Thursday, March 12, 2009

Nujabes - Modal Soul

Year : 2005
Label : Hyde Out Recordings
Genre : Hip Hop, Electronic, Jazz
Style : Jazzy Hip-Hop, Downtempo
Website :

The second solo album from the japanese beatmaker, Nujabes, which as his predecessor (Methaporical Music (2003), maintains the same combination of Hip-Hop, Jazz & Downtempo, featuring his musical partner, Uyama Hiroto on saxophone & keyboards. Titles include several Jazz instrumentals plus featurings, in order of appearance, Cise Starr & Akin from CYNE (Feather), Terry Callier (Ordinary Joe), Shing02 (Luv (Sic.) Pt3), Substantial (Eclipse), Pase Rock from Five Deez (The Sign), Apani B (Thank You). Produced, composed & arranged by Nujabes.

01. Feather
02. Ordinary Joe
03. Reflection Eternal
04. Luv (Sic.) Pt3
05. Music Is Mine
06. Eclipse
07. The Sign
08. Thank You
09. World's end Rhapsody
10. Modal Soul
11. Flowers
12. Sea Of Cloud
13. Light On The land
14. Horizon

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