Thursday, March 5, 2015

Various - Nippon Girls 2 : Japanese Pop-Beat & Rock'N'Roll 1966-70

Year : 2014
Label : Big Beat Records
Serie : Big Beat International 
Genre : Pop, Rock, Latin
Style : Bossa Nova, Psychedelic, Beat

More Rock 'N' Roll spirit from the Far-East, a psychedelic trip compiled by Sheila Burgel for Big Beat International. Nippon Girls 2 brings together twelve incredible pop songs, recorded between 1966-1970 by some queens of the GS music (for 'Group Sounds'). Titles include the classics "Mini Mini Girl" & "Sake Na Machi" (both selected by Yasuharu Konishi from Pizzicato Five, for his cult japanese pop compilation, Good Night Tokyo, released under Readymade Records in 2000), "You Don't Know Baby", the furiously psychedelic "Watashi Ga Kemeko Yo" & the Bossa, "Warui Kuse". As the first volume, an enhanced CD edition is available with 24 tracks including the songs presented here.

SIDE A : Kayoko Ishu - Bazazz No.1 / Reiko Mari - Saike Na Machi (Psychedelic Town) / Linda Yamamoto - Furi Furi 5 / Mari Henmi - Daniel Mon Amour / Chiyo Okumura - Koi Gurui (Crazy Love) / Emy JacksonBlue Comets - Namida No Go Go (You Don't Know Baby)

SIDE B : Katsuko Kanai - Mini Mini Girl / Akiko Wada - Boy & Girl / Kemeko Matsudaira - Watashi Ga Kemeko Yo / Akiko Nakamura - Namida No Mori No Monogatari / The Peanuts - Tokyo No Hito / Kazumi Yasui - Warui Kuse

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