Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Shing02 - Wankyoku

Year : 2008
Label : Mary Joy Recordings
Genre : Hip-Hop, Reggae, Soul
Style : Conscious, Traditionnal, World, Funk/Soul, Spoken Word

For this project, Shing02 is involved in the Kosmic Renaissance group formed with  David Boyce & Sameer Gupta (influenced by Elvin Jones & Tony Williams) featuring Ajo, additionals musicians and chorus. No sample is used and the band practice several instruments as shakukachi, various forms of keyboards, strings and others traditional japanese instruments (as biwa or shamisen). Titles includes the Far East folklore music, Bijou suite, a good Hip Hop cuisine with Funk, Reggae & Dub flavor (Saikou or  Chotsugai), Jazz ingredients associated to Spoken Words, Japanese Folklore and Poetry. Written, composed by Shingo Annen, orchestrated by Vector Omega.

Shing02_rap, synthesizer, organ, percussion, vibraphone, guitar   
David Boyce _alto & soprano saxophone, musicbox  
Sameer Gupta_drums, tabla & percussion
Philip Gleb_shakuhachi
Motoki Yamaguchi_drums, triangle
Doc Max_Fender Rhodes
Junzo_lead guitar
Cave_bass & keyboards
Ras Takashi_melodica

& More...

01. Jo
02. Jukou
03. Katsubou
04. Saikou
05. Shingame
06. Shousou
07. Bijou, Part1
08. Chotsugai
09. Bijou, Part2
10. Sekkin
11. Kushi To Kanzashi
12. Wankyoku
13. Houyou
14. Nagusame
15. Shakunetsu
16. Tamayura
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