Monday, June 23, 2014

Marcos Valle - Máximo Valle by Be Hard Bop

Between 1963 to 1973, Marcos Valle & his brother Sergio have left their mark on Brazilian music and participated in its expansion to the United States. This versatile musician has explored most of the existing musical genres & styles from Bossa Nova, Contemporary Jazz, Rhythm&Blues as well as Soul, Rock, Pop Music and Jazz Funk, all associated to the samba rhythms. He also allowed different brazilian Rock & Jazz brazilian to emerge, such as O Têrço, Som Imaginario or Azimuth by recruiting them for Marcos Valle '70, Garra (1971), Vento Sul (1972) & Previsão Do Tempo (1973). Most of his albums recorded during this period, have become the must classics of Brazilian music of the twentieth century. Since his first LP, Samba Demais, released in 1963, the Valle's work divides into three distinct periods : his early 'Bossa Nova' years (1963-1968), the Psychedelic years (1969-1972) and finally the Jazz Funk period which starts in 1973 with Previsão Do Tempo. This eclectic compilation brings together some of his finest compositions including the  standards Gente, Samba De Verao & Os Grilos.

Compiled & Mixed by Be Hard Bop
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