Tuesday, January 27, 2009

One Self - Children Of Possibility

Year : 2005
Label : Ninja Tune
Genre : Electronic, Hip-Hop
Style : Trip Hop, Abstract, Downtempo, Breakbeat, Pop

One Self is a Hip-Hop & instrumental band formed by DJ Vadim with his wife Yarah Bravo and MC Blu Rum 13 featuring Demolition Man, Little Green (John Ellis & Judy Green), Bongo Pete from Freak Power & DJ Woody plus additionals musicians. The use of Sitar & Koto contibute to an oriental mood associated with different style as well as Pop, Broken Beat, Trip Hop & Hip-Hop. Titles include single Bluebird, Be Your Own, Over Exposed & Paranoid. All tracks composed & produced by DJ Vadim.

DJ Vadim_keyboards
DJ Woody_cuts 
John Ellis_bass, guitar, keyboards, vocals
Judy Green_vocal
Jeppe Saugman_keyboards
Bongo Pete_percussion
Ben Dawson_cello, violin, viola
Finn Peters_flute, saxophone
Bruno Wonder Lich Heinen_koto, keyboards

And More...

01. Fear The Labor
02. Trying To Speak
03. Be Your Own
04. Temptation
05. Over Exposed
06. Bluebird
07. SD2
08. Paranoid
09. Hollow Human Beings
10. Cupid Smiling The Smile
11. Sunshine
12. Unfamiliar Places
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