Thursday, April 11, 2013

Lupin The 3rd : TV Original Soundtrack BGM Collection

Year : 1980
Label : Nippon Columbia
Genre : Jazz, Stage & Screen
Style : Jazz Funk, Disco

Original Soundtrack of the fourth and final season of Lupin The 3rd Part II, one of the most famous japanese animated serie, broadcasted between 1979 & 1980. Titles includes Jazz, Funk & Disco in new recordings of the first tracks recorded for the season one (1977-1978), later, also edited in the compilation Lupin The 3rd Chronicle - 1977 Music File (2003) and alternative versions of Love Theme, Love Squall & Lupin III Theme. Composed & arranged by Yuji Ohno, performed by You & The Explosion Band.
01. Lost In The Desert (Zenigata & Lupin M4)

02. An Incognito
03. Love Theme
04. Waving Flame (Prologue M14)
05. Love Squall
06. Walking In A Prim (Day By Day M8)
07. A Secret Passage
08. Lupin III
09. Chasing The Hustler (That's Climax)
10. Night Flight (Mellow Time M7)
11. In The Dimentional World
12. !!Take A Chance!! (Chasers)
13. The Tumbler
14. On The Sunny Street
15. Illusional Lupin III
16. Love Is Everything

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