Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Chris Joss - You've Been Spiked

Year : 2004
Label :
Eighteenth Street Lounge Music
Genre :
Style :
Acid Jazz, Downtempo, Future Jazz, Funk/Soul

Chris Joss is a french self-taught multi-instrumentalist and studio producer. In 1999, Chris Joss released his first LP "The Man With A Suitcase", a imaginary soundtrack of 60's TV series whose the title-track is featured in the movie trailer of Ocean's 13. Chris Joss recreate this time, the atmosphere of the typical sound from the seventies. His style is a mix of Breakbeat, Funk/Soul & Cinematic Atmosphere which translates by Acid Jazz style associated to Disco beats, Funky bass lines, Wah-Wah guitars and the own & unique sound of the Hammond Organ & Fender Rhodes. All tracks composed, performed & produced by Chris Joss, all vocals by Cosmika.

01. Discotheque Dancing
02. You've Been Spiked
03. Drink Me Hot
04. Wrong Alley Street (Part 1)
05. Riviera 69
06. Shellah V.
07. Wrong Alley Street (Part 3)
08. Waves Of Love
09. A Part In That Show
10. Early Morning Wanderings
11. Waking Up In The Park

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Specifics - Lonely City

Year : 2004
Label : P-Vine
Genre : Hip Hop
Style : Jazzy Hip-Hop, Conscious

Specifics is a Canadian Hip-Hop band based in Montreal, made up of producer/engineer Think Twice featuring MC Golden Boy & DJ Goser. Backed by the spirit of Think Twice and the finest cut of DJ Goser, Golden Boy shines on the mic with his poeticals & conscious lyrics. Titles include Jazz & Soul samples (the sound of Shaft by Isaac Hayes on Patience), some strings & bass materials and their two singles released for Hyde Out Recordings, Craig's House & Under The Hood (produced by Nujabes). All tracks produced, recorded & mixed by Phil Kennedy except Dreams & Interlude produced by DJ Goser. All lyrics by Golden Boy.

Think Twice_engineering
Golden Boy_rap
DJ Goser_cuts, scratches & adlibs

01. Intro
02. TGIM
03. Craig's House
04. Take Me Back
05. Lonely City
06. Backroads Pt 1
07. Backroads Pt 2
08. Dreams
09. Interlude
10. Put Ya Hands Up
11. Patience
12. Thats Just Gold
13. Under The Hood
14. The Kid Is Back
15. That Is Why
16. Outro


Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Nujabes, Various - Hyde Out Productions - 2nd Collection

Year : 2007
Label : Hyde Out Recordings
Genre : Electronic, Hip-Hop, Jazz
Style : Jazzy Hip-Hop, Downtempo
Website :

The second and final compilation following the  Hyde Out Productions - First Collection released four years ago, and gathering various Nujabes' recordings under his own label. Titles include original tracks performed by Nujabes featuring CL Smooth, Substantial & Five Deez, songs from Pase Rock, Emancipator & Shing02, instrumental tracks by Uyama Hiroto, DSK plus remixes by Nujabes. All tracks produced & mixed by Nujabes for Hyde Out Recordings.

01. Voice Of Autumn / Nujabes
02. Sky Is Falling Feat. CL Smooth / Nujabes
03. Walz For Life Will Born / Uyama Hiroto
04. Imaginary Folklore / Clammbon by Nujabes
05. Hikari Feat. Substantial / Nujabes
06. Counting Stars / Nujabes
07. Another Reflection / Nujabes
08. Fly By Night Feat. Five Deez / Nujabes
09. Old Light (Voices From 93 Million Miles Away Remix) / Pase Rock
10. With Rainy Eyes / Emancipator
11. Luv (Sic.) (Modal Soul Remix) / Shing02
12. Windspeaks / Uyama Hiroto
13. Winter Lane (Nujabes Remix) / DSK
14. After Hanabi - Listen To My Beats- / Nujabes

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