Saturday, July 12, 2014

Buddy Rich - Roar Of '74

Year : 1974
Label : Groove Merchant
Genre : Jazz
Style : Big Band, Contempory Jazz, Funk/Soul, Jazz Funk

The Roar of '74 is the first of five albums released by the Buddy Rich Big Band under the crossover jazz label, Groove Merchant. Buddy Rich continues here his new direction "Funk/Soul"  started with "A Different Drummer" album recorded in 1971. In the Buddy Rich Big Band features a rhythm section formed around Joe Beck, Tony Levin, Buddy Budson, Sam Woodyard & Jimmy Maeulen, and brass band of eight musicians including the saxophonists soloists Pat La Barbera & Joe Romano. The tracklist consists of jazz covers from Horace Silver (Nutville) & Duke Ellington (Prelude To A Kiss), Kilimanjaro Cookout arranged by Manny Albam and the incredible killer groove "Big Mac". All tracks produced by Sonny Lester.

Buddy Rich_drums
Tony Levin_bass
Joe Beck_guitar
Buddy Budson_piano
Sam Woodyard_percussion
Jimmy Maeulen_conga
Pat La Barbera_ tenor & soprano saxophone
Joe Romano_alto saxophone

And More...

01. Nuttville
02. Kilimanjaro Cookout
03. Big Mac
04. Backwoods Sideman
05. Time Check
06. Prelude To A Kiss
07. Waltz Of The Mushroom Hunters
08. Senator Sam

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