Saturday, March 7, 2015

Voices Of Darkness (Self-titled)

Year : 1974
Label : Afrodisia
Genre : Soul
Style : Afrobeat, Funk/Soul

Voices of the Afro-Soul with a lot of James Brown influences by a cameroonian combo based in Lagos, Nigeria, returned to the light thanks to Voodoo Funk. Spotted by their live performance in nightclubs, Voices Of Darkness started in 1972, the band led by Joe Brown, was formed in Douala around Cel Anderson, Emmanuel Ebot & Paul Mony and later will be joined by two the nigerians, Denise Kenneth & Emmanuel Ovo. Titles include only original songs composed by the group, all lyrics in english except  Bonjour Cherie recorded in the french tongue.   

Joe Brown_organ, guitar, vocal
Denise Kenneth_alto saxophone, percussion
Cel Anderson_bass, vocals
Emmanuel Ovo_trumpet, congas
Emmanuel Ebot_congas, timbales, vocals 
Paul Mony_drums

01. We Gonna Make It   
02. No More Tears To Cry   
03. Caution   
04. I Was Loving You Lucy   
05. Mota Ginya   
06. Bonjour Cherie   
07. We Are Origins Of Africa

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