Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Eko - Funky Disco Music

Year : 2018/1979
Label : Africa Seven/Dragon Phénix
Genre : Jazz, World
Style : Disco, Afrobeat, Afro Funk

Eko Roosevelt, nicknamed as the camroonian Quincy Jones, is an arranger, producer & keyboardist, member of the Dikalo group founded in 1976.  The sound of Eko, as the one of his fellow countryman Manu Dibango, is a blend of Makossa music tainted with funk, disco, soul & Jazz. During several years, he was an pianist accompagnist for various french variété singers as Johnny Hallyday or Claude François, and was conductor of the Cameroon's national orchestra. "Funky Disco Music" is Eko's third album including punchy horns, afro-rhythms and groovy bass lines featuring Vicky Edimo from Dikalo. The album was recorded in France at the famous studio Barclay, it opens on the afro-caribbean funky swing song "Funky Disco Music" and closes on the smooth jazz ballad "Emen' Ango", passing by the african folk pop song "Me To A De Try My Own" and the two afro-disco-club gems, the favorites of DJs : "Ndolo Embe Mulema" & "Bowa'a Mba Ngebe".  

01. Funky Disco Music
02. Ndolo Embe Mulema
03. Une Chanson Sans Paroles
04. Bowa'a Mba Ngebe
05. Toi Da Manga
06. Me To A De Try My Own
07. Esele Mba Musango Na Ndol'am
08. Emen' Ango


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