Friday, January 2, 2009

Various - Punch The Monkey!

Year : 1998
Label : Columbia
Genre : Electronic
Style : Future Jazz, Funk/Soul

First of three volumes from 'Punch The Monkey!', the remixes compilation which celebrates the 30th anniversary of Lupin The 3rd created in 1967 by  Kazuhiko Katô alias Monkey Punch. Supervised by Konishi Yasuharu, the project was released for his own label Readymade Records from Nippon Columbia, best known as producer, composer, DJ & mainly leader of japanese pop former band Pizzicato Five. Joined to the project, several artists from japanese electronic scene featuring remixes by Fantastic Plastic Machine, japanese-french Nu-Jazz duo U.F.O. (United Future Organization), Fuzita Blender and of course, Konishi Yasuharu. Titles include Funny Walk In Old Fashion, Afro Rock Theme, Toward The Patrol Line plus famous openning theme & ending theme of Lupin The 3rd recorded for first (1971-1972) & second (1977-1980) animated serie.

  • tracks 1 to 3, 6, 8, 9 & 10 originally recorded by Yuji Ohno
  • tracks 4, 5, 7 & 11 originally recorded by Takeo Yamashita
  • Love Squall - Fujiko's Love Mix sung by Maki Kanaho 

01. Shunji Ito - Lupin III '80 - Latin ♥&☮ Calucatta Mix
02. Toshio Matsuura - Theme from Lupin III'78 - Walther P99 Mix
03. Escalator Team - Theme from Lupin III'78 - Club Escape Mix
04. Fantastic Plastic Machine - Lupin III Theme I - F.P.M's Reconstruction Mix
05. Konishi Yasuharu - Lupin III Theme III- The Readymade やんぐ Oh! Oh! Mix
06. Fuzita Blender - Funny Walk In Old Fashion - Mori No Blend Mix
07. Comoesta Yaegashi - Afro Rock Theme - Rock Afro Mix
08. Fantastic Explosion - Toward The Patrol Line - Fantastic Explosion Mix
09. Jun Sasasaki - Love Squall - Fujiko's Love Mix
10. Sunaga T Experience - Lupin III '80  Sunaga T Experience 9849 Mix
11. Izuru Utsumi - Lupin III Theme Song II - Bossa 98 Mix
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