Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Sound President - Odion Iruoje - Down To Earth

Year : 1983
Label : Odion Limited
Genre : Funk, Electronic
Style : Afrobeat, Boogie Funk, Afro Funk, Rap

An insane self-produced album by a renowned nigerian producer, Odion Iruoje, originally released on his own label Odion Ltd and featuring, among other, Akin Yuba (music direction) and Tunde Williams (horns) from the Africa '70. The man behinds some sound materials for Fela Kuti, between the 1970-1973 period, produced here a real musical UFO mixing Boogie (Love Care), Zulu rap (Identify With Your Root), Afro-funk (Ikebe) & Juju music, adding digital sound effects and drum machines, all creating an hypnotic music which drives us, not so far of a transe state.  Odion was an influential actor of the Nigerian Afro Funk scene active during the seventies and the eighties, working for EMI, he signed Fela and brings back into his fold, many nigerian funk band including Ofege. Titles includes also the catchy song "Anogo / Giri" & the electronic disco tune "Aro Affair (Crazy Scene)". All songs arranged, composed and produced by Odion Iruoje.

Sound President - Odion Iruoje_vocals
Nkono Teles_keyboards
Tunde Williams_trumpet, saxophone
Jimi Lee_lead guitar
Eugene Ndema_rhythm guitar
Sol Oshijo_bass
Amoo_talking drum
Chiko Oyemade_percussion

01. Identify With Your Root (Which One You De?)
02. Anogo - Giri
03. Ikebe
04. Alhaja And Obiageri
05. Love Care
06. Aro Affair (Crazy Scene)

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