Friday, December 27, 2013

Jimmy Takeuchi & His Exciters - Tenshi No Yūwaku

Year : 1969
Label : Toshiba Records
Serie : Drum Drum Drum Series
Genre : Jazz, Pop
Style : Surf Music, Rock, Jerk

Original issue from the Toshiba' Drum Drum Drum Series, the most wanted (1st pressing in red LP) of Tenshi No Yūwaku (Temptations Of Angels) featuring Jimmy Takeuchi & His Exciters with the arranger Kunihiko Suzuki. Titles include the greatest hits of the Japanese GS movement out in 1968, among cover songs by rock bands as The Tigers (Flower Necklace), The Tempters (Please, God), The Golden Cups (Girl With Long Hair), The Folk Crusaders (Unbearably Sad) or The Wild Ones (Bara No Koibito), Pop singers as the Angel Love of Jun Mayuzumi (Kunihiko Suzuki' composition), Yukari Ito' Drops Of Love, the Secret Love of Tomoko Ogawa. Also included the Soul Jazz standard Alligator Boogaloo by Lou Donaldson, Beatles' cover Lady Madona and Pata Pata by Miriam Makeba. All tracks arranged by Kunihiko Suzuki.

01. Tenshi No Yūwaku (Temptations Of Angels/Angel Love)
02. Hana No Kubikazari (Flower Necklace)
03. Kamisama Onegai (Please, God)
04. Bara No Koibito
05. Yūbe No Himitsu (A Secret Evening)
06. Koi No Shizuku (Drops Of Love)
07. Alligator Boogaloo
08. Pata Pata
09. Lady Madona
10. Hakuchō No Uta
11. Kanashikute Yarikirenai (Unbearably Sad)
12. Nagai Kami No Shōjo (Girl With Long Hair)

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