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Be Hard Bop - Samurai Champloo Music Record : The Sons Of A Battlecry

This compilation attemps to gather some best compositions from the Samurai Champloo Soundtrack. Samurai Champloo is one of the best japanese animated serie from the 2000s, directed by Shinichiro Watanabe (also director of famous the Cowboy Bebop serie), produced by the Studio Manglobe, was first broadcasted in 2004 on FUJI TV. To create the perfect soundscape, Manglobe has recruited some of the finest japanese producers & beatmakers featuring Nujabes, the electronic duo, FORCE OF NATURE (KZA & DJ Kent), Tsutchie, former member of Shakkazombie, and Fat Jon from the american Hip-Hop band Five Deez. All are surrounded by rappers as Shing02 (in charge of the opening), Suiken & S-Word from Nitro Microphone Underground or also Azuma Riki from Small Circle Of Friends. Four volumes have been released to date & one compilation especially produced for US.

Compiled & Mixed by Be Hard Bop

Marcos Valle (Self-Titled)

Year : 1970
Label : Odeon
Genre : Jazz, Latin
Style : Bossa Nova, MPB, Psychedelic Pop

Marcos Valle '70 is best known as 'The Bed Album' which firmly established the maestro in the International Pop music initiated by Samba '68. Following his previous LP (Mustang Cor de Sangue - 1969) announcing a psychedelic approach and his "protest years", Marcos Valle '70 incorporates modern Rock & Soul music, probably influenced by The Beatles' legacy and a trip across the US in the year of 1966, where he discovered the Afro-American sound & the psychedelic music. He's evolved over 10 years in Bossa Nova since his first album, Samba Demais (1963), and contributed to its success with his latin standards as evidenced the cover songs "Summer Samba" (Samba De Verão) or "Os Grilos", before turning to sophisticated pop  & Jazz Funk. Marcos is always surrounded by his brother Sergio, but also his sister Ângela and  the progressive brazilian rock group Som Imaginário featuring Wagner Tiso, Tavito, Luiz Alves & Robertinho Silva including the legendary vocal quartet Golden Boys. Titles include finest pop tunes as "Quarentão Simpático" & the protest song "Dez Leis", new recording of "Os Grilos", the typical latin song, "Esperando O Messias" feat. Golden Boys, the waltz "Pigmalião", "Ele E Ela" (sampled by Jay Z on Thank You from The Blue Print 3 in 2009), and the experimental baroque suite "Suíte Imaginária". All songs written by the duo Marcos/Sergio except Pigmalião with Novelli & tracks 2, 7, 9 written by Marcos Valle only.

    Marcos Valle_vocals & piano
    Ângela Valle_vocals
    Nelson Ângelo_guitar
    Wagner Tiso_keyboards
    Luiz Alves_bass
    Robertinho Silva_drums

    01. Quarentão Simpático
    02. Ele E Ela
    03. Dez Leis
    04. Pigmalião
    05. Que Eu Canse E Descanse
    06. Esperando O Messias feat. Golden Boys
    07. Freio Aerodinâmico
    08. Os Grilos
    09. Suíte Imaginária

    Count Buffalo & The Jazz Rock Band - Soul & Rock

    Year : 1969
    Label : Denon
    Genre : Jazz
    Style : Jazz Rock, Modal, Free Improvisations, Psychedelic

    Free Jazz Rock album with covers and originals compositions recorded by the Count Buffalo band, precursor of the Japanese Progressive Jazz Rock genre featuring Masahiko Satō & Hiromasa Suzuki. The first album of Akira Ishikawa under  Count Buffalo nickname who was active since the mid-fifties as percussionist and probably the most famous jazz drummer alongside Motohiko Hino, Takeshi Inomata & George Kawaguchi. Each track contains some free forms of Jazz & psychedelic rock including two classics from The Beatles, the Motown cult song, I'm Gonna Make You Love Me which was performed by The Supremes & Marvin Gay, the negro spiritual Deep River, two compositions of Masahiko Satō The Cougar & No More Than A Drop.

    Akira Ishikawa_drums
    Masaoki Terakawa_bass
    Masahiko Satō_piano
    Hiromasa Suzuki_electric piano
    Kiyoshi Sugimoto_guitar
    Takeru Muraoka_saxophone

    01. The Cougar
    02. I'm Gonna Make You Love Me
    03. Michelle
    04. Green Sleeves
    05. The Sandpiper
    06. No More Than A Drop
    07. Hey Jude
    08. Deep River
    09. Mago-Uta 


    Hiroshi Suzuki = Masahiko Togashi Quintet - Variation

    Year : 1969
    Label : Nippon Columbia
    Serie : Takt Jazz Series
    Genre : Jazz
    Style : Modal, Free Improvisations

    Hiroshi Suzuki associated to the legendary jazz drummer Masahiko Togashi featuring Yuji Ohno, Jun Suzuki & Tetsuo Fushimi. Masahiko Togashi started to play professionally in the Sadao Watanabe Quartet (1957), later, played for several Jazz Greats as pianist Toshiko Akiyoshi, Helen Merrill, Masayuki Takayanagi, Yosuke Yamashita or Charlie Mariano and likewise in various groups as the Miyama New Herd. He recorded some Free Jazz sessions in 1969 with the Masahiko Satō Trio, various solo projects (whose We Now Create is the first), and the same year, formed his best known quintet, the J.J. Spirits in partnership of Satō. This collectible item of Free & Spiritual J-Jazz, features among the influences of the japanese jazz group Sleepwalker and was selected for the compilation dedicated to their Jazz' favorites (including Castle Cats) called Shibuya Jazz Classics - Sleep Walker Collection.

    Hiroshi Suzuki_trombone
    Masahiko Togashi_drums, percussions
    Jun Suzuki_bass
    Yuji Ohno_piano
    Tetsuo Fushimi_trumpet

    01. Castle Cats
    02. Variation
    03. Suzu No Uta
    04. Alfie
    05. Passion

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