Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Terumasa Hino Quintet - Hakuchu No Shugeki (Original Soundtrack)

Year : 2011
Label : Disk Union
Serie : Ciné Jazz
Genre : Jazz, Stage & Screen
Style : Post Bop, Hard Bop, Jazz Funk, Free Improvisations

Original Rare Groove Soundtrack from the japanese cult Toho action movie, Hakuchu No Shugeki. Released in 1970, the movie was directed by an aficionado of Jazz, Kiyoshi Nishimura and starring Toshio Kurosawa in the lead role. Dated from 1969, the big hit Snake Hip and its b side Hakuchu No Shugeki - Theme was released by Nippon Columbia but the complete music files of the original score had never been edited. The music was performed by the Terumasa Hino Quintet featuring Takeru Muraoka, Hiromasa Suzuki, Kunimitsu Inaba & Motohiko Hino. Titles include in particular, Snake Hip in extented version called On The Corner, the funky Supermarket and the Free Jazz Getaway. All tracks composed & arranged by Terumasa Hino.

Terumasa Hino_trumpet
Takeru Muraoka_tenor saxophone, flute
Hiromasa Suzuki_piano, Fender Rhodes
Kunimitsu Inaba_double bass, electric bass
Motohiko Hino_drums

01. Opening
02. On The Corner (Snake Hip)
03. Hakuchu No Shugeki
04. The Sea
05. Pistol
06. Telephone
07. Cab
08. Footsteps
09. Blues
10. Fellow
11. Sanbashi No Trumpet
12. Shinya No Machi
13. Johnny No Fune
14. Getaway

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