soul
11. Flowers
12. Sea Of Cloud
13. Light On The land
14. Horizon


Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Yuji Ohno & His Project - Proof Of The Man (Original Soundtrack)

Year : 1977
Label : Atlantic
Genre : Jazz
Style : Jazz Funk, Disco

Nigen No Shomei is a nippon-cop movie directed by Yusaku Matsuda and released in 1977. The soundtrack was recorded in 1976 and performed by the Yuji Ohno' Jazz Funk band : You & The Explosion Band supported by the strings of the Minoru Suzuki Group. All are joined by guests musicians featuring some Japan Jazz Greats as Kiyoshi Sugimoto, Kentaro Haneda or Hiroshi Suzuki. Titles include Jazz Funk tracks (Scorch To Kirizumi), disco beats (Get Up All The People) & The Main Theme From Proof Of The Man sung by Joe Yamanaka from famous japanese rock group Flower Travellin' Band. Composed & arranged by Yuji Ohno.

Yuji Ohno_keyboards
Kentaro Haneda & Minoru Kuribayashi_organ
Akira Okazawa_bass
Kiyoshi Sugimoto & Tsunehide Matsuki_guitar
Yasushi Ichihara_drums
Takeru Muraoka & Jake H. Concepcion_saxophone   
Eiji Arai, Hiroshi Suzuki_trombone
Koji Hatori & Tetsuo Fushimi_trumpet
Larry Sunaga, Pepe Anai_percussion
Minoru Suzuki Group_strings

And More...

01. Opening
02. A Key To The Mystery
03. Happy Feelings
04. Ballad Of Lament
05. Car Chase
06. Coffee House At Dawn
07. Get Up All The People
08. Fantasia
09. Reminiscences Of Kirizumi
10. Scorch To Kirizumi
11. The Main Theme From Proof Of The Man
12. The Way To The Spa Of Kirizumi
13. Instrumental Theme From Proof Of The Man


Monday, March 9, 2009

Cortex - Inédit '79

Year : 2006
Label : Underdog Records
Genre : Jazz
Style : Jazz Funk

Compilation of unreleased tracks by cult French Jazz-Funk band from the seventies formed around producer/arranger Alain Mion & drummer/percussionist Alain Gandolfi. Cortex recorded several singles for Sonodisc and released their most famous work 'Troupeau Bleu' (Disques Espérence) in 1975 with Jean Grevet, Jean-Claude D'Agostini, Jo Pucheu, Alain Labib & Mireille Dalbray. Their sound is between The Headhunters, Herbie Hancock & Roy Ayers and their influences were Earth Wind & Fire, George Benson, Al Jarreau. Many samples were taken by several artists such as J.Dilla. All tracks written & arranged by Alain Mion except Moanin' by Bobby Timmons.

01. I Heard A Sigh
02. Back To My World
03. Said I Do
04. A Winning Team
05. High On The Funk
06. Bring My Bonnie Back
07. Moanin'
08. Stand And Move
09. Hannibal March
10. The Sky Is Grey, I'm So Blue
11. Maïlys
12. Emily

Insight - Targeting Zones

Year : 2004
Label :
Bad News
Genre :
Hip Hop, Electronic
Style :
Jazzy Hip-Hop, Funk/Soul, Conscious
Website : Insight FM

Insight (born Andre Todman) is a prolific multi-instrumentalist, producer, rapper & DJ from Boston, also in group, ShinSight Trio, Electric Company, Y Society, has developed various projects under several pseudonyms. Titles include Rhyme Master featuring Dagha Good Morning & Situations featuring Electric Company, Encouragement featuring Rafy Rosa and The Message featuring Old School rapper KRS-One. All tracks produced & composed by Andre Todman except track 4 by Dagha, tracks 5 & 15 with Electric Company, track 7 by KRS-ONE. Associate producer : Shinsuke Taoka (Shin-Ski).

01. Insightroduction
02. The Usual Scene
03. An Intermission
04. Rhyme Master
05. Good Morning
06. Encouragement
07. The Message - Pandemonium Edit
08. Inventors - Remix
09. Now Time To Cool Out
10. Got Skills Galore
11. Zone
12. Only One
13. No Turning Back
14. Evolution
15. Situations

Friday, March 6, 2009

Shin-Ski Of Martiangang - Shattered Soul On A Pastel Sky

Year : 2007
Label :
Miclife Recordings
Genre :
Hip-Hop, Electronic
Style :
Jazzy Hip-Hop, Conscious

First album solo of Shinsuke Taoka, producer & DJ from Hyogo in Japan, also member of Designed People, Levitatorz and ShinSight Trio groups. Collaborated alongside Shin-Ski, some DJs as DJ Real from Martiangang, Mista Donuts from Levitatorz, DJ RYOW & DJ Drez plus additionals musicians, saxophonists Yuichiro Kato & Takasada Inada. Titles includes featurings with american and european MCs of the alternative Hip-Hop scene as The Procussions (It's All Real), Dagha (Elements), Apani B Fly (Koyoi), Othello from Lightheaded (Time), Funky DL (Have You Been A Good Girl), Louis Logic from The Odd Couple (Let You Slide), Time Machine (Rough Draft) & Melodee from La Melodia (Peace Of Mind). Shin-ski & DJ Real perfomed Prelude (Shintro) as Martiangang, You Did It Again as ShinSight Trio with Insight & DJ RYOW aka Smooth Current. All songs written, produced & arranged by Shinsuke Taoka for Soul Believer Production. 

Shin-Ski_keyboards, beats, cuts & scratches
DJ RYOW_cuts & scratches
Mista Donuts_cuts & scratches

01. Prelude (Shintro)
02. It's All Real
03. Elements
04. Koyoi
05. Time
06. Flow High
07. Steps 2 Heaven
08. Have You Been A Good Girl
09. Let You Slide
10. You Did It Again
11. Rough Draft
12. Till The Day We Die (Lonely Nights Theme Reprise)
13. Peace Of Mind
14. Harmonia
15. Finale (Martian Odyssey)

Thursday, March 5, 2009

ShinSight Trio - Shallow Nights Blurry Moon

Year : 2006
Label : Bad News
Genre : Hip-Hop
Style : Jazzy Hip-Hop, Conscious

ShinSight Trio is a american & japanese Hip-Hop band formed by Andre 'Insight' Todman with Shin-Ski (Of Martiangang) & DJ RYOW (a.k.a. Smooth Current). Insight is a MC, DJ & Hip-Hop producer who come from the Boston underground scene as his friends, the rapper Dagha & Edo G. While Shin-Ski & DJ RYOW are two producers /beatmakers also known as Levitatorz group who come from Tokyo. Titles include featurings with Dagha on Let's Do A Jam & Heart with Edo G but also the singles Early Dayz Amazement, I Love Good Music, Everything Steady Goin Downhill & two bonus tracks, Positive Energy/Freedom Of Speech. Produced & composed by ShinSight Trio, lyrics written by Insight except Let's Do A Jam by Dagha & Heart by Edo G.

DJ RYOW_cuts & scratches

01. Intro
02. Early Dayz Amazement
03. Kick Snare Hi Hat
04. I Love Good Music
05. What's The Word
06. Passin By
07. No Clouds On A Sunny Day
08. Work With Options Around Me
09. Let's Do A Jam Feat. Dagha
10. Interlude
11. Lucky Dayz
12. Everything Steady Goin Downhill
13. Heart Feat. Edo G
14. Positive Energy
15. Freedom Of Speech
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