Friday, December 27, 2013

Takeshi Inomata & Sound Limited - Drum Battle : Rock Now

Year : 1972
Label : RCA-Victor
Genre : Jazz
Style : Jazz Rock, Funk/Soul, Psychedelic Moods, Pop

Ultra Rare Jazz Rock Psych' LP from DYNAGROOVE series released for RCA-Victor label, the  battle of drum is the meeting between Takeshi Inomata and three others japanese drummers :  Masao Suzuki (not to be confused with saxophonist Masao Suzuki), Seiji Tanaka & Chito Kawachi. They are involved in the Inomata' Jazz Rock band, The Sound Limited, featuring Kimio Mizutani and Makoto 'Jun' Suzuki plus horns section (probably with saxophonist Jake H. Concepcion), all conducted by arranger Norio Maeda. Titles include as well as covers from Rock'N'Roll of Deep Purple (Black Night), Chase (Get It On), The Rolling Stones (Tumbling Dice), from Soul as Theme From Shaft by Stax Soul hero Isaac Hayes or also the Latin Rock Black Magic Woman by Santana (first recorded by Peter Green). All tracks conducted & arranged by Norio Maeda.

Takeshi Inomata_drums
Masao Suzuki, Seiji Tanaka & Chito Kawachi_drums
Jun Suzuki_bass 
Kimio Mizutani_guitar
Yusuke Hoguchi_organ

01. Black Night
02. Proud Mary
03. It's Going To Take Some Time
04. Make Me Smile
05. Theme From Shaft
06. Eli's Coming
07. Get It On
08. Spinning Wheel
09. Tumbling Dice
10. Black Magic Woman

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