Monday, June 8, 2015

Tribo Massáhi - Estrelando Embaixador

Year : 1972/2015
Label : River's/Goma Gringa (Reissue)
Genre : Afrobeat, Latin Jazz, World
Style : MPB, Funk/Soul, Psychedelic

Unconventional brazilian album recorded in 1971, coming from the São Paulo underground music scene, an Holy Grail and ultra rare LP finally reissued by the Brazilian label, Goma Gringa. Back to the african roots for this Brazilian Afro-Psych group formed around seven members, all supported by a rhythm section featuring the 'Embaixador', that refers to the percussionist Sebastião Rosa De Oliveira. The band performs a music between Afrobeat/Afro Soul and a kind of Samba Funk form, married to the typical African-Brazilian fusion culture. Divided in two parts called Timolȏ Timodê for side A & B Lido's Square for side B, each containing four tracks played without interruption, Estrelando Embaixador includes Walk By Jungle, Dandara, Oan written by Embaixador & Madrugada Sem Luar written by Ruy Barbosa.

Sebastião Rosa De Oliveira_percussion, lead vocal
Toninho Mil Acordes_led guitar 
Rui Barbosa_acoustic guitar
Lápis_cow bells

SIDE A : Timolȏ Timodê
Part 1 : Walk By Jungle    
Part 2 : Fareuá    
Part 3 : Harmatan    
Part 4 : Dandara

SIDE BLido's Square
Part 1 : Pae Joao    
Part 2 : Menina De Janela    
Part 3 : Oan    
Part 4 : Madrugada Sem Luar

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