Friday, December 27, 2013

Marcos Valle - Previsão Do Tempo

Year : 1973
Label : Odeon
Genre : Jazz, Latin Jazz
Style : MPB, Jazz Funk, Electronic, Bossa Nova

Considered as his best album with the sublime GarraPrevisão Do Tempo is more a Jazz Funk album as Herbie Hancock & his The Headhunters know how to do, than his two previous albums. The Fender Rhodes and synthesizer are predominant all along  "Previsão Do Tempo" which representative of the versatile style of Valle, for each album, a new sound). As always his brother Paolo Sergio is involved in the songwriting but also Joao Donato and Eumir Deodato who collaborated on Não Tem Nada Não. Marcos is surrounded by the future famous brazilian Jazz Funk band, Azymuth featuring José Roberto Bertrami, Alex Malheiros and Ivan Conti  as well as O Terço, for the second time after the "Vento Sul" album. Titles include the Jazz Funk songs "Nem Paletó, Nem Gravata" & "Mentira" (favourite Jazz Dance Club) and the Bossa Nova tunes "Flamengo Até Morrer" feat. O Terço, "Os Ossos Do Barão", "Samba Fatal" & "Moça Flor". Orchestrated, conducted & arranged by Zé Roberto, Marcos (Flamengo Até Morrer & Samba Fatal) and Walter Branco (Os Ossos Do Barão).

Marcos Valle_vocals, Fender Rhodes, guitar
José Roberto Bertrami_Arp Strings, organ, synthesizers
Alex Malheiros & César De Mercês_bass
Sérgio Hinds_guitar
Ivan Conti & Vinicius Cantuaria_drums

01. Flamengo Até Morrer    
02. Nem Paletó, Nem Gravata    
03. Tira A Mão    
04. Mentira    
05. Previsão Do Tempo (Instrumental)   
06. Mais Do Que Valsa    
07. Os Ossos Do Barão    
08. Não Tem Nada Não    
09. Não Tem Nada Não (Instrumental)    
10. Samba Fatal    
11. Tiu-Ba-La-Quieba    
12. De Repente, Moça Flor

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