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Be Hard Bop - The Entertainers Vol. 3

Still More Euro Groove, Soundtrack & Music Library to the psychedelic & Jazz Rock accents including Easy Listening, Latin Grooves, Italian & french library plus some cult french songs composed by Serge Gainsbourg released between 1964 -1975 

Compiled & Mixed by Be Hard Bop

Be Hard Bop - The Entertainers Vol. 2

Volume 2 of the compilation series dedicated to Music Library, Soundtrack, including Euro & American grooves, Jazz Mood, Pop & Funk/Soul expressions, released from the late sixties to the early seventies featuring International & French Pop artists among Gal Costa, Cher, Serge Gainsbourg, Françoise Hardy, Brigitte Bardot, Sandie Shaw & more...

Compiled & Mixed by Be Hard Bop

Be Hard Bop - The Entertainers

Compilation series dedicated to Music Library, movie soundtracks & others Pop Sounds, european & american rare grooves from Jazz to Soul, released between 1968-1975, under various record labels among which, Chappell, MP 2000, KPM, Kaleidoscope, Studio 2 Stereo or best known like Atlantic. Titles include Studio 69 by Alan Hawkshaw (theme tune for the Dave Allen Show BBC - 1968), Eva by Jean-Jacques Perrey (from Mood Indigo LP - 1970), Exclusive Blend by Keith Mansfield (KPM serie - The Big Beat - 1969), The lions And The Cucumber (recorded in 1971 for the obscure erotic german film 'Vampyros Lesbos' and later used by Quentin Tarantino in Jackie Brown - 1997) or the parodic Joy based on Jesu, Joy of Man's Desiring composed by Johann Sebastian Bach (used by Paul Thomas Anderson for his Boogie Nights film released in 1997).

Compiled & Mixed by Be Hard Bop

Saturday, May 16, 2015

George Otsuka Trio - Last Summer (Page 3)

Year : 1969
Label : Nippon Columbia
Serie : Takt Jazz Series
Genre : Jazz
Style : Post Bop, Hard Bop, Jazz Rock

Final Page for George Otsuka under the Takt Jazz series before he left Nippon Columbia to the new japanese jazz label TBM. This is also the last album for this formation featuring Hideo Ichikawa & Masaoki Terakawa who introduce here, for the first time, electric materials for bass & piano (George uses organ),  bringing them a touch of Jazz Rock style. This album concluded brilliantly the trilogy, including the Jazz standards Things We Did Last Summer & Over The Rainbow, and three originals songs composed by Hideo Ichikawa among others the two Jazz Rock tunes Sea View & Breeze Brook And Birds. All tracks arranged by Hideo Ichikawa & George Otsuka.

Hideo Ichikawa_piano, organ
Masaoki Terakawa_bass
George Otsuka_drums

01. Last Summer
02. Things We Did Last Summer
03. Over The Rainbow
04. Sea View
05. Breeze Brook And Birds


Keitaro Miho & His Group - Sound Poesy "Sachio"

Year : 1969
Label : Nippon Columbia
Genre : Jazz, Latin Jazz
Style : Bossa Nova, Samba, Pop, Soul Jazz, Stage&Screen

Composed, arranged & performed by the pianist Keitaro Miho, "Sound Poesy" is a tribute dedicated to a young japanese racer, Sachio Fujisawa, who died in a test run, the same year. The first side is entirely devoted to the "Race" story of Sachio including dialogues inserts, racing sounds & noises cars which reproduces some kind Grand-Prix atmosphere & cinematic mood (all tracks of this side are composed by Keitaro Miho). While the other side includes female scat singing performances, classics of the Bossa Nova from Antonio Carlos Jobim (One Note Samba & Meditation), Jorge Ben (Mas Que Nada), Pop cover songs (Goin' Out Of My Head, I Wanna Be Around) & the original composition, Remember Of Paris. All tracks arranged by Keitaro Miho.

01. Start Your Engine
02. Never My Love
03. Listen People
04. Time After Time
05. Slip Stream
06. Race Is Over
07. One Note Samba
08. Meditation
09. Remember Of Paris
10. Mas Que Nada
11. Goin' Out Of My Head
12. I Wanna Be Around


The Freedom Unity - Down By The Naked City

Year : 1971
Label : Victor
Genre : Jazz
Style : Spiritual, Hard Bop, Modal

The second avant-garde jazz masterpiece of a legendary japanese Jazz combo formed in Quintet, by Hiromasa "Colgen" Suzuki with others members from the Terumasa Hino's Hi-Nology line-up featuring Takeru Muraoka, Kunimitsu Inaba, Hiroshi Suzuki and Akira Ishikawa in addition. The group was formed under the influence of Miles Davis (in particular albums from his electric jazz period), recorded several brilliant albums which started with Something in 1970, collaborated to the Salute To Soul album by the japanese female vocalist Masami Chino (called Sammy), with the Singers Three chorus group for Dynamic Rock (1971), and Hiroshi Suzuki on Cat released in 1975. Titles include the title-track, an extended suite in two parts over 23 minutes time, composed by Hiroshi Suzuki, The Equator, The Old Castle & the Muraoka's original composition, Light Up. All  tracks arranged by Hiromasa Suzuki.

Takeru Muraoka_tenor & soprano saxophone
Hiroshi Suzuki_trombone
Hiromasa Suzuki_electric piano
Kunimitsu Inaba_bass
Akira Ishikawa_drums

01. Down By The Naked City 
Part 1 : The Doors Of Perception  
Part 2 : The Dancing Protoplasm 
02.  The Equator
03.  The Old Castle 
04.  Light Up

Takeshi Inomata & Sound Limited - Innocent Cannon

Year : 1971
Label : KING Records
Genre : Jazz
Style : Jazz Rock, Psychedelic, Progressive Jazz, Free Improvisations

Concept album by Takeshi Inomata & his Sound Limited progressive jazz group, featuring the young Shunzo Ohno, Kimio Mizutani, Toshiaki Yokota, Jun Suzuki or Jake H. Concepcion, playing with a large ensemble of instruments (percussions, vibraphone, sitar, flutes & others horns). Titles include Free Forms of Jazz, experimental sounds, Psychedelic & Art Rock associated to a mystical narration performed by special guest, the japanese photographer Noriaki 'Tenmei' Kannoh, in seven tracks composed & arranged by Takeshi Inomata himself.

Tenmei Kano_narrator
Takeshi Inomata_drums
Jun Suzuki_bass
Kimio Mizutani_guitar, sitar
Shigehito Ohara_keyboards
Osamu Nakajima_percussion
Toshiaki Yokota_flutes
Jake H. Concepcion_soprano, alto & tenor saxophone, flute
Shunzo Ohno_trumpet, flugelhorn
Takehisa Suzuki_trumpet, flugelhorn
Shigemichi Domoto_trombone, vibraphone

01. Introduction
02. The Death of Janis
03. Go For Nothing
04. Child & I
05. Blue
06. Alone
07. Epilog


Akira Ishikawa & Count Buffalo - Uganda (Dawn Of African Rock)

Year : 1972
Label : Toshiba
Genre : Jazz, Rock
Style : Jazz Rock, Afrobeat

No need to introduce the best known & Holy Grail record of Akira Ishikawa & his progressive Rock Band, Count Buffalo. The band plays Afrobeat & Jazz Rock music with Afro-Rhythms improvisations, performed in a quartet formation featuring Takeru Muraoka (compositions & arrangements), Larry Sunaga & Kimio Mizutani. Uganda is a kind of play from East Africa in four acts including Wanyamana Mapambazuko, Na Tu Penda Sana, Vita & Pigmy in Swahili tongue. All tracks arranged & composed by Takeru Muraoka & Akira Ishikawa.

Akira Ishikawa_drums & percussion
Hideaki Chihara_bass
Kimio Mizutani_guitar
Larry Sunaga_percussion

01. Wanyamana Mapambazuko
02. Na Tu Penda Sana
03. Vita
04. Pigmy 


Sadakazu Tabata - Smash In The Rock

Year : 1971
Label : Polydor
Genre : Jazz, Rock 'N' Roll
Style : Jazz Rock, Psychedelic,Blues Rock

Tribute to Rock 'N' Roll by Sadakazu Tabata, a studio jazz drummer who played in particular for the female japanese jazz vocalist Maki Asakawa (for Maki II - 1971), and former member of the jazz rock group, Jiro Inagaki & His Soul Media. In his band, called the Groovy 6, feature the avant-garde organist, Hiro Yanagida, Masaru Imada (likewise member of the Soul Media), Masoki Terakawa (in groups George Otsuka Trio, The Count Buffalos or The Beat Generation) & Shigeo Suzuki (who played for Terumasa Hino & Takeshi Inomata). Introduced by the voice of Katsuya Kobayashi, a famous Japanese radio DJ (best known under the Mr. Music nickname), the track list includes several rock cover songs from Elvis Presley, the Led Zeppelin's Moby Dick, the blues rock standard by Freddie King, Hide Away, and some others originals with heavy psych sounds.

Sadakazu Tabata_drums
Masaoki Terakawa_bass
Shigeru Narumo _guitar
Hiro Yanagida_organ
Masaru Imada_piano
Shigeo Suzuki_bass clarinet

01. Trouble
02. G.I. Blues
03. And Rice
04. Smash
05. Love Me Tender
06. Moby Dick
07. Hide Away
08. Monsieur K.
09. His Salad Day's


Monday, May 11, 2015

Sandro Brugnolini - Underground

Year : 2014/1970
Label : SONOR/Record TV Discografica
Genre : Jazz, Stage & Screen
Style : Jazz Rock, Psychedelic, Avant Garde, Pop, Free Jazz

Underground was recorded at Dirmaphon Studio in Rome featuring the Rai TV session musicians and during the same session as Overground in march 1970. This new issue of this cult Sandro Brugnolini album, brings together all tracks released on both RT 104 & RT 16, two LPs recorded for the Musiche Per Commento serie by the italian music library label RTV (Record TV Discografica). Brugnolini explores the psychedelism, the afrobeat & a kind of "free rock" avant-garde in eleven instrumentals tracks including Psichefreèlico, Uauàico, Africaneìdico & Dimàndico (extracted from RT 16). All tracks arranged, composed & conducted by Sandro Brugnolini.

Sandro Brugnolini_compositions & arrangements
Giovanni Tommaso_bass
Enzo Restuccia_drums
Giorgio Carnini_organ, piano
Angelo Baroncini & Silvano Chimenti_guitar 

01. Psichefreèlico    
02. Impressiànico
03. Reiteratòico    
04. Uauàico    
05. Diacromèico     
06. Africaneìdico    
07. Bacharàchico    
08. Respòndico    
09. Ciaciàstico    
10. Velocipedèico    
11. Dimàndico

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