Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Be Hard Bop - New Stream In Jazz Vol. 11

Compilation series dedicated to the golden age of the japanese jazz scene through the years 60's-70's. Volume 11 is dedicated to Latin Jazz, Caribbean & Tropical sounds, including titles released in Japan from 1973 to 1980, featuring Hiroshi Fukumura, Naoya Matsuoka, Kazuo Yoshida, Toshiyuki Honda, Tadaaki Misago, Mikio Masuda, Takashi Mizuhashi, Sadao Watanabe & more...

Compiled & Mixed by Be Hard Bop

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Golden Boys (Self-Titled)

Year : 1973
Label : Odeon
Genre : Pop, Rock
Style : Latin Rock, MPB, Samba Rock

Golden Boys is one of the finest vocal groups coming from the Jovem Guarda movement (Young Guard), which bloomed under the spotlight of Brazilian Pop music in the sixties. Originally formed as a quartet in 1958, Golden Boys is a brazilian rock band composed of three brothers : Roberto (former member from 1958 to 1971), Ronaldo, Renato Corrêa José Maria and their cousin, Valdir Anunciação, all from the same family as the Trio Esperanza. In 1973, The quartet have already eight albums to their credit, whose "Fumacê" released in 1970 just before Roberto left the band (included the hit Se Você Quiser Mas Sem Bronquear). The quatuor contributed repeatedly to various productions of others brazilian artists, their most famous includes collaborations for Marcos Valle (Terra De Ninguém in 1968, Dia Da Vitória in 1969, Esperando O Messias in 1970). For most of the songs, we can find the trademark of "Abbey Road", the official last album of The Beatles, more than an evidence that the group was mostly influenced by this other famous quartet from Liverpool, in particular the tracks Deixa Falar (Let Your Yeah Be Yeah) & Estranho (Strange One).

01. Push Together    
02. Por Você    
03. Eu Como    
04. Copo De Leite    
05. Eu Bebo Sim    
06. Music And Me    
07. A Poluição    
08. Skyline Pigeon    
09. Deixa Falar (Let Your Yeah Be Yeah)    
10. Estranho (Strange One)    
11. Sonhos De Cristal (Manda Christmas)    
12. Te Amo Sim

Bossa Rio - Alegria!

Year : 1970
Label : Blue Thumb Records
Genre : Latin Jazz
Style : Bossa Nova, Smooth Jazz, MPB

Second album produced for the american market of the brazilian group Bossa Rio (not to be confused with the Sergio Mendes's Bossa Rio Sextet), featuring Gracinha Leporace (Sergio Mendes's wife), Pery Ribeiro, Manfredo Fest, Octvio Bailly Jr from Bossa Três, Ronald Mesquita & the US pianist Dwight Dickerson. Discovered and produced by Sergio Mandes, based on the Brasil '66 legacy, Bossa Rio borrows the similar recipe of the famous brazilian band, namely, a mixture of Jazz, Bossa Nova & Western Pop Music. The band performs the classics of Bossa Nova (keeping with their brazilian roots), from Jorge Ben (Que Pena, Zazueira) & Marcos Valle (Mustang Cor De Sangue), Jazz (Girl Talk) & covers of pop songs by The Bealtes including others international hits (Spinning Wheel, The Night Has A Thousand Eyes, Don't Go Breaking My Heart).

Gracinha Leporace_vocal
Pery Ribeiro_vocal
Manfredo Fest_organ
Dwight Dickerson_piano
Octavio Bailly Jr_bass
Ronald Mesquita_drums

01. Spinning Wheel
02. Zazueira
03. Girl Talk 
04. The Night Has A Thousand Eyes 
05. What A Pity (Que Pena)
06. With Your Love Now (Mustang Cor De Sangue)
07. Open Your Arms
08. Eleanor Rigby
09. Don't Go Breaking My Heart  
10. Blackbird

Earth, Wind & Fire - Gratitude

Year : 1975
Label : Columbia
Genre : Soul, Funk
Style : Funk/Soul, Jazz Funk

"Gratitude" is an album including live & studio recordings, considered as the seventh album studio of the group, with amazing sessions based on their live shows, one of best ever recorded during their US tour between 1974 and 1975. Since their collaboration on the album "Sun Goddess" of Rasmey Lewis, came out a year earlier, the group began to know some success (with a new line-up), but especially with their sixth studio album "That's The Way Of The World" released in 1975. Titles include unrealesed tracks (Sunshine & Celebrate), singles (Sing A Song, Gratitude & Can't Hide My Love), and live versions of Shining Star, Yearnin' Learnin' or Sun Goddess.

Fred White & Ralph Johnson_drums, percussion
Johnny Graham_guitar
Al McKay_guitar, percussion
Larry Dunn_piano, organ, synthesizer (Moog)
Don Myrick_saxophone
Andrew Woolfolk_saxophone, percussion
Louis Satterfield_trombone
Michael Harris_trumpet
Verdine White_vocals, Bass, Percussion
Philip Bailley_vocals, congas, percussion
Maurice White_vocals, kalimba, drums, timbales

01. Africano/Power
02. Yearnin' Learnin'
03. Devotion
04. Sun Goddess
05. Reasons
06. Sing A Message To You
07. Shining Star
08. New World Symphony
09. Sunshine
10. Sing A Song
11. Gratitude
12. Celebrate
13. Can't Hide My Love

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