Thursday, January 22, 2009

Shing02 - 400

Year : 2002
Label : Mary Joy Recordings
Genre : Hip-Hop
Style : Funk/Soul, Spoken Word, Jazzy Hip-Hop

Shingo Annen is a japanese activist MC, multi instrumentalist, rapper, poet & songwriter who raised in Tanzania, England, Japan and in San Francisco where he became involved in various creative arts programs. He's well-known as Shing02 name and his work with japanese beatmaker Nujabes. He was discovered outside Japan in Samourai Champloo OST with the openning theme 'Battelcry'. He is a bilingual able to compose songs entirely in either Japanese or English. Titles include the single 400Ultra-HSuck On My Dub & bonus track, Ajo Funk. Funky Hip-Hop with James Brown' influence hovers on this LP featuring DJ Nozawa, Heavy and Ajo. All tracks written by Shingo Annen, produced by Cosiner & Vector Omega.

Shing02_rap, spokenword
DJ Nozawa_cuts & scratches
Ajo_taku, vocals

01. Incision
02. 400
03. 44K
04. S02-2102
05. Citylife Xlude
06. Temple Of Dreams
07. Whirlwind
08. UFO Xlude
09. 3min Drill
10. Ultra-H
11. Edo Funk
12. JAL002
13. Sunday Break
14. Stat 108
15. Yukoku
16. Psych Xlude
17. Suck On My Dub
18. Alive
19. Humanity Xlude
20. Sand Saga
21. Genome Of Life
22. Suture
23. Ajo Funk (bonus track)
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