Sunday, March 16, 2014

Beck - Odelay

Year : 1996
Label : Bong Load Records
Genre : Rock, Pop
Style : Alternative, Hip Hop, Electronic

Odelay is the fifth studio album by american alternative rock artist, the versatile Beck Hansen. With Odelay, he operates a new musical twist by recruiting the american producer and DJs, the Dust Brothers. The result is a masterpiece of Beck' work often compared to Beastie Boys' Paul's Boutique (1989) also produced by the Dust Brothers. Beck use many samples from Pretty Purdie, MC5, Lee Dorsey, Sly & The Family Stone or Rory Gallagher, all contributes to create a kind of musical patchwork. Titles includes eclectic styles as well as Soul (Hotwax), folk (Ramshake featuring Jazz bassist Charlie Haden), Punk (Minus) and even Hip Hop with High 5 (Rock The Catskills) but also the singles Devils Haircut, The New Pollution & Where It's At. All tracks composed by Beck Hansen with John King & Mike Simpson, produced by Beck & Dust Brothers.

Beck Hansen – vocals, acoustic guitar, electric guitar, slide guitar, bass, analog keyboards, electric piano, organ, celeste, clavinet, harmonicas, percussion, drums
Joey Waronker_drums percussion
Mike Boito_organ, trumpet
David Brown_saxophone
Greg Leisz_pedal steel guitar
Charlie Haden_bass

01. Devil's Haircut
02. Hotwax
03. Lord Only Knows
04. The New Pollution
05. Derelict
06. Novacane
07. Jack-Ass
08. Where It's At
09. Minus
10. Sissyneck
11. Readymade
12. High 5 (Rock The Catskills)
13. Ramshackle

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