Thursday, January 1, 2009

Kool & The Gang - Spirit Of The Boogie

Year : 1975
Label : De-Lite
Genre : Soul
Style : Funk/Soul, Jazz Funk

The Quintessence of Groove by the inventors of the Boogie Funk at their climax, in the continuity of Wild & Peaceful album. Always led by the brothers Bell, the charismatic Robert "Kool" Bell & the multi-instrumentalist Ronald Bell in charge of the arrangements. They have recruited new members featuring Amir Bayyan (credited as Kevin Bell), Ota Nash and a chorus called Something Sweet. Spirit Of The Boogie is served by energic tracks including the openning song to the deep tone from Don Boyce, an alternative version of their powerful groove hit, Jungle Boogie (where flute & trumpet solo replaced the Don Boyce's voice), Caribbean Festival with some african inspirations. All tracks written & arranged by Ronald Bell except Winter Sadness by Claydes Smith, Spirit Of The Boogie by Don Boyce, Mother Earth by George Brown, Caribbean Festival by Kool & The Gang.

Kool Bell_bass, vocals 
Claydes Smith & Kevin Bell_guitar
Ronald Bell_piano, synthesizer, clavinet, tenor saxophone, flute, percussion
Rick West_clavinet, moog, vocals
George Brown_drums, percussion,vocals 
Dennis Thomas_alto saxophone, flute, percussion, vocals
Robert Spike Mickens_trumpet, percussion, vocals
Ota Nash_trombone, vocals
Don Boyce_vocal

01. Spirit Of The Boogie
02. Ride The Rhythm
03. Jungle Jazz
04. Sunshine And Love
05. Ancestral Ceremony
06. Mother Earth
07. Winter Sadness
08. Caribbean Festival

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