Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Mary Afi Usuah - African Woman

Year : 1978
Label : Clover Sound
Genre : Soul, Rock
Style : African Funk, Disco

Mary Afi Usuah was an a opera former singer to the raw power, reminding Betty Davis or Tina Turner's voices and Sly & The Family Stone for the music, one of the greatest songstress than the African continent has produced. From 1969 to 1978, she only released three albums (the first was reissued by the Frank Gossner's label, Voodoo Funk), and toured in Europe as chorister for Duke Ellington, Deep Purple or Led Zeppelin, before returning to Lagos to take a position at the Ministry of Culture. "African Woman" is the meeting between soul music, afrobeat and nigerian highlife including pure funk (What’s A Woman To Do), reggae (Our Generation) and disco sounds (Tell Me Now). For "African Woman", She composed all lyrics, in english and african languages, supported by the Heads Funk Band, aka Akwassa, featuring bassist Joe "Castro" Matthews and guitarist Felix Odey, also in charge of the songs arrangements.  All lyrics by Mary Afi Usuah, arranged by Sylvester Akaiso, Joe Matthews and Felix Odey.

Mary Afi Usuah_vocal
Charles Effiom Duke_lead guitar (guest)
Felix Odey_rhythm guitar
Joe "Castro" Matthews_bass
Kevin Coburn_organ, piano, synthesizer
Eddy Offeyi_drums
Ricky West_percussion
Uncle Beejay_congas

01. African Woman
02. Kam Fat Owo (Mbata)
03. What's A Woman To Do
04. Tell Me Now
05. Sweet Elijah
06. Spread More Love
07. Our Generation (Ode To Our Nation)
08. Tenkim Kpoho

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