Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Nobuo Hara And Sharps & Flats - Double Exposure

Year : 1970
Label : Liberty
Genre : Jazz
Style : Big Band, Modal

The Nippon Big Band Sharps & Flats' project mixing Jazz & Cinematic moods with Oriental influences, led by Nobuo Hara with the partnership of pianist/arranger, the great Lady of Jazz, Toshiko Akiyoshi featuring Takao Naoi from The Count Buffalos, Toshihiko Ogawa, Hiroshi Takeuchi plus a large Brass Ensemble where evolve likewise Hiroshi Suzuki, Koji Suzuki & Teruyuki Fukushima. Titles include four Akiyoshi's compositions which are Let's Roll In Sake played on spy mod with its dynamic drum breaks, Sumie, Fool & the funky blues Double Exposure. The last two are composed by the arranger Eiichi Fujii, Ostinatism & the Lonely Girl Of East. Tracks 1 to 3, 6 arranged by Toshiko Akiyoshi while tracks 4 & 5 arranged by Eiichi Fujii.

Nobuo Hara_tenor saxophone
Koji Suzuki_alto saxophone
Teruyuki Fukushima_trumpet 
Hiroshi Suzuki_trombone
Toshihiko Ogawa_piano 
Hiroshi Takeuchi_bass  
Takao Naoi_guitar 
Kazuhiro Ebisawa_drums

And More...

01. Let 's Roll In Sake
02. Sumie (Impression Of Black And White Picture)
03. Fool
04. Ostinatism
05. Lonely Girl Of East
06. Double Exposure


Saturday, July 12, 2014

Harold Alexander - Sunshine Man

Year : 1971
Label : Flying Dutchman
Genre : Jazz
Style : Soul Jazz, Hard Bop, Avant Garde, Funk/Soul, Scat

Rare masterpiece by the Jazz flutist Harold 'Jazzbo' Alexander formed in quintet featuring Neal Creque, Bernard Purdie, Richard Landrum & Richard Davis. Harold Alexander has shared stages beside Elvin Jones, Jimmy Davis or Eric Dolphy, was active in the seventies as a session player in group Pucho & His Latin Soul Brothers alongside Neal CrequeRichard Landrum, but also was sideman for the organist Big John Patton on UnderstandingBoogaloo (probably recorded during the same session in 1969). He signed for Atlantic Records two others LP during this period : the live performance recorded at the Montreux Jazz Festival, Are You Ready ? and the album, Raw Root. Titles include some scat, flute & saxophone improvisations, his rare groove single, the cult Mama Soul with its b-side Sunshine Man, both in extended version. All tracks composed & arranged by Harold Alexander.

Harold Alexander_flute, soprano saxophone
Neal Creque_electric piano
Richard Davis_bass
Pretty Purdie_drums  
Richard Landrum_congas
01. Sunshine Man
02. Quick City
03. Tite Rope
04. Mama Soul
05. Aquilla
06. Clean-Up


Buddy Rich - Roar Of '74

Year : 1974
Label : Groove Merchant
Genre : Jazz
Style : Big Band, Contempory Jazz, Funk/Soul, Jazz Funk

The Roar of '74 is the first of five albums released by the Buddy Rich Big Band under the crossover jazz label, Groove Merchant. Buddy Rich continues here his new direction "Funk/Soul"  started with "A Different Drummer" album recorded in 1971. In the Buddy Rich Big Band features a rhythm section formed around Joe Beck, Tony Levin, Buddy Budson, Sam Woodyard & Jimmy Maeulen, and brass band of eight musicians including the saxophonists soloists Pat La Barbera & Joe Romano. The tracklist consists of jazz covers from Horace Silver (Nutville) & Duke Ellington (Prelude To A Kiss), Kilimanjaro Cookout arranged by Manny Albam and the incredible killer groove "Big Mac". All tracks produced by Sonny Lester.

Buddy Rich_drums
Tony Levin_bass
Joe Beck_guitar
Buddy Budson_piano
Sam Woodyard_percussion
Jimmy Maeulen_conga
Pat La Barbera_ tenor & soprano saxophone
Joe Romano_alto saxophone

And More...

01. Nuttville
02. Kilimanjaro Cookout
03. Big Mac
04. Backwoods Sideman
05. Time Check
06. Prelude To A Kiss
07. Waltz Of The Mushroom Hunters
08. Senator Sam


Michel Legrand - Archi Cordes

Year : 1964
Label : Philips
Genre : Jazz, Pop
Style : Big Band, Easy Listening

Jazz Scat with nice string ensemble conducted & performed by Michel Legrand Et Son Orchestre featuring the guitarist Elek Bacsik who was recruited by Serge Gainsbourg for his 'Confidentiel' album released the previous year. This cult album is returned to the light in 1996, thanks to the track Di-Gue-Ding-Ding which was selected for the easy-listening compilation "Inflight Entertainment". The french maestro pianist who had hired Miles Davis, Bill Evans & John Coltrane for his legendary album Legrand Jazz recorded in 1958, was arranger for Maurice Chevalier, Dizzy Gillespie, Stan Getz. But Legrand is best know as the composer of over 100 films music and television (The Thomas Crown Affair, Summer 42, Never Say Never Again...), indeed, he was very popular among french filmmakers from the New Wave, in particular, Jean-Luc Godard, Jacques Demy, Agnès Varda, Chris Marker or Claude Chabrol. Titles include only compositions by Michel Legrand except Orange Blossom Special by Ervin T. Rouse.

01. Di-Gue-Ding-Ding    
02. Noix De Coco    
03. Orange Blossom Special    
04. Coma Ray And Come Charles    
05. Hi Girls    
06. Manhattan Stroll    
07. Alcatraz    
08. Da-We-Da    
09. Monkey Business    
10. Come Ride With Me    
11. Motor-City    
12. Bandol


Masaru Imada Quartet - Now!

Year : 1970
Label : Three Blind Mice
Genre : Jazz
Style : Modal, Post Bop, Free Jazz

Essential Japanese Jazz album recorded for the TBM japanese jazz label, the second as a leader by organist/pianist Masaru Imada featuring Ichiro Mimori, Takashi 'Gon' Mizuhashi & Masahiko Ozu. Masaru Imada is one of these Japanese Jazz masters involved in various "figurehead" groups of the Japanese Jazz, at the dawn of the 70s. Masaru played in particular, in the Takeshi Inomata's West Liners (alongside Ichiro Mimori), the Tadayuki Harada's group, but was best known as a member of Jiro Inagaki & The Soul Media ; later he also evolved in the Bingo Miki & Inner Galaxy Orchestra. Takashi Mizuhashi was sideman for Sadao Watanabe, George Otsuka, Isao Suzuki, Terumasa Hino and also member of the legendaries George Kawaguchi Big 4 & Kosuke Mine Quintet. The tracklist consist on four original compositions arranged by Masaru Imada including Modal Jazz & free improvisations.

Masaru Imada_piano
Ichiro Mimori_tenor & soprano saxophone
Takashi Mizuhashi_bass
Masahiko Ozu_drums

01. Nostalgia
02. Alter
03. Gehi Dorian
04. The Shadow Of The Castle


Various - Mobilisation Générale : Protest And Spirit Jazz From France

Year : 2013
Label : Bornbad records
Genre : Jazz
Style : Modal, Free Improvisations, Avant-Garde

Music from the revolutionaries inspired by the Beat Generation & the Counterculture featuring Art Ensemble Of Chicago, Brigitte Fontaine, Full Moon Ensemble, Michel Roques, François Tusques Le Collectif Du Temps Des Cerises. Great Spiritual Jazz associated to poetry, spoken words & african/arabic rhythms, performed by several French underground artists in the Paris '70 which polarized african culture & the protest spirit during this decade : the whole of a generation politically committed & anti-militarist influenced by the Free Jazz movement with for main inspirations John Coltrane, Sun Ra, Fela Kuti, Ornette Coleman, Albert Ayler or Pharoah Sanders. All tracks are selected by JB Born Bad Julien Achard Digger's digest, released for the french label, Born Bad Records.

Titles include :

  • Je Suis Un Sauvage (1970) performed by the french/togolese poet, Alfred Panou who is accompanied by the lengendary Free Jazz group, Art Ensemble Of Chicago.
  • C’est Normal (1970) performed by the unconvantionnal singer Brigitte Fontaine and his husband. Brigitte Fontaine also played with Art Ensemble Of Chicago for her Comme A la Radio album released in 1969.
  • De l’Orient A L’Orion is a rare 45 RPM from popular tunisian singer Kamel Raouf Nagati, remains apart in his discography, the tune was probably influenced by the John coltrane play.
  • Nous Allons Vous Conter… (1973) of François Tusques, among first Free Jazz performer in France during the sixties who has played some featurings with Don Cherry, Aldo Romano, Michel Portal, Jean-François Jenny clarke or Colette Magny
  • Samba Miaou (1971) performed by the Full Moon Ensemble, best known as the group of Archie Shepp during the live performance at Juan Les Pins Jazz Festival, 18 july 1970
  • Le Cri (1972) by Michel Roques, a saxophonist & multi-instrumentist who played with some american jazz giants as Bud Powell, Johnny Griffin or Dexter Gordon.

Alfred Panou & Art Ensemble Of Chicago - Je Suis Un Sauvage
Brigitte Fontaine & Areski Belkacem - C'est Normal
Atarpop 73 & Le Collectif Le Temps Des Cerises - Attention... L'Armée
RK Nagati - De L'Orient A L'Orion
Frédéric Rufin & Raphaël Lecomte - Les Eléphants
François Tusques - Nous Allons Vous Conter... (Intercommunal Blues)
Mahjun - Nous Ouvrirons Les Casernes
Full Moon Ensemble - Samba Miaou
Baroque Jazz Trio - Orientasie
Michel Roques - Le Cri
Chêne Noir - Hey
Beatrice Arnac - Athée Ou A Te


Astrud Gilberto - Beach Samba

Year : 1967
Label : Verve
Genre : Jazz, Latin Jazz, Easy Listening
Style : Bossa Nova, Smooth Jazz, Pop

Astrud Gilberto is surrounded by a grand orchestra conducted by the master Don Sebesky featuring Hubert Laws & Toots Thielemans plus a rhythm section featuring Ron Carter, Grady Tate, Georges Devens & Marcos Valle, all supported by the brazilian arranger Eumir Deodato & the producer Creed Taylor. Titles include some Pop-oriented songs recorded especially for US market (as the Samba '68 of Marcos Valle released on the same label), a large selection of rhythms & styles, alternating songs in portuguese lyrics & english, The Face I Love by Marcos Valle, the jazz standard from Victor Young, My foolish Heart, the banda Parade by Chico Buarque, two classics of Luiz Bonfa (Oba ObaDia Das Rosas) and two songs composed by Deodato (Canoeiro & Não Bate O Coração). All tracks produced by Creed Taylor, arranged by Don Sebesky except Oba Oba, Canoeiro, Dia Das RosasNão Bate O Coração by Eumir Deodato.

Ron Carter_bass
Marcos Valle_guitar
Claude Slon, Grady Tate_drums
Hubert Laws_flute & woodwind
Toots Thielemans_guitar & whistle
Georges Devens_vibraphone

And more...

01. Stay
02. Misty Roses
03. The Face I Love
04. Parade
05. Oba Oba
06. Canoeiro
07. I Had The Craziest Dream
08. Beach Samba
09. My Foolish Heart
10. Dia Das Rosas
11. You Didn't Have To Be So Nice
12. Não Bate O Coração

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