Saturday, May 16, 2015

The Freedom Unity - Down By The Naked City

Year : 1971
Label : Victor
Genre : Jazz
Style : Free Jazz, Post Bop, Modal

The avant-garde jazz masterpiece of the legendary supergroup featuring Hiromasa "Colgen" Suzuki, Takeru Muraoka, Kunimitsu Inaba, Hiroshi Suzuki and Akira Ishikawa. The group was formed by all-stars japanese jazz  musicians, members of Terumasa Hino Quintet, Count Buffalos & The Soul Media, they started with "Something" in 1970 highlighting saxophonist Takeru Muraoka, recorded "Salute To Soul" & "Dynamic Rock" featuring japanese rock songstress Masami Chino (Sammy) in 1971, and Hiroshi Suzuki's album "Cat" released in 1975. The album opens up on the title-track, an extended modal suite over 23 minutes played in two parts (The Doors Of Perception/The Dancing Protoplasm), composed by Hiroshi Suzuki, follow by "The Equator", "The Old Castle" & the Muraoka's original composition, "Light Up". All tracks arranged by Hiromasa Suzuki.

Takeru Muraoka_tenor & soprano saxophone
Hiroshi Suzuki_trombone
Hiromasa Suzuki_electric piano
Kunimitsu Inaba_bass
Akira Ishikawa_drums

01. Down By The Naked City 
02.  The Equator
03.  The Old Castle 
04.  Light Up

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