Sunday, March 16, 2014

Yuji Ohno & Friends - LUPIN THE THIRD [JAZZ] - Bossa & Fusion

Year : 2002
Label : VAP
Genre : Jazz, Latin
Style : Bossa Nova, Jazz Funk, Fusion

The 4th volume in the twelve LUPIN THE THIRD [JAZZ] serie discs released between 1999 & 2008. As the title suggests, it's a Bossa Nova album with some jazzy grooves including the standards Lupin The Third' songs recorded in a brazilian register with portuguese lyrics and featuring Sonia Rosa. She's who had already collaborated on two Ohno' albums Spiced With Brazil (1974) & Space Kid (1978), lends his voice on four tracks, especially composed for the TV Special, Episode 0: First Contact, broadcasted the same year. To support them, special guest friends as Kiyoshi Sugimoto, Takashi Asahi, Yasushi Ichihara, Masabumi Yamaguchi or Tatsuji Yokoyama, the whole being surrounded by string orchestra the Yoichiro Kobayashi Group plus additionals musicians. All music composed & arranged by Yuji Ohno.

Sonia Rosa_vocal
Yuji Ohno_piano
Koji Ihara_organ
Kiyoshi Yoshida_synthesizer
Naoki Watanabe_bass
Jun Kajiwara_electric guitar
Kiyoshi Sugimoto_gut guitar
Akira Ōkubo_folk guitar
Jun Sumida_folk guitar, electric guitar
Yasushi Ichihara_drums
Tatsuji Yokoyama_percussion
Masabumi Yamaguchi_soprano, tenor saxophone
Takashi Asahi_flute

And More...

01 Lupin the Third (A Tarde Cai)
02 Lonely For The Road
03 Magnum Dance
04 Stolen Moments (Flor Espacial)
05 Love in São Paulo
06 Manhattan Joke
07 Just Fall In Love
08 Memory Of Smile (Pequena Luz)
09 Urban Shadow
10 Love Squall (Po Do Amor)
11 Treasures Of Time

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