Friday, March 6, 2009

Shin-Ski Of Martiangang - Shattered Soul On A Pastel Sky

Year : 2007
Label :
Miclife Recordings
Genre :
Hip-Hop, Electronic
Style :
Jazzy Hip-Hop, Conscious

First album solo of Shinsuke Taoka, producer & DJ from Hyogo in Japan, also member of Designed People, Levitatorz and ShinSight Trio groups. Collaborated alongside Shin-Ski, some DJs as DJ Real from Martiangang, Mista Donuts from Levitatorz, DJ RYOW & DJ Drez plus additionals musicians, saxophonists Yuichiro Kato & Takasada Inada. Titles includes featurings with american and european MCs of the alternative Hip-Hop scene as The Procussions (It's All Real), Dagha (Elements), Apani B Fly (Koyoi), Othello from Lightheaded (Time), Funky DL (Have You Been A Good Girl), Louis Logic from The Odd Couple (Let You Slide), Time Machine (Rough Draft) & Melodee from La Melodia (Peace Of Mind). Shin-ski & DJ Real perfomed Prelude (Shintro) as Martiangang, You Did It Again as ShinSight Trio with Insight & DJ RYOW aka Smooth Current. All songs written, produced & arranged by Shinsuke Taoka for Soul Believer Production. 

Shin-Ski_keyboards, beats, cuts & scratches
DJ RYOW_cuts & scratches
Mista Donuts_cuts & scratches

01. Prelude (Shintro)
02. It's All Real
03. Elements
04. Koyoi
05. Time
06. Flow High
07. Steps 2 Heaven
08. Have You Been A Good Girl
09. Let You Slide
10. You Did It Again
11. Rough Draft
12. Till The Day We Die (Lonely Nights Theme Reprise)
13. Peace Of Mind
14. Harmonia
15. Finale (Martian Odyssey)
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