Sunday, July 1, 2018

Tim Maia - Tim Maia Vol. 6

Year : 2016/1977
Label : ViNiLiSSSiMO/Som Livre
Genre : Soul, Latin
Style : Funk/Soul, Latin Funk, Boogie

No need to introduce the great Tim Maia, one of the most popular brazilian artist of his time. After his controversial spiritual phase of the Rational culture, when he recorded the masterpieces "Racional Vol. 1 & 2", Tim Maia gets involved into the explosion of the "Black Rio" movement along with brazilian artists like Toni Tornado or Banda Black Rio, who popularized the James Brown's funky sound in Brazil. In 1977, he signed this first and only studio album for Som Libre in the same line, before to released his most popular album nowadays, "Disco Club", including his two biggest hits "Sossego" and "Acenda O Farol" feat. Hyldon & Banda Black Rio. Also nicknamed "Verão Carioca", "Tim Maia Vol. 6" includes killer tunes from the anthem "É Necessário" to the boogie gems "Verão Carioca" or "Ride Twist And Roll", the funky "Feito Para Dançar", passing by "Venha Dormir Em Casa" which show us that he's the real Brazilian Soul man number one.

Tim Maia_vocal, acoustic guitar, congas
Sebastião_alto saxophone
César Fernando_congas, vocals
Paulo Do Couto_cowbell
Carlos Simões_bass
Paulo Ricardo R. Alves, José Maurício & Paulo Roberto R. Nazareth_guitar, vocals
Reginaldo Francisco_piano, organ, synthesizer, vocals
Darci Seixas_trombone

01. Pense Menos   
02. Sem Você   
03. Verão Carioca   
04. Feito Para Dançar   
05. É Necessário   
06. Leva O Meu Blue   
07. Venha Dormir Em Casa   
08. Música Para Betinha   
09. Não Esquente A Cabeça   
10. Ride Twist And Roll   
11. Flores Belas (Instrumental)   
12. Let It All Hang Out


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